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(No, I did not forget to put eyeholes into the horse's tabard; For certain kinds of the joust the horse was kept blind)

An early 1500's knight fit for the joust with sharp lances, called the Rennen. I copied the posture from a knight in Hans Burkmair's Triumphzug.
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I like how vibrant the colours are here - they create a very authentic feeliing :) Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you! Unfortunately, it is this picture I'm not quite happy with in regard to colour, because my scanner can't capture the drawing's true depth of colour. The reds in the original are a bit more differentiated than in the digital version Shrug 
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Nice coloring! :) 
BillyAustria's avatar
Thank you! :) On the original, I had a much broader range of red that sadly isn't represented properly in the digital version :P But I couldn't get my scanner to a setting where it would present ALL colours properly, so this is the nicest version :)
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You're welcome! :) 
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The horse looks blinded. How can the horse see? You may say the horse is...horsing around Joust hoping to survive.
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I assumed there would be eye slits in the red blanket thing on the horse. What I am wondering is how the rider would be able to see if he closed the visor on his helmet.
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*puts on shades while a voice screams "YEEEAH!"*
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You beat me to it i see! I have for a long time wanted to draw one of these highly decorated jousters. I love Hans Burgkmair and especially the Turnierbuch.
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Haha, seems like I won the race! I too wanted to draw them for a longer time already :D The Turnierbuch and the Triumphzug are wonderful works of art, I like the Triumphzug best, despite and because of its phantastic images :)
Looking foward to see your rendition ;)
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Indeed you did!
Well the Triumphzug is vaster, showing manny types of knights, soldiers and ect. Whilst the Turnierbuch is, well it's just a book concerning tournaments :D

Thanks you!
At the moment i have a few half done drawings i want to finish and i have been seeking to come up with more challenging themes, but i've unfortunately struggled a bit with my inspiration and enthusiasm of late. But when i do this jouster i wan't to do him full glory and i will probably colour him i think.
BillyAustria's avatar
Yeah, but all the more interesting! You can take the Turnierbuch as an example of how things were done, what kinds of tournaments there were and what equipment they necessitated. The Triumphzug is a really "colourful" collection of warriors (mostly), but with a generous amount of fantasy in there as well; so you can never be entirely sure as to the realism and objects of the people depicted (except for the wagons, which most probably don't have had any "real" counterpart :D )

Seems we're sitting in the same boat, I thought I'd have plenty of time and resources to be drawing more during the easter break, but in reality things are different and I just throw in minor drawings when I have the time. Actually, this one is the one of the few 100% serious pieces I have been working on (and I'm a bit disappointed the scanner reduced the colours so much; in reality, I had a greater variation of reds).
And yeah, the glorious appearance of this kind of equipment really call for an elaborate mode of presentation! :)
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Well the Triumphzug is obviously full of allegories, but i wouldn't be too dismissive with the chariots. Because i know they build some weird ones for the coronation of Christian I of Sweden. But then again, i'm guessing the triumphal procession shown is a work of propaganda and not meant to be a realistic portraying of a real triumphal procession.

Yes, it very tedious when you want to do something but you lack the inspiration or enthusiasm to put it to work. Oh well, it'll probably blow over soon :)
BillyAustria's avatar
That's the issue with it, yeah. Just like the Ehrenpforte! :) Ha, now that's interesting! There isn't much proof for the existence of these luxury wagons, the only halfway similar one I know being the chariot of the Landshut wedding (which is celebrated today as a huge festival).

Yeah but we all have that from time to time, and it could be much worse I believe. You can't always be in best form! :)
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My guess is that these wagons could have, if they were used, been built for this sole purpose and later scrapped. And when it comes to triumphal arches; they were often made of wood and raised for certain occasions. They were not always made in stone like the ones the Romans left behind.
But if you are reffering to the one drawn by Albrecht Dürer:…
Then it's without a doubt a allegorical piece of art.

Never heard of Landshuter Hochzeit, thanks for showing me!
I'm very envious of you Germans (is it offensive to call an Austrian German?) when it comes to keeping old folk fests alive. Sadly we have lost that tradition.
BillyAustria's avatar
Yes that's the one I meant, I don't know of any real arches built under his reign.

The Landhut marriage is surely an exception, with very few similar events (the only one I know is the celebration of st.peter and paul in Bretten). But yes, the Austrians are quite fond of a number of traditions.
Is it offensive? Well, depends on who you're talking to, and if the person acknowledges that Germany and Austria have a lot of history in common :D It's not offensove, but we have our own country after all ;)
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