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CBFD Gregg the Reaper Assembld

Death has a name... and it's Gregg.

Finally! Gregg the Grim Reaper (from the game Conker's Bad Fur Day) is done!

I've had this guy finished for nearly a month now, just begging to be built. However, with the close of the semester, as well as finals, upon me, I hadn't had time to work on him at all until I came home a week ago. Now that I'm here though, he'd done! as well as numerous little corrections in the pieces, and instructions!

This is my third model in my Conker's BFD series, and may not be my last. At one point I had hoped to build a model of the Great Mighty Poo monster from the game, but thats been pushed to the back-burners by this, as well as my completed-yet-awaiting-a-build model, The Bebop.

Well, if you were able to build my model of Conker, you'll definitely be able to build Gregg. He's a cakewalk (for the most part) compared to Conker.
Have fun, and leave me some feedback!

> PDF of Pieces

> PDF of Instructions

> Archive of PDO (PePaKuRa) Files NEW

This is part of a series:
Great Mighty Poo
Anti-Gravity Chocolate
Gregg the Reaper
Money Wad

So anyway, right, that's it! Piss off. I've got some cats to see.
Bloody things, I have those bloody cats; The way they meow and they piss everywhere..., and their s#&t smells just, bloody awful, all over my furniture...

-=. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -=
=- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .=-
-=. . .Piece . . Not. . .Getting. . . . . . . .Holy. . -=
=- . .o' Cake . .Bad. . . There. . . Gahh. . .Crap!. .=-
-=. . . .1--------2--------3--------4--------5. . . -=
=- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ./\ . . . . . . . .=-
-= . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .-=

Have you built this or one of my other models? Feel free to let me know how hard you thought they were!
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"Well how many grim reaper have you met before, mate?"
Ask-Gregg's avatar
Just as handsome as ever, even made out of paper. Five stars mate!
jlong0's avatar
One of those rich ancestors of yours. Bloody undead! Unbloody dead! I mean, it's worse than bloody cats. Undead! What's the bloody point? Um. You may be needing a bit of help. So I got this. -magically conjours a shotgun- I hate the undead, I hate them. It's the only thing that kills them. Shot through the head. Nothing more, nothing less. It's better than that pissing frying pan, that's for sure. Take it! That's it! Piss off.
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Gregg: Now p*$$ of. I've got some cats to deal with.
P2Luigi's avatar
Love it! Just love it period!
GLoabalGOthian's avatar
You are freaken awesome in all the right ways because you took time out of your day to build this I mean most people would love it.
anonymus-incognito's avatar
awsomeness lol that guy makes me laugh with his hate for cats xDDDDD "i hate those bloody things with theyr damn meowing and purring" lol "bloody ell now they have cat versions of those damn things?" xDDDDD
watkup001's avatar
DarkDreamVaMpZzz's avatar
wooooooow this is my favorite paper craft ever also complicated but interesting :D
ou and btw i just finished it :D
billybob884's avatar
i'd love to see pics!
billybob884's avatar
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Gregg: "Conker... surname?"
Conker: "The squirrel."
Gregg: "Right conker the, squirre- Oh bloody hell."

lol I like it. Will never forget the short cat hating gold toothed grim reaper.
sav8197's avatar
awesome work dude! :thumbsup:
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CONKER..... CONKER..... CONKER! YES YOU BOY YOUR DEAD YOUR DEADER THAN A DODO.... TRACHTRCHCHCTARSTDH!!!!! i cant be arsed with this bloody ridiculous contraption! whos idea was this anyway?... Right. Hello. um my names gregg. The grim reaper. And dont laugh.
Conker: Arent you a little short to be a grim reaper?
Gregg: Well how many grim reapers have you met before, Mate? Wh...what am i supposed to look like?
Conker: yeh, thats a good point. and, well made.
Gregg: Now lets see, conker... conker ah yes, ser name?
Conker: the squirrel...
Gregg: the squirrel... th, oh bloody hell you would have to be a sodding squirrel wouldent you?
Conker: why is there a problem with that?
Gregg: well yes there is actually. its like those bloody cats such a pian in the arse... your one of these special cases.
Conker: oh, really?
Gregg: yes apparently according to the powers that be. im just doing my job! i do what im told... dont even get paid very much! Apparently. squirrels can have as meny lives as they think they can get away with... meh yeh...
Conker: oh i see, so im not dead?
Gregg: Your dead but... not quite
Conker: right well ill be of then!
Gregg: just you wait! Smart arse! You dont get out of it that easily. now the thing is that you may not be dead but that doese`nt mean you cant die. you just have a few more shall we say... Chances (meh) like cats! i hate those things! Right, distributed around you little world are these tale things... squirrels tales... if you can get them ill give you an extra chace understand?
Conker: well sounds a bit strange but okay...
Gregg: Strange? strange! well its the bet bloody deal your going to grt you little prick! Right thats it piss off! iv got some cats to see... (bloody things i hate those bloody cats...the way they meaw and they piss every where and ther shit smells just bloody awfull all over my ferniter)

sorry if i made you mad...
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"those bloody cats" Lol!
MC-Fischpaste's avatar
That's a pretty neat model! Providing the PDF for the pieces was a good idea as well.

This reminds me; I've got to get my game back from my friend sometime soon...
greggorievich's avatar
Now i have to go and research this, and why the grim reaper is my namesake.
Awesome little project though.
Beau-Skunk's avatar
"Arn't you a li'l short to be a Grim Reaper?"

;) Great job on Gregg. All of your papercraft works are amazing and accurate.
LuthienNenharma's avatar
They've got fish versions of the little bastards now!
Lol, I love Gregg.
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