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Ganon PDF of Pgs 1-17

By billybob884
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For most people, trying to open this directly probably wont work since the file is over 14mb, so instead, left click the download button and do "save link as" in Firefox, or "save target as" in I.E.

Assembled Images

PDO's of pieces (PePaKuRa files)

If you can't figure out how to download this file, refer to this One-Step How-To Guide

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how how hard you thought they were!
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Link477Student Traditional Artist
Ok. SO. This is awesome first of all. I have a mac sooooo i cannot use peparuka. Ya ya ya Leave your mac insults in your bag of original jokes. I understand you go to a setting in peparuka and turn lines on and off, you know the valley and mountain folds. Could you turn those on and save the file with the lines on and send them to me? Im able to make it just using the lines Ive made plenty before.
thx! my email is
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No Instructions?
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No instructions.
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Awesome job!!
Just a quick question: What kind of paper and glue did you use to assemble it?
Thanks! :D
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for this i used basic copy paper (20lbs, 75gsm), but take a look at this, it explains it more thoroughly: [link]
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darthhomie1 Photographer
Holy Damn! It's like a giant, screwed-up King of Evil puzzle.

Thiss... Shall be a challenge.
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*Fangirl scream à la Johnny Test, somehow,,*
I'm saving this for future free time! *Heart*
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theONISAIProfessional Digital Artist
hi -__-
mm .... almost nothing but load ....
and that it clears the cache.

then try to send...

bai bai
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theONISAIProfessional Digital Artist
no open link of PDF T___T
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theONISAIProfessional Digital Artist
because when I clicked download ...
not charge the PDF and because I like to put that Ganon.
and therefore I would like to solve it ...
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I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking. If you want me to email you the PDF, I can do that
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theONISAIProfessional Digital Artist
yeah! please :3
is my e-mail...

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email rejected, 14mb is too big for your inbox. try clearing your cache and re-downloading
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theONISAIProfessional Digital Artist
wow! is True! n____n
your the Master!!!
THANKS!! :hug:
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This thing is EPIC win
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heya, thats great work, I am also new to papercraft and I am interested in knowing if you really replicated Ganon bit by bit or did you rip it from a rom or something, because that must be a tremendous effort.

Also I can't download it either, I tried save target as and I get a 1Kb dud pdf file.
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Hah no, I ripped it from the rom. Still took 40+ hrs to build though..

Clear your cache and try again. If it still doesn't work i can email it to you
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Thanks, so what tools did you use to rip from the rom? I don't want to go off and find myself a trojan instead lol
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do you have instructions or do we have to figure how it goes together?.... or do i not understand the links you gave us?
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Most of the pieces are laid out the way they attach to each other, but I included the pepakura (PDO) file do you can see exactly what connects where. Pepakura is the program that takes the finished 3d model and unfolds it, so download a free trial copy of pepakura, and use the divide/connect face tool to see what goes where
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oh ok! im new to making papercrafts and the only one ive really done was hatsune miku chibi and the peices were numbered and i understood the character and kinda figured out how it whent... ive never really seen ganon in full lighting since ive only beten the game once ^^'

thanks for letting me know and i look forward to finishing ganon
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mmm..... tasty :)
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