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First time using the transotype copic paper.
It says "Probaply the best Paper for all alcohol-based markers!"
Well, let's see.

I tried some different basics on the paper and here are the results:

Copicpapertestweb by Billie-phoebe

Tried some different stages of blending. I usually don't blend that much, means I only go in once after puting down the shadow color.
Close up you can see the more I was blending an area the more white dots appear D:
In the last test with the most blending I really overworked that area with way too much ink xd
For my personal use I will stay with just a little bit of shading, that works just fine.

No strokes, just the way I like :3
Although the first line on the paper looks kinda strange with some colors. Adding more ink really helps to get a smooth area.
Keep in mind I did only test with small areas, so the result may differ with larger areas.

I tested different black pigment liner and after drying I applied some yellow to see if they smear.
My Staedtler pen was dying anyway but you can see they are not smear resistant.
Faber Castell may work as well if you let them dry longer than I did :D

The paper is thin... I mean really thin... I was surprised and had to look up if I had received the wrong paper.
So I wasn't surprised when the first time I did some tryouts it bleed through on the paper below.
While I made this test sheet it was bleedproof.
I still recommend to work with a sheet of paper below the one you are working on. Just to be sure there is no mess afterward.

Final test
Since testing is not the same as working with it and creating an artwork I am not done yet.
Here we go:

Rorona Zoro by Billie-phoebe

At first I was kind of disappointed. It was thiner than expected and the colors didn't look the way I was used to and shading was awful. I really messed up.
But I am glad I didn't give up. It's not so bad after some practice.
The colors change after applying them and it's a good idea to use at least one sheet for color examples. But I noticed that I can use more layers of ink than first expected and I think I will use the paper for some more copic art :)
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