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Supergirl 3 Asrar-Reinhold

Supergirl#3 Preview Mash-up with...

Pencil Breakdowns by Mahmud Asrar :iconanjum:
Ink and Wash (Gouache) by Bill Reinhold

Got the thumbs up from DC to post this montage of images from the story.

On sale November 16, 2011

I was fortunate to be asked by Mahmud Asrar and DC to do finishes on Supergirl#3. Starting with Supergirl#4 Mahmud will be both penciling and inking with added marker tones. A technique he is well know for on his commission work.
So in order to prepare for that I was asked to help with this issue.
Coloring will be by Paul Mounts
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Oh oh, i've got to intrude your Folders in Search for Prey.
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an ink & wash masterclass...

i prefer your inkwash on Asrar pencil...
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If not me, someone could do a nice video.
azharmaa's avatar
sorry..i prefer to see your tutorial..
i saw one of your inking demo in youtube before..
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Really like it!
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Where Argo City?
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Supergirl's city? Image of Krpton top left, but not identified as Argo.
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Sure cant wait til the art gets back to the level it was in #1 =D! Well, this art looks like its going to be....a step up from #2, but coloring changes everything =).
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#4 will be the best yet! All Mahmud!
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Oh, its not your coloring, I meant that recently alot of art (other comics too) is feeling a bit rushed. Hope things slows down for you guys, I understand its real busy at DC =). I like your style though, has a nice classic comic feel to it.
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Well of course a colorist works on this art after my B&W art and that also contributes to the finish.
In many ways most comics are partially rushed. Many of us artists would take twice as long (or get more sleep) if we were allowed to.
The deadlines help get it done in a reasonable time. But hopefully the majority of any comic is well done before the deadline crunch :-)
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You're being humble. So what did you add here? Inks? Washes? Both? It looks awesome!
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Thanks Len! Yes I added all that along with finishes over breakdowns, but I really like what Mahmud is doing, plus it will be pure him the way it should be.
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Wow. Brilliance by both of you :).
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Excellent page!
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Thanks Marc! In case there is any misunderstanding, this isn't an actual page or double from the book but a montage or collage of images from many pages.

Too early to post actual pages yet.
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