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CD :: Arc Event - Let's Play!
* Etoile * 

Rin, being the daring little acrobat he is, decides to attack Bozo head on...

Is he trying to distract the Mr.Mime so his comrades can find the doors? Or is he simply enjoying being able to let loose on somebody for once? Perhaps it's best if we leave that unanswered... 

* Rin picks the Hidden Door *
GMG :: Coral WIP…

SO YEAH... It's been a long while since ive tried to join a new Pokemon RP Group! For a while I was content with the 3 that i'm currently in, but deep down it has always been a dream of mine to join a Mystery Dungeon Themed RP Group as well. I could never find one that was active, BUT last week I just happened to stumble upon Good Morning Guild, and it looks like fun! 

Iv'e been in the Rp Group scene for about 5 years now, and honestly, I'm still as invested as ever, for better or for worse LMAO- I think it will be a nice breath of fresh air to try out a brand new group and hopefully meet some brand new peeps! Wish me luck whenever the next opening comes around! 

 Coral Tidesong

• Gender: Female

• Age: 22

• Birthday: June 6th

• Height: 5'0 feet ( At the top of head ) 

• Weight: 120 lbs
• Species: Chinchou ( Shiny ) Chinchou 

• Type: Water type  Electric type 

• Ability: Water Absorb - Restores HP if hit by a Water-type move, instead of taking damage.

• Nature / Characteristic: Careful - Good Peserverance 

• Moveset:  

Electric type  Thunder Wave - The user launches a weak jolt of electricity that paralyzes the target.

Water type  Bubble Beam -  A spray of bubbles is forcefully ejected at the target. This may also lower its Speed stat.

Normal type  Supersonic - 
The user generates odd sound waves from its body that confuse the target.

Ice type  Icy Wind -  The user attacks with a gust of chilled air. This also lowers the opposing Pokémon’s Speed stats. ( Move Tutor ) 

Fairy type  Dazzling Gleam -  
The user damages opposing Pokémon by emitting a powerful flash. ( TM ) 

• Team: N/A

• Personality:  

(+) Curious (+) Hardworking (+) Confident (-) Short Tempered (-) Blunt (-) Gullible

Coral is an inquisitive little Chinchou, always eager to explore and learn about the world around her. She has a knack for collecting items from the sea; bits of shells, rocks, aquatic plants, and of course corals! It’s become a habit of hers to stop at whatever new place she arrives to and gather up any interesting looking knick knacks she can find. Coral also has an interest in learning about the Igneous Region itself; all of its history and wonders. She especially finds stories of adventure quite thrilling, as it inspires her to keep on exploring! Having spent much of her life working at a Garden Shop, Coral has become quite the hard worker. She enjoys completing tasks, as well as the satisfaction of a job well done after a hard day of work, it feels very rewarding! She is never one to slack off, and always commits to tasks she’s given, instead of just half heartedly attempting it or finding an easy way out. She has a helpful nature, always ready to assist friends in need! Coral is never one to shy away from others, and is confident in herself and her skills. She always approaches new faces with a warm smile and a warmer welcome, and has no trouble speaking in front of large groups or being the center of attention, she enjoys socializing very much! Listening to and sharing stories of adventure/exploration is another one of her favorite pastimes!  The thought of performing a tricky, difficult, or even dangerous task doesn’t intimidate Coral; she believes that with careful planning and preparation, no task is too hard for her!

But when things DON’T go the way Coral planned, she can get very flustered. Coral loves to complete her tasks smoothly and efficiently, and prides herself on always doing a good job. Any little hiccup that interferes with her work annoys Coral very much. This becomes especially apparent when she’s working with others. Coral has zero patience for slackers, or people who don't follow rules they were given. If a teammate isn’t pulling their weight on a job, or are getting in the way of Coral’s efficiency, she won’t hesitate to give them a piece of her mind. Her rants can go on for a while, and she has quite the potty mouth when upset! Still, even with hiccups and setbacks, Coral always tries her best to complete the task to its fullest. She’ll just be grumbling and complaining the whole time, to the dismay of anyone around her. Coral is an open book, always honest with her feelings towards others. If she likes you, she’ll let you know! But if she doesn’t like you, she’ll remind you about it every time you cross paths. She has a tendency to overshare personal details, which can make others feel uncomfortable, especially if they just met her. It’s not a good idea to share rumors or secrets with her, as she may get excited and accidentally blurt them out later, when talking with others. Coral can also be gullible. Growing up, she spent most of her time around fairly decent and friendly folk, having never run into someone truly sinister or deceitful. She will warm up to anyone who seems friendly and polite, helping them out and sharing secrets with them so long as they keep being nice. Thus, her kind and helpful nature can be easily taken advantage of. She can be a bit of a pushover with friends, being too forgiving with them even if they dont deserve it, as long as they promise “not to do it again-”

• Home Island: Sapphire Island

• Home Town: Seasong City

• History: 

Coral Tidesong was born in Seasong city, to a Lanturn Mother and Wishiwashi father. From as early on as she could remember, Coral’s mother would take her to the beaches around Seasong, and the two would collect items that would wash up on shore. This sparked Coral’s interest in exploration and collecting! Her parents would also take her to their workplace, called Poliwag Pond. It was a beautiful garden shop that sold plants, decorations, and outdoor furniture for both aquatic and terrestrial homes! The shop was owned by Mr. Briny, a rather spirited old Dewgong and a close family friend. Whenever Coral would visit, Mr. Briny would tell her stories of the days he spent sailing the ocean during his youth, on the lookout for adventure! He never seemed to run out of tales, and each one was always more thrilling than the last! Her parents assured her that many of ol’ Briny’s tales were...exaggerated ( Like the story of when he hooked a giant golden Magikarp while fishing ) but Coral enjoyed them nonetheless. The thought of someday exploring all of Igneous thrilled Coral to no end! She enjoyed Mr.Briny’s tales, and the Garden Shop, so Coral decided that as soon as she was old enough, she would work here too! Her parents and Briny happily agreed.

Coral attended a general school during her childhood, to learn how to read and write. Once Coral was finished, she began working at Poliwag Pond. She would help customers, run errands, count stock, whatever Mr. Briny needed her to do! Coral didn’t mind at all, she enjoyed her work very much! And at the end of each day, Mr. Briny would share another one of his tales with her! When off work, Coral would continue to explore the Seasong Beaches, collecting washed up items. By the time she reached adulthood, she had amassed quite the collection! Coral enjoyed her time working at Poliwag Pond, but deep down she dreamed of leaving Seasong and exploring the rest of Igneous, like Briny once did. But she felt guilty about leaving her parents and Briny behind; after all, she was such a big help to the store! So for a while, she kept quiet about her ambitions, and continued to work in the Garden Store…

Then, the disaster struck.

Coral, her family, and Mr. Briny managed to evacuate Seasong City in time, fortunately. But when they returned, they found that the strong rain and windstorms had left their mark. Poliwag Pond was completely destroyed, the building torn to shreds. Not only that, but Coral’s home was destroyed as well. Her collection of items she had gathered from the sea since childhood were all gone. Coral and her family were devastated, but Mr. Briny laughed it off, saying that this was nothing compared to the adventures he used to have! He was determined to rebuild his store, and Coral and her family agreed to help out. For a few months, Coral helped Mr. Briny rebuild. She was no stranger to difficult tasks, but being around all of this destruction? It really dampened her spirits. Part of her really wanted to leave Seasong and finally explore Igneous, but she would feel so guilty leaving Mr. Briny and her family behind to rebuild. Coral prided herself on being a hard worker after all! She couldn’t abandoned them...yet, she felt conflicted.

Mr. Briny seemed to notice something was up, and one day pulled Coral aside. He told her that he recognized the soul of an adventurer, and he could tell Coral was one of em. Her excitement in exploring the beaches, her fascination with collecting things, and most importantly, her eagerness to listen to his adventuring stories over and over again were dead giveaways. Mr. Briny told Coral about an explorers guild he heard was stationed in Everstone City. The guild was open, welcoming, with the respectable goal of bringing back the peaceful world before the disaster! He urged Coral to travel there and try joining the guild. Coral was hesitant at first, telling Briny she would feel guilty leaving him behind to clean up this mess. Mr. Briny shook his head. He told Coral that she was an adventurer in her prime; she shouldn’t waste away in all this rubble, her destiny was out there, beyond Seasong City. He told her not to worry about leaving him behind, he had plenty of old friends who were assisting him. Besides, maybe Coral could do more good assisting the guild in bringing back that peaceful world! With tearful eyes, Coral agreed. Saying goodbye to Mr. Briny and her family, Coral set out to the Everstone City Guild, eager to finally start her adventure…

• Extras: 

Coral's antannae glow and can flash abruptly at will. It looks very pretty, but don't touch! You might feel a little jolt! 

- Inherited her blue-ish pupils from her father, a Wishiwashi. 

- Her hair is held back in a small bun behind her head.

- Her poncho used to belong to Mr. Briny, it was what he wore during his old adventuring days. He gave it to her as a parting gift before she left for Everstone.

CD :: Arc Event - Need some help?
* Etoile *

" What's the hold up Little Lune? You're good at balancing right? Just jump across and you'll be fine! Oh, and don't look down, hehehe! " 

Rin and Nikola go off to explore this mysterious new world they've entered, full of ominous doors and perilous terrain. Of course, when you have the ability Levitate, exploring this place can be much easier for you than it is for others-

***Rin and Nikola pick the FUNNY DOOR*** 

Collab with Alifide! I did the sketch/lineart, and they did coloring/shading !! 

Nikola ::

Rin :: ME 


BillSpooks's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art

Welcome fellow ghosts and ghouls! I am the aspiring artist/animator known as Billspooks!

I have a love for all things paranormal and spooky - ghosts, zombies, vampires, witches, school teachers - if its spooky its on the list!

I am currently open for commissions! Check out my Twitter for more info!

Also I'm a colossal nerd that loves Pokemon so I joined a few rp groups

Circus Darkrai: Alfred R Stein ( Male ) Honchkrow by pokemon3dsprites Milly and Molly Sherbet ( Female ) Vanilluxe by CreepyJellyfish
Rin Shanshan ( Male ) Chingling by CreepyJellyfish

P-NO :: Jessie Chilton ( Male ) Cacturne by CreepyJellyfish Sandy Coxwell ( Female ) Drifblim by CreepyJellyfish

PKMN-PMMM :: Forrest Matsunoki ( Male ) Deerling-autumn by CreepyJellyfish Yuri ``Truffle`` Kinoko ( Female ) Politoed by CreepyJellyfish




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