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Spider-Man and Friends

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends: "Chillin' In The Crime Lab"
NOW IN COLOR! Ah, the Spider-Friends. One of my favorite cartoons as a kid... probably because Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar were so much cooler and funnier than the Superfriends. And remember how their apartment converted into a high-tech crime lab with the twist of that football trophy? Well, here it is -- the Spidey Pals - Pete, Bobby, Angelica and even Ms. Lion - in their civvies. I took the look they had in the show and gave 'em some more modern looks. Spider Friends.... go for it.
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Hehe, very nice! I remember this show and I have reasonably fond memories of it. :) Mostly I'm just tickled to see fanart of it here, that's great!

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I totally remember watching some of this show on YouTube... their Iceman was better than any other version of Iceman in my opinion. 
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It still amazes me how Aunt May had no idea the room she rented to them was transformed into that hidden computer lab with the flick of a trophy. I know she almost caught it in one episode.
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This picture brings back memories of that great cartoon from my childhood. Well done, nuff said!
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This should be  a movie.
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I add my applause to Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends being a kick-ass toon. And let's not forget, their convert-o-lab was a gift from one Tony Stark.
It was also a show that was a very token intro to 80s anime style animation (esp. effects animation). And I'll always love the music run that was the sound FX cue for Bobby firing an ice blast.…
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Heh, love it. Also, cool touch with Video Man's note.
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Your art is pretty awesome! Can I post your artworks in my FB fan page Into the Lifestream? I would of course credit you and will provide the link to your DA profile! :) (Smile)…
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thanks! yes, as long as you credit my name and link back here, sure! :)
Great job with this!
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Such a great show!

Remember Video-Man?
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Fantastic picture - I love the fact they're ignoring Videoman's calls!
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How could Pete or Bobby have stole the football trophy? Do they even know where Flash lives?
Anyway, one of my favorite groups, but I wish someone had done them from Ultimate Spiderman.
Still a pretty awesome picture.
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I love the X-Men class reunion slip and note from Francis Byte (aka Videoman). nice episode throwbacks.
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Hee. I love throwing in little references... I know the uber-fans will "get it."
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Guess that makes me an "uber-fan".
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Your description raises an interesting question: Whose football trophy was it? Neither Peter nor Bobby seem like the football type.
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They stole it from Flash Thompson. ; )
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Love the updated looks!! This was my favorite show on Saturday Morning when it was on.
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