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Master Race Discrimination - Equestrian Life#1

By BillNeigh
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i feel no sympathy for said master race.
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That's racist!
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Don't they have something 2 put on the horn ?
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This was funny but also pretty dark. Still nice drawing.
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Aww come on. Just shove a cork on that horn.
See, that proves that all pony races are equally subject to racism.

I'm sorry. That wasn't a very good joke.
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No, I agree with ya. Especially Earth ponies, who suffer from the whole 'Napoleon Complex' bullshit: 'Oh, just because THEY have wings and horns, and can fly and do magic, THEY think it makes them SOOOO much better than us!! RACISTRACISTRACIST!!'

Seriously, earthies: get over yourselves.
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She's a fictional character...but I want to hug her
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Looks a little like the Cold in Gardez story from the recent writeoff: Point/Counterpoint…

Poor Twilight. Banned from the FunCo Bouncy Castle :)
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I'm quite amused that that story and this comic both crossed my radar on the same day.
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I had no Idea.
I guess there are no new ideas on the internet.
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Something to do with Horns and Inflatables?
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No pony has though of horn caps yet?
nice stuff. and fun stuff
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