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Zatanna and Tony: Power Couple

Science? Or Magic? Such playful sparring is de rigueur for Tony Stark and Zatanna Zatara - a power couple in more ways than one! This fun illustration was a commission with the following request: "Zatanna dreams she stars in a 50's sitcom with Tony Stark. All 'Magic!' no! 'Science!'" Inspired by the opening credits of Bewitched, here are the results.

Heck, I'd watch this show.
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Wasn't it supposed to be "Cigam"? :-)
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This would be an amazing show. I love Bewitched (which will always better than I Dream Of Jeanie) so this combines three of my favorite things! Awesome work!
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Yeah, I can see that as a bewitch sorta coulple, and really, I LOVE crossover insinuating pictures like these LD
boggschaucer's avatar
OMG, very awesome!!!
Indigeaux's avatar
Even without reading I could tell you were riffing on Bewitched. Awesome as always!
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Hey, the animation beginning of 'Bewitched' really pays off - it was a fun show.
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So adorable!
Great work
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It's funny, I thought that if Iron Man was in an episode of the Adam West Batman show, Dick York would've made a good Tony Stark.
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My day is brightened whenever I see someone using "de rigueur."
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Oh hell yes. Two of my favourite characters ever paired off, yes please! Love the Bewitched feel too. Wondering what the counterpart to this would be - Atom and Scarlet Witch? Or Doctor Strange and... hmmm, hard to think of science minded women in the DC Universe off the top of my head. Elastigirl of the Doom Patrol, maybe? Oh, or Platinum (ok I know she's a robot but hey, that's as sciencey as it gets!)
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Doctor Strange would be a riot for the husband!! "By the darksome void where chaos reigned -- by the myriad Moons of Munnopor -- your inedible meatloaf be now constrained by the Roving Rings of Raggadorr!"

But who's gonna be Endora?
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I love it! Both are showboats enough to keep trying to one up eachother while still having fun together. This celebrity couple needs to happen!
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Didn't Tony stop drinking?
BillWalko's avatar
pre-1970s is pre-alcoholic Tony.
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I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it rivals the Helena/Zinda piece you did for me. Thank you, Bill!
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you're always welcome! :D
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You do realize they'll eventually have a son named Zatanthony, right?
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