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Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna

THE WONDER TWINS: "Activate!" in color!
Wonder Twin powers... activate! Form of (some animal)... Shape of (useless ice thingee). And then they'd screw up. But we still loved super sis and wonder brother. So here I present: Zan and Jayna revamped for the 21st century.
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Glad you included Gleek as well. :)
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I still love these guys no matter what anyone else says. These guys are perfectly well drawn. Did a great job modernizing them.
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Thanks! I agree, they are good characters! :D
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... you made them cool!
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cool redesign
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I can't express enough how awesome this picture is - From the linework, to the coloring, to the styling of their clothes, and their body language, everything just perfectly WORKS!
INSTANT fav, sir!

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Awwww, thanks James! I love the twins and it shows, I guess. LOL.
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It sure does! :)
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Form of... rabid racoon!

Form of... sulphuric acid cloud!
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