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Name: Haru Tsubasa

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 6th

Pokémon: Flareon

Ability: Flash Fire - Powers up the Pokémon’s Fire-type moves if it’s hit by one.

Nature: Calm

Characteristic: Proud of its power


Ground type Sand Attack -  Sand is hurled in the target’s face, reducing the target’s accuracy.

Dark type Bite -  
The target is bitten with viciously sharp fangs. This may also make the target flinch.

Fire type Fire Fang -  
The user bites with flame-cloaked fangs. It may also make the foe flinch or sustain a burn.

Fire type Fire Spin -  
The target becomes trapped within a fierce vortex of fire that rages for four to five turns.

Mahou Stats

Wish: " I'm sick of being a screw up! If I was more like my brother then maybe he would acknowledge me! Strong, confident, sly, laid back, athletic, I want to be like him! I wish I could be more like my brother..."

Haru was a shy, clumsy, panicky Flareon with no confidence in himself; the complete opposite of his step brother Takeshi, who he idolized. After getting his brother in trouble because of his own mistakes, and being scolded by him afterwards, Haru wished he could be more like his older brother, to gain his respect! With the wish granted, Haru's personality has changed, receiving a boost in confidence, as well as becoming more laid back, and social! He has also gained some muscle and become more athletic, like his brother! 

 Odachi - Haru's wish granted him a weapon his brother would admire- an old fashioned, ornate Odachi blade, a blade Takeshi dreamed of owning ever since they were kids! The blade can be used to slash and stab enemies. When Haru is wielding the blade, he can activate it's ability; He can create illusions to disguise himself, akin to the Illusion ability of Zoruas, an ability Haru's brother had that he greatly admired! He can make himself appear as not only other pokemon, but familiars and inanimate objects as well! He can use this ability to hide, ambush, or confuse enemies. Disguising himself takes a lot of concentration, and he will gain splitting headaches if he maintains an illusion for more than a minute or uses it too many times in a row. When disguised, he does NOT gain any attacks or powers of Pokemon/Familiars he transforms into; only his physical appearance is changed. If he is hit with any attack, loses concentration, or drops his blade, his disguise will disappear. Trying to create an illusion that's several feet bigger than his natural height is difficult for Haru; it causes him to tire quickly and it will start to dissipate after a couple seconds.   


Tier 2 :: Mirror Image

With Haru's desire to be " more like " someone else, he can copy any Tier 1 or Tier 2 Power from other magicals and use it in battle. He must see the power be used first before being able to copy it himself. He can copy a Tier 1 power twice per battle, or a Tier 2 Power once per battle. Trying to use this power more often than that tires him and gives him strong headaches. ( When copying another Tier 1 Power, there is a 2 minute cooldown ) If he copies a Tier 2 power, it's power is halved from the power of the original's. ( Half as strong, duration is only half as long )

(( Permission to copy other character's powers will always be asked to the original creator beforehand )) 

Soul gem: Turquoise


Personality:  (+) Calm (+) Optimistic (+) Curious ( = ) Brave (-) Selfish (-) Apathetic (-) Manipulative

Once a shy, nervous, panicky individual, Haru has become a much more confident and laid back person after making his wish. Haru is a calm and relaxed Flareon, choosing not to worry about small details and take things slow and steady instead. When a stressful situation arises, Haru focuses on finding a solution to alleviate the problem instead of panicking or becoming overwhelmed. He is optimistic, choosing to look at life with a glass half full attitude! If he makes a mistake, he focuses on what went wrong and learning from his actions so he can improve himself, instead of becoming agitated or upset over it. Haru enjoys talking and meeting new people, warming up to mons quickly if they are more laid back and chill like him! He likes to playfully tease and taunt people, but he makes sure not to take things too far with those he is fond of. Haru is quite the curious Flareon, always interested in learning more about the world around him! Even before he made his wish, Haru was fascinated with the world and specifically, old cultures, myths, legends and civilizations, an interest he picked up while working at his parent's antique store. His curiosity has also extended to the world of magicals as well; he loves to learn more about his fellow magicals, what kinds of powers they have and what kinds of abilities they can use! Haru has become quite the brave, fearless magical as well, welcoming both dangerous fights in witch mazes and challenging tasks in his regular life with open arms. His recklessness can have drawbacks however. He tends to bite off more than he can chew, too confident that he can take on a pack of familiars by himself for example. This can put him in real danger. With many traits inherited from his brother, he was also given some of Takeshi's negative traits as well. Haru has become quite selfish. He is quite uninterested in helping others, even acquaintances, unless he gets something out of it. He won't accept a job or task if it's solely for the purpose of " helping someone else" as he sees it as a waste of his time. While Haru does enjoy hanging out with others and having fun, he loses interest in others quickly the moment they stop providing entertainment for him. Haru has no interest in listening to you problems or sob stories, it bores him to be frank. He will quickly grow distant from those who stop being "fun". However, Haru may pretend to care about your problems if he thinks he can gain something from your trust. Haru is not against manipulating others for his own personal gain, pretending to be interested and caring if he believes it will benefit him in the long run. He does carry compassion for his family; he still idolizes and respects his brother, as well as being protective of his little sister Lily. 

Likes - Takeshi ( His Brother ) , History, Myths and Legends, Antique items, video games, Samurai movies, serpentine feral Pokemon

Dislikes - Loud people, braggarts, party poopers, any kind of criticism/insult to his brother, drama/sob stories


Haru Tsubasa was born in Mitakihara to an Espeon mother and a Zoroark father. The two of them lived a quiet life working in a small antique store. Haru had two siblings as well; his younger Eevee sister Lily, and his older step brother, Takeshi. Takeshi was a Zorua, who was born during their father's previous marriage with a Zoroark woman. Ever since he could remember, Haru looked up to and idolized his older brother.  Takeshi was laid back, calm, fearless, and just plain COOL. He was a mon of few words, but it gave an air of mystery around him that Haru was intrigued by. Growing up, all the kids on their street would always ask Takeshi to play sports with them, as he was a natural with a soccer ball. Takeshi would oblige, but always let them know that he would only join if they let his little brother play with them too, even if Haru was a bit clumsy. Haru appreciated this very much! Any kids foolish enough to attempt to bully clumsy Haru would receive a death glare from Takeshi, and that was enough to send them running. Haru appreciated this very much as well! One day, while Haru and Takeshi was out exploring a park, a feral Mighteyana jumped out from the bushes, roaring at Haru. The frightened Mienfoo boy cowered in fear, but Takeshi was a quick thinker. Using his Illusion ability, Takeshi turned into a feral Ursaring and roared back at the Mighteyana, scaring it off, all without so much as breaking a sweat. Haru REALLY appreciated that...

Throughout his childhood, Takeshi would always be coming to Haru's rescue. For a while, this simply made Haru idolize his brother even more! But as Haru entered his early teens, he started to grow more and more self conscious about this. Haru...was nothing like his brother. Takeshi was laid back, smart, strong, a quick thinker, and quite social. Haru was clumsy, shy, and not confident in himself at all. He idolized his brother, but what did Takeshi think of Haru? He began to grow worried that Takeshi saw him as nothing but a burden. Haru was too afraid of finding out the truth, as it would break his heart to hear Takeshi talk down to him, so he never questioned his brother about it. 

When Haru turned 15, he was in his early years of high school. Haru had noticed that Takeshi ( Who was in his last year of High School ) began to spend less and less time with him. Usually, the two would walk home together from school and hang out, but now, Takeshi began to go out on his own more and more often, not coming home until later on the evening. Haru was intrigued; what was his brother doing? He wanted to know. One day after school, Haru decided to trail his brother, following him from a safe distance away. Haru followed his bother down to a dark alley. Haru turned around the corner of the alley and gasped. Takeshi was hanging out with some other older teenagers, a rather shady looking bunch. They were smoking too, including Takeshi! Haru took a few steps back, but accidentally walked into a trash can, knocking it over. The group turned and spotted the startled Flareon boy. "HEY. Were you spyin on us kid?" Grunted one of the teenagers, advancing on Haru. Takeshi put his arm out, signalling the teenager to stop. Takeshi walked over to Haru and knelt down to be at eye level. " Hey lil bro. These are my new friends. They're pretty cool, and i've been having a chill time hanging out with them-" He patted Haru on the head. " But you're pretty cool too Haru, I think you'd fit in with us just fine! Just don't tell Mom and Dad that ive been here...or that ive been smoking...and you are free to chill with us. That sound good lil bro?" Smiled Takeshi. Haru's eyes sparkled. Takeshi- his brother, his IDOL- thought he was cool! Haru was overjoyed, and agreed to Takeshi's deal without hesitation. With that, Haru was welcomed into the group...

... But Haru's excitement didn't last. A couple weeks into joining, he was having second thoughts. Takeshi's friends intimidated Haru. The group would go out and smoke, vandalize property, make nasty comments to passerby's, and even pickpocket mons! Takeshi and his group didn't treat it like a big deal, and Haru didn't either... But on the inside, he was VERY concerned. He never took part in any of their antics, only watching from the side. All the trouble they caused made Haru quite uncomfortable- but then again, Takeshi was the coolest brother around, who always knew what was right.....right? If he was ok with this, than Haru should be as well! So Haru said nothing, and continued to observe from the sidelines, growing ever more concerned...

Soon, the other members of the group began to question Takeshi. His little brother never participated in any of their antics; was he REALLY cool, or was he just a cowardly runt? Takeshi tried to assure them that Haru was cool, but they weren't buying it. One night, Takeshi pulled Haru aside, telling him that while HE thought Haru was cool, the others needed a bit of...convincing. Haru would have to do something to earn their respect. The Flareon boy was scared, but he did NOT want to become a burden to his brother again! There was no way he was gunna let his idol down, so he agreed. The group decided he would have to do something BIG, something DANGEROUS. There was another rival group of teenagers who hung out in an abandoned building near the edge of town. They had a really nice old fashioned boombox that Takeshi's group had spotted one day, while spying on them. They wanted Haru to steal it. WHILE the group was in the building. Haru swallowed his fear and agreed to it. That evening, Haru snuck into the building, with Takeshi and his group hanging back and watching from behind a fence. Haru had watched Takeshi steal items before, so tried to follow in his footsteps. The group were all in one room of the building, smoking and talking loudly to each other. Haru tip toed past the room they were in, searching for the boombox. Sure enough, he found it in another room, scooped it up, and slowly made his way back to the entrance. This was it, victory was in sight! Haru could already see the impressed look on Takeshi's face when he pulled this off- As Haru walked past the entrance door, a feral Murkow perched by one of the building windows decided to let out a CAW. Haru jumped in shock, yelling out " EEP! " and dropping the boombox onto the pavement, breaking it. His yell did not go unnoticed. The rival group stormed out of the building and saw Haru with their broken boombox. Without hesitation, they charged at Haru, who was too scared to move. One of the teenagers reached out a hand to grab Haru- and was knocked back by a punch from Takeshi, who has burst out from behind the fence. The rest of Takeshi's gang was nowhere to be found, having run off as soon as the rival thugs stormed out. Takeshi was a competent fighter- but there were simply too many of them. The rival group began to beat Takeshi to the ground. Takeshi screamed out in pain. All Haru could do was watch in terror, crying out for them to stop. But it didn't help. All of the commotion must have been heard by someone, as pretty soon the sound of police sirens could be heard in the distance. At the sound of the sirens, the rival group made a break for it and fled the scene, leaving behind Haru and his brother. 

Tears streaming down his face, Haru went to check on his brother. Takeshi was bruised all over, bleeding from his nose, missing a tooth- but otherwise seemed okay. "Takeshi, are you ok-" Haru reached down to pick up his brother, but Takeshi snarled and slapped his hands away. "GOD, YOU ARE SUCH A BURDEN! I'M SICK OF YOU ALWAYS GLUED TO MY SIDE, AND IM SICK OF ALWAYS HAVING TO SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS. STOP BEING SUCH A WIMP AND MAKE SOME GODDAMN FRIENDS OF YOUR OWN. Just...leave me alone Haru...leave me alone..." Yelled out Takeshi. These words stung like burning hot needles into Haru's soul. Haru said nothing else until the cops arrived. Takeshi told the cops that the two of them were just walking past this building when some punks tried to mug them. After that, they were taken to the hospital. Haru called his parents and told them to come. At the Hospital, a Doctor told the family that Takeshi was going to be alright. He was bruised up, had a broken nose, but would make a full recovery. That was good news to Haru, but the words his brother said had crushed him. His brother, the mon Haru looked up to like an idol, saw him as nothing but a annoyance..a mere bug to be swatted away... He excused himself and went back to his parents car, sitting in the back seat. After watching his brother getting beaten up, and being berated by him afterwards, Haru felt overwhelmed. He broke down crying, heartbroken, and frustrated at himself for being such a screw up...

Suddenly, to Haru's surprise, a strange looking feral Sylveon appeared in the seat next to him, offering him a wish that he would grant. Haru was unsure what to make of this strange talking feral, but he was still upset. He wanted to become someone his brother would be proud of. There was only one way to find out if the Sylveon was telling the truth. He obliged.

" I'm sick of being a screw up! If I was more like my brother then maybe he would acknowledge me! Strong, confident, sly, laid back, athletic, I want to be like him! I wish I could be more like my brother..."

In the following weeks, Takeshi noticed a change in his little brother. Haru seemed to have gained a burst of confidence; he had gained the trust of Takeshi's friends during the time he was in the hospital; performing any dares and stunts they asked, no matter how dangerous! Takeshi was surprised- and impressed. Perhaps his scolding had given Haru a wake up call?



- Inherited slight eye markings from Zoroark Father
- Protective of his little sister Lily, who he hopes admires him the way he admires his big brother Takeshi ( She thinks they are both dorks )
- Became a Flareon recently, after getting a Fire Stone for his 15th birthday! He chose Flareon because there was a Flareon Samurai who was Takeshi's favorite character on a movie series they used to watch together growing up.
- Takeshi is 18, Lily (who is now a Sylveon) is 13. 
CD :: Doc's new app art
* Atelier * 

Some much needed new app art for the good doctor!

OH how time flies... Doctor Stein here was my first ever RP chara I used for a group, I have a lot of fond memories with the old crow- 

In the 4 years that he's been here, Doctor Stein has been chased by angry mobs, had his backfire go haywire when Mr.Dark went missing, get shot at by mafia hitmen, witness Mr.Dark murder an old lady, had his body swapped multiple times, and don't even mention all of the friends he's made in the circus who have gone "missing" ( RIP CAROLYN ) 

BUT... he's had some good times as well! He's helped patch up many of the good folks of the circus when they were hurt/ill, and for the Doc, keeping others in tip top shape is enough to keep him going.

What other adventures await dear ol Alfred? Only time will tell... 
Circus Darkrai: Alfred R. Stein
- Atelier -


* UPDATE 08/11/18 ::: Alfred's history has been retconned; the old history was vague and broke a few of the rules set up in the current CD Rule guide for Chara Histories. As a Mod I felt obligated to fix it up and make it more presentable! 

*UPDATE 08/11/18 ::: NEW APP ART! 

Name: Alfred Rosa Stein


Age: 47


Gender: Male


Pokémon: Honchkrow


Ability: Insomnia


Job: Circus Physician


Wish:  `` I wish my patients were not afraid of me``

    Alfred`s reputation of being `` mad doctor `` made him decide to wish for his patients to stop fearing him. They no longer fear him now; instead, they hate him and want him dead! The only place where patients can truly appreciate Stein`s work is in the Circus.


Personality:  With Stein, the phrase `` don`t judge a book by its cover `` matches him perfectly. On the outside he looks like a deranged scientist from a laboratory, but in reality all Stein wants to do is help people. He is a kind and talkative man, who is always willing to listen to any problems you may have. He is never one to shy away from a conversation, and can often be seen roaming around the circus looking for mons to have a good conversation with, perhaps because he rarely ever got a chance to do so in the outside world. Having dealt with various surgeries and autopsies in his life, Stein has indeed seen it all, and is always ready to help a mon out, no matter how gory or personal the injury is. Stein`s urge to help mons can go a bit overboard at times, and he has been known to chase after frightened children in the circus because he heard them sneeze or cough and wanted to check up on them! Stein is also very wise, having travelled around the world in his youth, he will always have a story or morale speech to give when the situation demands it. Not only is he a doctor, but he can be considered a therapist as well! Stein also loves a good pun, but he can never seem to deliver a good one himself…


History:  Ever since he nursed a feral zigzagoon back to health as a young Spritzee, Alfred Rosa Stein dreamed of becoming a professional physician. Nothing warmed his heart more than the chance to help others and save lives, so Alfred studied hard throughout his youth so that he could be accepted into a prestigious Medical School in his hometown of Laverre, once he was old enough. When the time came, Alfred was happily accepted into the Laverre Medical School, and graduated with full honors. However, Alfred did not feel like he had learned everything there was to learn about medicine; his passion for his craft was strong, and he wanted to learn as much as he could! As soon as he graduated, he decided to travel around the world to learn about all the different medicines and methods of healing from different regions. Alfred picked up many new methods on his travels, both old and modern, filling up his notebooks with diagrams, ingredients, and instructions for various  medicines.


When he returned to Laverre city several years later, Alfred was ready to start his career as a Doctor.

With the help of his parents, who were wealthy upperclassmons, he bought a vacant building and set up shop in his hometown of Laverre. Things went well for a while. Patients would visit Stein regularly, and Alfred would patch them up! However, things changed one day, when a snot nosed brat who hated going to the Doctors came into the office to receive a check up. The mother let the boy into Stein’s office on his own, telling him he was a “big, brave boy” for coming to the Doctor’s Office. The boy ignored her, he was still upset for being dragged here. Then, a nasty little idea plopped into his head as he entered the room. Doctor Stein, who was none the wiser, happily greeted the young lad with a smile and started the check up.  However, right as they began to start the check up, the boy let out a scream and bolted out of the room. He ran crying to his mother, claiming that Stein tried to “ stick weird needles into him” and “asked him if there were any organs he didn’t need”. Dr.Stein was shocked; he did no such thing! While the mother didn’t seem to believe the story her son was telling, she looked concerned and decided to cancel the appointment. Doctor Stein was a bit distraught, but shook it off and tried to carry on with his day. However, to the surprise of the good doctor, more incidents started happening. Other children who entered his office would do the same thing, claiming to their parents that Dr.Stein was secretly a mad scientist who wanted to perform experiments on him.


Unbeknownst to Stein, the first brat who started it had gotten all his troublemaking friends to join in, causing a scene because they thought it was amusing. Rumours would spread from kids to their mothers and fathers, and although there was no evidence that Stein was a ‘mad scientist’ , parents decided to take their kids to other doctors instead, just to play it safe. If so many children were reporting the same thing, then maybe something was off about that Doctor, right? Over the next couple days, Stein noticed kids and adults alike avoiding him as he walked down the streets. Alfred was confused and deeply upset. He was a sensitive mon, and it hurt him to see so many people avoiding him on the account of mere rumours! He began to grow very anxious, and wanted to cool off somewhere. He closed up shop for the afternoon, deciding to go visit a travelling Circus that had recently entered town. That would help calm his nerves, right?


The circus sure was a spectacle, but it wasn’t enough to lighten Alfred’s concern. The look on his beak must have been obvious, for soon a tall, dark, and devilishly handsome mon approached Dr.Stein, asking him what ever was the matter. The two had some small talk for a bit. The man introduced himself as Mr.Dark, ringmaster of Circus Darkrai, and he seemed to be a very thoughtful and caring individual. Alfred found himself enjoying the man’s company, and asked if it was ok if he vent out a bit of his concerns to him, just to get some things off his chest. The Darkrai said yes. Alfred told him how his career as a physician might be at stake. Years of studying and travelling all wasted thanks to some cruel and unjust rumours. Alfred ended his little venting session with a sigh, murmuring “ I wish my patients were not afraid of me…” The Darkrai smiled, and said. “ Your wish, has been granted.”

Alfred was a little confused by that last statement, but decided it was time to depart and deal with this whole rumour business. As he left Circus grounds and walked to his office, he noticed the townsfolk started glaring at him, more so than the last few days. Alfred started to grow quite concerned, and sped up his pace. Suddenly, people around the street began to surround him. There was a look of pure hatred in their eyes. “ LOOK! It’s the mad scientist! GET HIM! KILL HIM!! “ They yelled as they began to charge him. Alfred bolted back the way he came. He was terrified and confused, all he knew was that he needed to lose this mob, and the best chance to do that was to hide in the big crowds of the circus. Alfred didn't look back, not slowing his pace until he was well within circus grounds and deep in the crowds. As soon as he was sure nobody had followed him, he hid behind one of the tents to catch his breath. But then he heard footsteps behind him, and to his surprise, the Darkrai Ringmaster from before was standing in front of him, a wide sneer plastered across his face.


“ Why the long face, Dr.Stein? You wished for your patients to no longer fear you, and I made it so! “ Said Mr.Dark. Alfred stood there, looking at the Darkrai with a bewildered expression. “ What, no thank you? And here I thought you were a gentlemon…” Dark chuckled. “ Well, I have another gift to offer you, good Doctor. Join my Circus, and I promise you your work will never go unappreciated long you don’t leave… “ He sneered. Faced with no other option he could think of, Alfred joined the ranks of Circus  Darkrai. The Circus Physician was born.



Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Helping people, tea, talking about the `golden days of his youth`, flowers.

Dislikes: His work going unappreciated, people that judge a book by its cover, people with hats taller than his.


Move set:

    -          Haze

    -          Wing Attack

    -          Swagger

    -          Night Slash


    -          After changing his form from an Aromatisse to a Honchkrow while in the circus, Alfred now has the ability to fly. He`s very bad at it though. 

    -          His cane is just for looks.

    -          He has incredibly sexy eyes under those goggles

CD NPC :: Ted Worthington
Name: Ted Worthington

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Remoraid

Ability: Hustle - Damage from physical attacks is increased by 50%, but average accuracy is only 80%.

Hometown: Castelia City - Unova

Job: Accountant - Keeps track of circus' incomes and expenses, and takes care of ordering things like tent material

Wish: " I WORKED. SO. HARD. TO GET TO WHERE I WAS IN LIFE. IT'S NOT FAIR! I just wish I could go back to being a working mon, I would do anything! I would give away my dorsal fin if it meant I could work again!"

Ted had recently been let go from a company, because of an accident that left his hands permanently damaged. He wished for an opportunity to work again. Mr.Dark obliged, healing Ted's hands back to normal...

Backfire: However, Mr.Dark took Ted's comments literally, and so, Ted's dorsal fin fell off his back, leaving a massive bloody wound that gives Ted agonizing pain. So long as Ted stays in the Circus, the wound 'closes' up, and Ted does not feel any pain. If Ted were to walk out of the circus with the intention to leave forever, the wound would open up, causing Ted to collapse in pain and eventually bleed out and die.

Personality: Ted Worthington is a mon of business. He loves being productive, doing work, and helping to keep the circus running smoothly! Keeping himself busy makes Ted happy, as he starts to feel lost and bored very quickly when he has nothing to do. Ted keeps a serious and professional attitude almost 24/7, as he takes his role in the Circus VERY seriously. Don't bother making jokes or being sarcastic with Ted, as they will more often than not go over his head. Ted is polite and respectful to his fellow workers, regardless of their role in the circus. However, Ted's polite and professional demeanor can quickly fade away when something, or someone, interferes with his work. Ted has little patience for anyone trying to interfere or distract him from his work, and he will quickly grow quite upset, scolding whoever is foolish enough to get in the way of his business. Ted can be a bit of a suck up to his superiors, constantly showering them with praise, complimenting them, and always asking if he can be of service - this can come off as either endearing or incredibly annoying. Ted is also a tattletale- although it isn't his job to do so, if Ted notices his fellow workers slacking off or not doing their jobs correctly, he will jot it down in his notes and send it to his superiors, believing that doing so will increase his standing with them.

History: Ted was born in Castelia City in the Unova Region. Even from his early days, the Remoraid was recognized by his family as a hardworking mon, scoring high grades in all of his classes in school, and taking the time to study on weekends when other kids would be playing outdoors. Ted LOVED to work, being productive made him feel quite successful! When Ted became an adult, he decided he wanted to become an accountant, and after lots of studying, hard work and determination, he managed to land a job as an accountant in a very pristine banking company! Ted loved his role in the company, and for a while, life was good...

However, when Ted was 35, tragedy struck. Ted got into a car accident, leaving his hands and lower arms severely damaged. The doctors did their best, but Ted would no longer be able to use his hands for anything, including work. Ted was heartbroken, but that was not all. After he got out of the hospital, Ted was informed that the Banking Company had let him go. There was a lot of competition for spots in that company, and Ted's role was quickly replaced by someone in better physical condition. Ted was absolutely miserable. After all his hard work, his dream job was taken away from him and there was nothing he could do about it. Ted's younger brother acted as his caretaker after the accident. Seeing how distraught his brother was, he decided to take Ted to the travelling circus that had stopped by in town this month, in an effort to lift his spirits...

The acts and performances of the Circus were dazzling, but they weren't enough to improve Ted's mood. In fact, visiting the circus only made Ted even more upset, seeing all the visitors playing the booths with their HANDS... Ted scolded his brother for bringing him here, and before he got a chance to say anything, Ted stormed off. His brother lost him in the crowds. Ted was lost as well, and soon he found himself in some corner of the Circus, kicking at the litter on the ground in frustration. A tall, dark, and devilishly handsome mon heard Ted's little outburst and approached him, asking what was wrong. Ted, in his foul mood, vented off all his troubles to the mysterious mon, a Darkrai.

" I WORKED. SO. HARD. TO GET TO WHERE I WAS IN LIFE. IT'S NOT FAIR! I just wish I could go back to being a working mon, I would do anything! I would give away my dorsal fin if it meant I could work again!"

The Darkrai smiled. " Your wish, has been granted."

To Ted's amazement, his hands suddenly healed, right before his eyes! But Ted didn't have any time to celebrate this miracle, for no sooner had his hands healed, he felt a sudden sharp pain on his back. Something fell to the ground. Ted turned around, and to his horror, he saw his entire dorsal fin, clean off his back and on the ground. Ted gasped in shock. " What..WHAT IS HAPPENING-" Ted could barely get the words out as agonizing pain seeped through his back.

" One dorsal fin, for the opportunity to work again, as you requested. My name is Mr.Dark, Ringmaster of Circus Darkrai. Join my Circus, and I can guarantee you a job here- and help deal with the little..situation behind you. DO we have a deal? " sneered the Darkrai.

Ted was scared, confused, and in pain- he wanted the pain to stop as soon as possible, so he agreed to Mr.Dark's deal. The pain in his back went away, though his dorsal fin was permanently lost.

Ted was now able to work as an accountant once again. Although it wasn't his old company, it was still better than nothing, right?

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes - Working, Pleasing his superiors, Coffee, Newspapers, Organizing things, Biscuits

Dislikes - Interruptions, slackers, drunks, vacation days

Move set:

 Water type - Water Gun : The target is blasted with a forceful shot of water.

Normal type - Lock on :  The user takes sure aim at the target. This ensures the next attack does not miss the target.

Psychic type - Psybeam :  The target is attacked with a peculiar ray. This may also leave the target confused.

Ice type - Aurora Beam :  The target is hit with a rainbow-colored beam. This may also lower the target's Attack stat.


- Ted ALWAYS keeps a noteboard with him, 24/7. Rumour has it that he even SLEEPS with it...

- Voice Actor :: Tom Kenny - Sample clip ::…   (( The yellow slug man ))

Heyoo im a tired and stressed boy so im makin a new meme to keep myself busy- feel free to make your own top 5 fav pokes of each type meme and tag me in it, ide love to see your picks! 

Normal type :: 1. #206 Dunsparce 2. #352 Kecleon 3.  #161 Sentret4.Buneary5.#235 Smeargle 

Fire type :: 1. #654 Braixen 2. #038 Ninetales 3.#126 Magmar4.#059 Arcanine5.#219 Magcargo       

Water type :: 1. #186 Politoed2. #271 Lombre3.#502 Dewott4.#418 Buizel5. #080 Slowbro  

Grass type :: 1.#585 Deerling - Autumn2.Skiddo Emote3. #275 Shiftry 4. #547 Whimsicott5.#286 Breloom 

Electric type :: 1. #181 Ampharos 2. #604 Eelektross 3. Galvantula 4. #405 Luxray 5. #125 Electabuzz

Ice type :: 1. #478 Froslass 2. #584 Vanilluxe 3. 037 Alolan Vulpix4. #225 Delibird 5. #459 Snover 

Fighting type :: 1. 674 Pancham 2. #620 Mienshao 3. #560 Scrafty 4. #500 Emboar 5. Blaziken 

Poison type :: 1. 747 Mareanie 2. #434 Stunky 3.Salandit sprite 4. #317 Swalot 5. #568 Trubbish 

Ground type :: 1. #340 Whiscash 2. #553 Krookodile 3. #529 Drilbur 4. #322 Numel 5. #618 Stunfisk 

Flying type :: 1. #198 Murkrow  2. 722 Rowlet 3.#083 Farfetch'd 4. Gliscor 5. #169 Crobat 

Psychic type :: 1. #344 Claydol 2. #677 Espurr 3. #196 Espeon 4. #433 Chingling 5. #518 Musharna 

Bug type :: 1. #214 Heracross 2. #541 Swadloon 3. Shedinja  4. #205 Forretress 5. #401 Kricketot 

Rock type :: 1. 745 Lycanroc -Day- 2. #213 Shuckle 3. #076 Golem 4. #185 Sudowoodo 5. #337 Lunatone 

Ghost type :: 1. Duskull 2. Pumpkaboo 3. 709 Trevenant 4. #094 Gengar 5. #609 Chandelure 

Dragon type :: 1. #635 Hydreigon 2. #704 Goomy3. #330 Flygon 4. Tyrantrum 5. #714 Noibat 

Dark type :: 1. #570 Zorua 2. #197 Umbreon 3. #215 Sneasel 4. #229 Houndoom 5. #332 Cacturne 

Steel type :: 1. #212 Scizor 2. #306 Aggron 3. #227 Skarmory 4. #599 Klink 5. 777 Togedemaru 

Fairy type :: 1. #700 Sylveon 2. 685 Slurpuff 3. 683 Aromatisse 4. #303 Mawile 5. Mimikyu                                                                             


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art

Welcome fellow ghosts and ghouls! I am the aspiring artist/animator known as Billspooks!

I have a love for all things paranormal and spooky - ghosts, zombies, vampires, witches, school teachers - if its spooky its on the list!

I am currently open for commissions! Check out my Twitter for more info!

Also I'm a colossal nerd that loves Pokemon so I joined a few rp groups

Circus Darkrai: Alfred R Stein ( Male ) Honchkrow by pokemon3dsprites Milly and Molly Sherbet ( Female ) Vanilluxe by CreepyJellyfish
Rin Shanshan ( Male ) Chingling by CreepyJellyfish

P-NO :: Jessie Chilton ( Male ) Cacturne by CreepyJellyfish Sandy Coxwell ( Female ) Drifblim by CreepyJellyfish

PKMN-PMMM :: Forrest Matsunoki ( Male ) Deerling-autumn by CreepyJellyfish Yuri ``Truffle`` Kinoko ( Female ) Politoed by CreepyJellyfish




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