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I haven't even gotten to her part of the game, but I already love her

But apparently they didn't have the Tofu status on her stage, which I really think should write itself, really.

Anyway, here is a hastily drawn silly thing
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It took me a while to realize she turned them to tofuu xD
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ahahahahah, yes, it is a pretty silly idea
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I love it there should be more pictures of wac maybe her trying to eat the oricals next ouo
(Can I ask u something In notes?)
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ahahahaha, thanks, man!

And sure
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If only she could turn them into something tastier.
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Hahahahaha, this is excellent

Yes, she should eat all of the Tofu

Lady Wac is really cute, and you drew her adorably -w- And those little chibis in the game's style, ahahaha. I love this, great work!
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hahaha, yes, she is required. Sheistoocuteofanolderchan,help

hahaha, thanks! I have a weird thing for the hair-covering-eyes thing I have found. It's pretty silly and cute.

And I just had to do the chibis. It was also required.
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Yes, she is adorable. Goandreachherpartofthegame,yousilly.

It is indeed >w>

Of course.
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