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OK, now with the Episode "Chille Tid" Steven is apparently starting to develop mental abilities strong enough to be able to speak telepathically to the core personalities of a fused gem. (if they don't just pass it off as a sleep deprived dream) So what's stopping him from using said ability to speak with his mothers sleeping consciousness within his own jem. huh, huh? and using a mirror as a conduit would also make seance seeing as Lapius did the same thing. :D 
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R.I.P Pearl (2013-2015)
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nope not dead just needed a little lay down.

Ha! Knowing Pearl after her nap she will probably get all huffy with her self on missing out on the chance to talk to Rose.
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i know that , but maybe she's just past out because of the shock
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I like how pearl is there
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eh! :o (Eek)  Could Rose ever make an appearance with out pearl showing up? Now That would be odd. :D (Big Grin) 
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This somehow feels like it is possible. The fact that Rose told Steven that when he loving being himself, it's also her loving him back and loving being part of him.
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that is why i drew it :D  it is plausible. 
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This really hit my feels ;-; Amazing job

I honestly hope that this becomes a thing. I don't see why he couldn't. ROSEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~!
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Glad you like it. Well here is to hoping, those two really could use a little face to face time :D
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Technically, this would be possible.
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Humm well i hope so. but you never know what going to happen in this show LoL
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she must of been tired. needed a little nap i guess.
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For a second I thought she fainted at the sight of Rose.
But then I registered she was sleeping.
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