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TMNT: Aprils O'Neil

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Preparing some portfolio pieces for the upcoming con season. First up: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Donnie, Raph, Leo, Mikey and... April?!? We're as confused as you are, Mikey.

Colors by Wes Dzioba
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Racesgirl2000-1Student Artist
All those Aprils are great
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Donatello really has a thing for April there
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Morlock-SLSStudent Digital Artist
Awesome!!! Love all the Aprils!!
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ShellquakeHobbyist General Artist
Why is O'Neil the center of all the Turtles adaptions? Especially as a woman, the only woman, ever? What makes her so special? The only time when Mikey gets confused is whenever they're on missions.
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Foustdoodles98Student Digital Artist
My favorite is 1987 April and the original April in black and white from the comics, they looks awesome!! But who is the last April next to the April from 2012? BillWalko
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Who is the las april? Before de 2012
BillWalko's avatar
the IDW April
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2012 and '03 April are best.
BillWalko's avatar
2012 for me, is the coolest
JWAPPEL's avatar
Same here:} Just wish she did more. Even now, she seems underused or used in a way that keeps her from getting to shine.
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Captain-PauloHobbyist Digital Artist
I loved!
mm1776's avatar
Ha! What a fun way to compare and contrast some of the various depictions of April.
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Amusing that Donnie seems fixated upon '87 April, a nice call back to that "nice... jumpsuit" moment in the "Manhattan Project" episode where he gets a look at her through an inter-dimensional portal.

Wonderful piece, definitely one of your best!  Did you consider including 4Kids April's redesigned look in the Back to the Sewers season?
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Thanks! I tried to only use one version per incarnation; As a cover-size piece, I stuck to that so there wasn't too many.
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GHENGIZZHobbyist Traditional Artist
I still think the 2012 April is the hottest. You wanna know why? The shorts;)
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Ha, love this though would've loved it slightly more if it included the various cinematic Aprils.
BillWalko's avatar
There just wasn't room. That's 3 more Aprils -- 4 if you count FOREVER! ; )
Bonehead-XL's avatar
5 if you threw in the Archie April. But, yeah, I figure space played a big role in your selection.
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You know, putting all those Aprils together really highlight what each adaptation was going for in their design. Especially the left 2. 1987, 2012, and IDW April are all wearing yellow, because 1987 defined what TMNT look like to pop culture and the later adaptations attempt to reflect that somewhere. The 2003 April meanwhile, represents how that era was a time wear TMNT were reinventing themselves, going back to their roots but still trying bolder, new things. She looks nothing like Mirage April, but also nothing like 1987 April, cept for maybe the red hair. Also, each version keeps getting younger as time passes, possibly reflecting here expanding role, become more of an unofficial fifth turtle.
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Excellent insight!
SmokeyandtheBandit's avatar
It's the middle one of course.
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