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Endless Blog entry

Sat Mar 26, 2011, 8:24 AM
July 2012



Yes YOU!

Are you on Tumblr?

I'm discovering tumblr and I need friends. ;)

Personal Blog

Inked Adventures

Adventures and Shopping (RPGs)  adventuresandshopping.tumblr.c…

Monster Hugs!  -Bb. xx

Dice Mugs May 2011

Very quick update.

I've set up a little Cafe Press store:…
Check it out for Monster T-Shirts and Dice Mugs. :)
Lots of fun, not the cheapest place in the world, but it's very satisfying seeing a proper mock-up of your own art on a bag.

I'm also still working on dungeon floor plans:
... and have a silly games-related blog with shops n stuff: adventuresandshopping.blogspot…

Was messing around tonight with About Me - set up a profile - very easy and fun:


Bb xx

Happy Easter!

Beware THE CHOC EGG PEOPLE by billiambabble


End of the Month of Marches AD MM+XI

I'm very proud to present my humble Dice Mugs!

Photo of mugs
Dungeon Map 'My Dice' Mug by billiambabble

Original Deviation:
Dungeon Maps Design for a Mug by billiambabble

Buying Page:…
Diamonds by post only, please. :D

Dice Mugs are for tabletop gamers who need a multipurpose  vessel for storing dice and for the consumption of beverages (unfortunately not at the same time).

These mugs are exclusive to YOU, gentle browser. There are few places on the net where these can even be seen, let alone purchased.
Buy now to avoid a dice-mug-less life:…

Happy Easter!
Bb x

Linkies... (1.11)
Late January, early in the second decade of the twenty-first century

Browsers, please feel free to drop by my Inked Adventures web site

Inked Adventures Logo banner by billiambabble

Click on Link:

h t t p : / / i n k e d a d v e n t u r e s . c o m / m a i n

- a site mainly concerning itself with the production of gaming accessories for table top role-playing games, and possibly some stock art.  Lots of little projects are in the pipeline.

Incidentally my shop on DriveThruRPG is here:…

Also, I have a shiny new RPG games review blog - which sometimes features special offers:

Adventures & Shopping - a blogspot site
http:// adventuresandshopping .blogspot .com/

Feel free to "friend" me on Facebook also:
InkedAdventures BilliamBabble:…

Also I have a "love of maps, dungeons etc" Page on Facebook:…

Mail me!
billiambabble (at) yahoo .co .uk

Spam-linking over...

Good health!



Nov 7 2010:


It's about time I made a fresh entry in my DA journal - as opposed to editing the old one.

I've been putting this off because at the moment most of my long posts on forums and in blogs are actually done at night, on my back, in bed via a smart phone.  Unfortunately both of my phones struggle with normal DA and the mobile version seems very restrictive when it comes to browsing and answering posts (not sure why, but then I guess the nice art on DA should only be viewed on massive high resolution screens, lots of Flash and interlinked with every other social networking site, which is good.  Nonetheless I really hope that they improve the DA mobile site.
This is my lousy excuse for missing threads and providing many month late responses.  When it comes to DA chat, I'm "prone" kind of guy. ;)

About me, what's going on?  No, really let's talk about me. :D

Well, I can't possibly reveal anything about my real world life, which is sort of strange and hectic, but at least I actually have a day job which seems to be a rare thing if the news is to be believed!  Real World gets in the way of ambitions most horribly.

I'm still trying to build a small empire with my Inked Adventures floor plans products: … of the Dungeon Cut Up Sections are selling very well.  And the free downloads go like hot cakes! :) People seem love that "old school game" look! :)

The Inked Adventures site also doubles as a sort progress blog

My Facebook (IA) identity is here:… - friend me!  Stalkers welcome. ;)

Some of my dungeon graphics are being sold as an art pack for the Dungeon Demon Map Editor - created by Rusty Axe Games.…

If you like my monsters check out my DA portfolio page:… - there's a few monsters on that page which aren't currently in the gallery here (don't ask why, and maybe they won't EAT you)

Mug Shot 1 by billiambabble  Go here to buy one:…;:)
Almost no profit - mainly for fun.

I was thinking about doing some RPG gamer mugs for Christmas - jokes about die rolls and coffee addictions with parchment maps or something... but we'll see.

I tried again to colour in those book illustrations for AstralsLibrary :iconastralslibrary: and my datapen with the files actually snapped!  I know this sounds like "the dog ate my homework", but I'm telling you that that project is cursed. :o  The years roll by ....

I'm being a bit of a forum-botherer at the moment -some of the places where I hang out are listed on my "links" page under "Friends and Resources"…

I hope you're all well.  

Feel free to drop me a line or random messages, even the spam bots don't talk to be any more - no matter how much Viagra I buy.  

billiambabble -a-t- yahoo - co - uk

Happy Diwali or whatever festival it is when you read this.
May all your monsters grow healthy claws and fangs. :)

Hugs and mawls.
Bb x (Will)

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Dungeon Floor Plans!

Journal Entry: Sat May 22, 2010, 9:19 AM
Dungeon modular fantasy cut-up card or paper printable downloadable RPG floor plan map things etc....

Long time, no post.

I keep typing the same stuff everywhere so here's some links:

The deviation:
Dungeon Sections Sample Pack by billiambabble

The site:
Inked Adventures : Modular Dungeon Sections
(I'm still struggling with Word Press Themes)

The shop:
Sample Dungeon Pack on

EDIT: Also on sale at:
http : //
http : //

Possible futures:
Rusty Axe Games

Job busy, life strange.  
Keep scrawling.
Love you all and happy mauls. Bb x


V-Day and being underground ...
Happy Valentines 2010

Monsters like eating hearts, mwhahaha.
Valentines Sucks Ass by billiambabble   Love-Devour Smiley by billiambabble
monster with balloon by billiambabble monster family by billiambabble

'Orrible mushy stuff, all that love.


I always feel a bit sheepish coming on here when I still owe AstralsLibrary :iconastralslibrary: her story book illustrations. :-/  But I'll get there one day.  Remember that you're always a couple of lost weekends from a masterpiece. ;)

I've been underground of late experimenting with retro-style dungeon floor plans and dungeon tiles.  (That, and actually trying to keep my normal job down, - damn reality can be such a pain!)
My temporary workshop can be found in a thread on :iconmortis-of-moria:  Mortis's Lost and the Damned Forum which is a brilliant place to visit if you're an ageing role-player, tabletop gamer or fantasy miniatures painter - I'm mainly the former.  There's some possible commercial applications for this type of art but I won't go into too much detail, in case I jinx everything. ;)

Sorry if I keep missing messages here and there on DA.  If you want to be sure of getting a message to me, or just say to hi or RAAAH!, please feel free to email me at . :)

Love and maulings,
Bllm. x  
12 Feb 2010

:: ! ! :: STOP PRESS :: !! ::
I forget to mention that a while back that yet again my monsters were used by the National Self Harm Network (UK) for awareness publicity "Advice for young people" (pdf).
Although I've yet to upload to DA all the monsters I drew for the NSHN, some of them can be seen on my portfolio page:…

Christmas?!?! - Merry Capitalmas

DECEMBER?!  When did that happen?!  I swear I get dropped into some sort of time shrinking black hole every few weeks.  Isn't December Roman for "The Tenth Month"? So it's really still just October, no wait, Oct = 8, it's really just the 8th month, so it's still only August.  Phew, that's a relief, for a moment I thought I was late with the Christmas shopping.  It's still Summer really.

It's awfully cold for Summer ...

Capitalmas is especially important to us Capitalists.  Although we celebrate the glory of Capitalism all year around, Capitalmas is a time when we all come to together in large shops and town centres and share the wealth of the year with shopkeepers of our local communities. It is a bonding experience, with people rushing about in sacrificial acts of selfless consumerism. *sighs happily*  It's your duty to celebrate Capitalmas!

Man, I'm broke!

The monsters are looking forward to a hearty meal of hamsters and kittens (its such a shame they can't eat children any more).

Happy Monstrous Halloween and Update
- October, 23, 2009

Edit: Enjoying DA's Portfolio feature - clumsy but effective. :)…

Thought I'd post a Happy Halloween greeting before the stroboscope of time  means the date flashes by without me as so much as glancing at the calendar!   >>>> WHOOOOSH >>>>

Old Halloween stuff by me:

Vampy Bat Emoticon by billiambabble Evil Pumpkin Halloween Smiley by billiambabble  
Halloween Hug Zombies by billiambabble   MonsterMash HappyHalloween II by billiambabble   Halloween Hug Avatar 100x100 by billiambabble

I tell the monsters not to answer the door to children at Halloween in case there's a misunderstanding about edible treats. CHOMP!

This place changes every time I log in - I can never find anything, especially the emoticons.  Okay, it's been a while, it always is.  I think grown-up life, job and a few completely random perpetual crises can cause a real dent in ones project output.

More monsters are on the way!  I had some good news that the NSHN wanted a few for a leaflet explaining the problems of self-harm to younger-young-adults, but things have gone a little quiet, so I'm wondering if my frivolous monsters were vetoed at the last minute, but we shall see.  I will post them here soon.

I'm still completing some illustrations for Astral's Nightmare Solution (see below) but as usual it requires more concentration than other work so I don't make much progress at the moment.  (Life really has been stupidly hectic of late but I'm still really embarrassed about how long it has taken)

Funnily enough, as I've mentioned below, I'm still finding the map and dungeon tile drawing very relaxing.  I hope to have a full set of basic colour corridors and doors on here soon.

I bought a new phone to access the net whilst being away from computers - a Nokia E63 - which for me is very swish (its the one that looks a bit like a Blackberry).  It won't let me log into Deviant Art!? How rubbish is that!  (And I do mean the mobile version of the site).

Does anyone else buy their own work?  I keep buying mugs and postcards as gifts, it's like opening a sweet shop so you can eat all the stock yourself. :)  Sweeties. Yum.

Hugs and gentle maulings.

Bb x

Graph Paper Guilt (last edit: June 21, 2009)
Dungeon floor plan prison wip by billiambabble Dungeon Bridge w.i.p. by billiambabble Dungeon 2 rooms stairs w.i.p. by billiambabble

I seem to find filling in squares on graph paper mildly therapeutic.  I think for me it's like knitting or crochet.  After a week of work I seem to be winding down by drawing maps and pleasing my inner 13 year old.
Dungeon floorplans in this collection:…

Unfortunately, then I start to feel guilty about not drawing my monsters - although one usually slips through when a last minute birthday card is required - more specifically the storybook illustrations need finishing. Nightmare Solution w.i.p. by billiambabble Some organisation and planning is needed!  I must finish these!  No, I really must ...

But the graph paper calls to me...  And work ... wretched work!  And people wanting all that conversation and people stuff. Pah!

If you have lots of money (and can afford shipping outside of USA, if not in the USA) where not buy a mug?  
Mug Shot 1 by billiambabble  Go here to buy one:…;:)

I've minimised profit to keep the price down.  Hurrah!
(Actually, that's a point.  Where does my money go?  *Goes off to investigate* )

Monster mugs for Monster Mochas!

Hugs and monster mauls,  Bb xx :)

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Monster Mugs for Monster Coffees...

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2009, 5:14 PM

Over 10,000 page views!? :o  When and how did that happen?
I guess if you hang around long enough and make enough friends. ;)
The monsters will be pleased (although I still have trouble getting them to understand the internet - because they can't actually eat it or stomp around on it ...)
Ace! :)
Perhaps I should draw a picture to celebrate?
- The problem is that the monsters keep eating all the good ones ...

(Thankees!) :glomp:

Monster Mugs

My mugs arrived!   Mug Shot 1 by billiambabble

I believe the experiment was a success!  
(Even if it costs me a fortune having them shipped from the States).  

The monsters approve and one of the smaller ones plans to move in to a mug next week. :)

Update - another Saturday - mid to late April 09

Story book illustrations (rough work) :…

Nightmare Solution w.i.p. by billiambabble

Late on a different Saturday - April

Although I'm still unsubscribed I wanted to see what one of my pictures on a mug would look like.  Anyone else tried selling prints on fridge magnets or books?

"Buy print"? How confusing is that? If you want to sell coasters and mugs?…

EDIT: Three Monsters on a Mug… Rainbow Monster Heads Mug by billiambabble

I think I'll buy one for myself and see what the quality is like (is that sad?)

I might add two other monsters to the same picture and then at least the design will wrap all the way around the mug.

Luv you all (friendly maulings) Bb xxx

Saturday Morning, March 21st 2009

Okay, it's been so long now, it almost feels rude.  
I think they've changed the look of DA at least twice! :o

I've spent the last year trying to find a work-relationships-hobbies balance and have been scuppered on quite a few occasions.  I seem to be living in three different places, working absurdly strange hours and never quite getting to the right computer in the right frame of mind, so my on-line life still seems to be a bit all over the place.  

The odd doodle makes it's way through to the paper pad, mainly for greetings cards for friends but bigger projects keep falling by the wayside (dungeon floor plans and story book illustration). I hope to recover my on-line presence and get back in contact with people!

It's been too long,
Hugs and friendly maulings. :)

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Hello my creative chums!

Again I come on here and I instinctively want to apologise for not being on more often and not getting around to comment on other people’s works .  I will repress this instinct. ;)  

My part time job has temporarily increased in hours, which is kind of good (if I wasn't such a "part-timer" in attitude ;) ).  I miss the extra hours of leisure and nap time.

I’m still drawing a lot (hurrah!), so much so that scanning and colouring and uploading is a stolen luxury (also been sharing a computer a lot recently).  Real world friends request quick doodles and I also become submerged in designing parts for card board dungeon floor plans.  I'm still plodding through illustrating Nightmare Solution,  although suddenly the fear of drawing something new, i.e. not a two-D monster (like a human child climbing a tree, ye gods) fills me with apprehension and I sink back into the geometric reassurance of tiles and flagstones.  Cat sitting for my mum totally rocks!

My monsters are being used to help distract people from hurting themselves (Downloadable PDF of advice leaflet from the National Self Harm Network in the UK)

I was in a cafe the other day scribbling on some piece of paper to stop the voices in my head ;) when a waitress asks "Are you an artist?"  I um and arr and generally look a bit panicked, so I'm rescued by a lady who was with me by her saying "Yes, he is.  He's just in denial."

I sell cheap cards and pictures and yet still I hesitate to champion this side of me. Strangeness.  Does anyone else feel embarrassed about these things, or is this some strange small town English, "don't get too big for your boots" self imposed put-down?

I think of myself as a sort of hobbyist who doesn't like to commit. ;)  Also whenever I've got into conversations in this town about artistic pastimes (bands, writing, art etc.) people seem to get all competitive, so now I like to play it down.

I find monsters easier to understand than people – they are much more straight forward: EAT, BRAKE FINGS, (HUG?), RAMPAGE etc. Less affirmation, validation and therapy is required with monsters (and besides they usually eat the couch).

Anyway, happy greetings, hugs and maulings to you all,

Yours, in denial

Bb x

PS. One day I'll give in and actually pay for full membership. :D
Merry Capitalmas and a Happy New Year!

Sorry I've hardly been on here in the last few months but I've been drawing non-stop, whilst trying to save my job (the local government wants to stop funding for our computer project for people with mental health and anxiety issues )

Good News! - my monsters have been in two exhibitions this year!  :gallery:  The most recent was with a local group.  You can see a photo here in Scraps:…

I've sold quite a few little pictures (just enough to cover cost of frames really).  :) The most popular are a Hugging monster and a monster in a bath depicted at the end of the Relaxing Monsters… .  Those monsters were intended for a leaflet which discusses pro-active distractions for people wanting to self-harm, for the National Self Harm Network - but things have gone quiet on that front, so perhaps the monsters are just too silly!
- But thank you to lovely people who have bought those pictures and may be browsing here after following web links.

And thanks again to online friends who keep encoraging me. :)

I've had a go at making and selling Christmas Cards but made them too late really.  Perhaps I'll post the new designs on here (although they would have been better in the run up to Christmas).

I'm still planning to illustrate this story:…
- Time has been running away with me.  really looking forward to that.  Done lots of Preparatory sketches.

Dad bought me a Wacom Bamboo stylus artpad thingmajig for Christmas!  However, I promise that for now most of my pictures will still be done with an ink pen before being scanned and coloured in. :)
I love pen and paper.  I love my notebooks.  (and I'm a bit amateur with a stylus!)

I promise that I'll be back more in 2008 and apologise for not commenting enough hardly anyway recently.

May 2008 bring you much creativity!
Massive Hugs and Maulings from
Billiam and hungry monsters! x :glomp:
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14-15 October 2007

Time laaaaaaaag!  Fell into a black hole or something

Hurrah!  I'm back.   

Being selfish, just breaking into my own acount to post some submissions in the dead of night (Promise to catch up on everyone's work shortly.)

Finally submitted my 3D Dungeon Blocks!  (Which I'm sure will only be thrilling for a select few of hobbyists)… the way, you can build castles out of them as well. ;)  Who knows where they will lead...

Of course there'll be the usual helping of monsters. RAWR!

Middle of night .... zzzzzz



23 Sept 07

Job and personal life have been a bit busy recently.  :work: What's that about?  I'm the most part time person I know!!  :relax:

There's a few doodles here and there which are either not quite ready or haven't had informal approval for the people I'm doing them for.  Lots of preliminary sketches for the story illustration (see below)

I've submitted a piece for a local mad people's exhition. "Bright Sparks" in Leicester, UK, I think.  A selection of the battered self harm monsters.

My online life is in tatters - Live Journal left unchecked, DA submissions whizzing by without a glimpse, promises to update friend's web sites and every other person I know is demanding I keep a routine presence on Myspace-Facebook-party-bebo-social-networking-flickr-ooh-look-a-photo-of-me-listen-to-my-fave-muzak-and-these-are-me-mates-you-must-be-a-member-to-view sites. :pc:  Not to mention lost forums, forgotten friends ... Communities of yesteryear, before the junk mail forced you to delete your account ...

Hope you're all well. :)


Captain Thomas is pimping people who post in his journal!…


Current Projects
To-do’s etc.

Cos I knows you wants to knows. ;) :D

**Cardboard fold-up geeky stuff

3D blocky dungeon walls and floorplans for use with fantasy gaming figures.
(this ongoing, mustn’t give up  … will post whole set as a zip file).  I hope to return to that Chess board and pieces at some point.  Perhaps these things can actually be sold in shops or as PDFs (?)

**Local Calendar

A local setting picture (with monsters of course) for a local artist’s group’s 2008 Calendar.  Zis vill be pozted.

EDIT:  submitted!…

(Thinking big: these artist friends have made my draw on bigger paper! :o… - piece in progress)

**Story Illustration

I’m to have some illustrations ready at some point for Astral’s Nightmare Solution (… ).   Astral is a fab web writer – although I still need to work on a style for drawing strangely shaped hoomians with their two eyes, two arms, two legs and odd symmetrical bodies.
This is thanks to encouragement from writery friends (Itti, Becca) and Writers for Art (hoo rite clever fings and mak preety pikchoors wif wurds, but tooo manee wurds mak mi brane hert so I stik to dror-ing…)

**Greetings Cards

Greetings cards for charity. – I have no idea how many are being sold on a small stall somewhere in a small village for a big cause.  These are mainly a selection of pictures from my gallery on photo paper, lined with card (a bit expensive to make, I might add).  They’re definitely more “DTP” than “hand made”.  I have also started circulating a few cards to friends of friends who seem to know a thing or two, or so I am told.

**Fun with Inkjet Printers

Experiments in poster printing only using A4 paper: if you have enough ink it’s so much fun!…


A few things, I forget, head dizzy today.  Hopefully will post amazing experimental nonsense in my photo account.  billmbabblefotostok.deviantart… ;) … at some point in 2025 when digital photography has become kitsch and retro …
Or maybe I’ll just post some photos of cats and flowers. :)

**Other news ...

My dad has ordered a broadband connection at mum’s house, for when I’m cat sitting for them, so hopefully I’ll be able to use DA when I’m out in the sticks (Deviant Art is seriously low-bandwidth unfriendly).  Hoorah for a new age!

My part time job teaching computer skills to people with mental health troubles is under serious threat by well meaning but dumb bureaucracy.  It's not so much the loss of the job which upsets me, as the dissolving of a very good support group, a community even.  Who am I kidding? I like the job, it would be a shame to lose it.  Okay, it’s not for a while (next year) but it’s akin being a passenger in a plane when you are certain that the wings are going to fall off.  *listens for the creak of tearing metal*

Happy Birthday CDs!  I think they are 25 or something (older than most people on the web ;) )  Bring back the compact cassette!

Keep scribbling and doodling, guys!

Hugs and maulings, Bb / Wx

Raarr glomp hug etc.
Again I must apologise for my laxness in watching and commenting and all the things that makes a good DA member.  I promise to catch up with loads of you properly soon.

On a very slow dial-up today, so I'll keep this brief.

I'm astounded to discover that some members (you know who you are!!) have been pimping me to others.  

Check this out ... I look almost famous. ;)… 4)
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I'm going to DEVOUR YOU ALL!!

  • Reading: one of the Dune books
  • Watching: Pocoyo
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  • Eating: Rice cakes and guac
A Friday night in April.

(insert lots of emoticons)
:alien: :ufo: :happy: :grin: :boogie: :dance: :w00t:

over 5000 views?!!!

What the-?!!  :o  Crikey!

Thanks, dudes. :) :glomp:

I must tell my monsters ... :D


Can I draw fantasy warriors?  Hmm.
Figure practice:…

Yo!  Roar!  Hi! :glomp:

Apologies to anyone tuning in for monster pics.  They haven't gone away, they still rampage around messing my flat up.  When mum visits, this is the explanation I give, and yes they make a terrible mess of the kitchen and never wash up!  I, on the other hand, am very tidy and love house work ... ;)

Current obsession:
Drawing Dungeons and Dragons / Fantasy RPG floor plans for miniature figures.

It's interesting, because I never get to play the damn games these days.  I find drawing the stone work deeply meditative.  I hope other people can use and enjoy them.  
I may try some 3-D card stuff soon.  In this world of computer generated textures, is there room for hand drawn flagstones?

Besides, the monsters usually end up eating the character sheets and the scrummy dice (I usually manage to save the figures in time :o )

I've yet to really get back into the photography side of things billmbabblefotostok.deviantart… , but I guess a man can have too many hobbies.  It's a lovely little camera, though (even if it does eat the batteries).

The new job seems to be going okay.  I'm helping mental health service users with computer skills, which can be sometimes exhausting but rewarding.  I have to re-apply for it soon.

Se my Live Journal for other randomness, like scans of sci-fi comics:

Love you all, thanks for the ongoing chatter,

Hugs and maulings, :D
Bb xx
Itti (show member icon dammit!) (EDIT: :icon itti: ? ) did this wicked picture for me! (she had to send me the link as well, because I'm far too dense and distracted to actually look at people's gallery's or check messages or do all the socialable things humans are expected to do ;) -again apologies, I'm still being really slack)

My monsters are still deciding how best to celebrate my momentous venerability.  We might have a feast of kittens and guinea pigs later! :D :hungry:  *sings* Guinea pigs in guacamole, moles with New Guinea figs ...</a> :sing: :drunk: :pirate:

I'm doodling the odd D&D dungeon floorplan at the moment and may colour in that chess board soon. :)

New job is good, but I just wish I could finish and prepare work more efficiently - but I'm respected and given responsibility - which is a very strange, the misguided fools! :mwha: :maniac:

Hugs, mawls and glomps,
Bb x


EDIT / STOP PRESS: I have a new camera!! :camera: :D - so I may post the odd oddity in my quieter photo account: billmbabblefotostok
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2007 is not happening.  Has not happened!
I'm still in November last year.
Even christmas was late (no really,  I had Christmas Day on the 7th January)
I am talking to you from a time bubble.  Apologies for any tears in S-T reality.
Expect a three month time-warp delay in all communications.
Colds, new job descriptions, lousy connections and lonely cats are all to blame for not producing more pics but they are really not good enough as excuses.
So much to scan and colour, monsters posing, and yet ... and yet ... I dally and dither (not pixel dither, that's different and sumfink technical, I'm told)

Ye gods! I turn 27 plus 8 this month that's VII groups of V's  or XXXV  or about 4 CLAWS in monster speak.  Four whole claws!  But I'm fine and happy, cos hobbits are allowed to grow really old so that means I still a sort of teenager, I'm sure. ;)

Since when did I start blogging in here?  Is this the dread mid-life crisis? :o

Hope you're all well.
Glomps and mauls (mawls?  crawls?  drawls?).

W / Bb xx
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What!!?  What happened to 2006?  When I last looked up it was October! :o  I'll never get that time-machine finished.  I've told the monsters that Santa doesn't exist and they're all depressed and keep hanging around the chimney expectantly.

Got a cold tonight so I'd better keep this short.  I felt I had to make a new journal entry because it just won't do to keep wishing people a Happy Halloween when it's practically 2007. ;)

I'm in Christmas denial.  I did a few advent pictures last year - if you scroll back through my gallery I'm sure'll find them.  Perhaps if I'm feeling alert tomorrow, I'll post the links. ;)  There's a black and white one which I might just colour in for this year, perhaps for a greetings card.

Hope you're all well and having a swell twelfth month.

Watch this space ...
will add more to this entry in daylight ...

*monster dances on keyboard*
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monstrous glomps!

EDIT:  I have FAN ART - well, almost ;) ... check out Itti's wonderful deviation:…!! :giggle:
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Ooh I forgot to say, that the World Mental Health Day exhibition (for most of October in the local library) went really well. :dance:  My monsters were popular. :)
Thanks guys, I couldn't have done such a thing without all the encouragement from you guys. :hug:

(Another Edit!)
I've been doodling 100x100 icon sized monsters in Paint recently.  I seem to be able to draw them very quickly and so don't feel guilty about the time spent away from other work. ;)

Happy All Hallows 'een!  Happy Goblin and Monster Night!

I would like to formally thank the Americans and Mexicans for making this a really colourful time of year.  Without them, the English would probably still think of a pumpkin as something only foreigners eat.
Mexicans?  Oh just look it all the happy dead stuff up in Wikipedia. ;)

In my family we used to make our lanterns out of melons.  Fancy that.

My home town currently has street decorations up for Diwali (for a while they were just the Christmas lights put up early, but eventually they replaced the snowmen with candle garlands...)

Been a bit busy and Halloween has just caught up with me this year so I'm being really cheap and am just going to draw attention to the ghoulish nonsense in my gallery from last year:

Halloween Deviations

Includes smileys:

Sorry again for not keeping up with people's new deviations.  I hope you're well and fab.  Thanks loads for support recently. (hugs)

Eek, nearly 4000 views. :o  That'll teach me for being a fave-ho! ;)

My life is sort of busy at the moment, but generally it's all good, or heading towards good things.

Zombie hugs and maulings,

BB / W xxx :D

EDIT: Stop press :
Protest over a friend's gallery

I am in great sympathy with Wizard of Roz at the moment, who despite being one of the most conscientious members on DA for worrying about copywrite has just had her gallery partially shredded.  DA still seem very confused and over-zealous about icon bases and fan-art, to the point that they have  deleted original works.  It's also made me realise not to rely on DA for storage – I intend to make lots of back-ups.  Lets face it, even if you break the rules, how many Mickey fridge magnets have you sold this year?  Err none because you're not selling them in the DA shop, so no-one is robbing Disney (definition: non-commercial and personal use).  Except of course, maybe the DA advertiser banners department are making money out of your art because every time someone looks at your page a view count is sent to the advertiser who might be paying per thousand views.  So DA makes money out of an Andy Warhol variation Mickey Mouse on your page, but you're the one who gets publicly punished (despite the fact that people know that you are not an official representative of Disney duh).  I'm just using Mickey Mouse as an example, I don't believe Roz used Mickey in anything.  

I'll still use DA myself, I just want to see some intelligence applied to internet policies with regards to intellectual property.  If they want to make money out of other peoples art, which they do, maybe they keep perspective should err on the side of the artist and fun occasionally.
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I wasn't sure whether are not this was going to happen, but I'm pleased to say that a self-injury and self-harm support group charity called LifeSIGNS have adopted some of my monster wallpapers!  :w00t:
*Roars and scampers in approval*

Check out:
LifeSIGNS Downloads (wallpapers)

EEK! :o They mention this page.  I'd better smarten my act up.

Does this make me an "artist for charity" or something like that?  Cooool. :)

Big hugs all around, hope yus all well. Catch up soon,

:ufo: :glomp:


Update thing:
May be having some piccies in a local exhibition for World Mental Health Day.  I'll keep you posted.
:) (erm, they must be short of real artists ;) )

Grrr.  I keep losing the scraps button.  Can we return submissions from Scraps back to the Gallery? - we used to be able to.  Why does the Preview/small view icon with jpegs sometimes not work? :o
My paper/card chess board is slowly coming along.  I may have a black and white printer-friendly board (or maybe colour) and some very rudimentary pieces for you to all print off (kill those trees!) so you can pretend to be intellectual - I say this because I have too short an attention span to ever actually play a whole game, so I think of chess sets as belonging only to clever, serious people. ;)
I did a Google image search on chess pieces the other day, to copy, erm, I mean be inspired by. ... I gave up on page 25 ...  So many crazy variations and historical pieces - many totally unrecognisable as standard pieces, but I'll bore you with things like that another time.  I think I'll start with something simple and provide more interesting pieces at a later date. But anough of this random babble!

Ropey webcam picture of me behind a hastily glued four section board:…

For those of you who like vintage sci-fi comic strips, I'm still posting pages from the 1967 Barbarella comic  in my Live Journal:

Happy Hugs and Maulings,

PS.thanks for all the cheery comments recently.  My DA friends are almost edible. ;) :hungry:
PPS. The monsters say hi and send happy burps.
Hey there.  Still pottering about.  I may be putting up some pics soon.  I need to catch up up on loads of the peeps I'm watching.
(I always feel guilty about posting new stuff if I haven't checked out everyone else's work)
I have some sketches which I may colour in and post them soon - I've met some life-sized dinosaurs!  - No, really. :D

Also there's some more dungeon floorplans (hmm, they need colouring).  I have to finish the cardboard chess set - still deciding the style for the pieces.  There's plans for something with monsters, but I'll keep quiet until I complete it.  Sheesh, this is turning into a to-do list ... :o ;)

My real-world life has been almost busy recently which is good, I think, I guess.  Heh.

Hugs, glomps and friendly growls. :)

ps. Getting used to DA v5 - lots of nice easy to use features - although I keep getting a bit lost (I couldn't find "Scraps" earlier).  That movie they played on the home page was just silly!  5 times faster?  5 times the art?  Oh come on!  *rolls eyes, and grins*
Over the past couple of months I've been attempting to sketch "real things", "live stuff" trying to teach myself basic drawing skills, well … practicing how to sketch very quickly or something.  I find it very relaxing, actually. :)

To see these scwibbles of cats, birds and the odd reflective object, feel free to browse my Scraps collection.  
Check out the cats… and birdies…

EDIT: Scraps link no longer works. hmpf.

Soon my pretties, soon ...
Been busy and distracted by other things as usual, but will hopefully catch up with some of you fantabulously talented folk soon. :)

I'm trying to teach myself to draw "real" things, like people and animals, so watch my Scraps folder for smudgey ducks, pigeons, cats and geometric people - along with the usual doodles of stone bricks and unfinished fings/stuff/misc/paraphranlia.  

Seriously, if you haven't seen any activity in a while check out my Scraps folder, I've probably smuggled something in there whilst you weren't looking, mwhahaha.  Oh, so sneaky, Billiam!

3000 views?  Corr blimey crikey, that crept up suddenly.   Does happen more the longer you are on DA? - I look at some accounts and you can see the member practically yawning as he reaches half a million views.  But hey, who's counting eh?  

(Not that I was shaking the computer to try a nudge the counter when it read 2998.  Mental note: this computer is not a pinball machine ...)

I've been dabbling with some digital photography and am uploading some pics to my second account billmbabblefotostok.  Ye gods, I can barely manage this one!  Apologies for slow replies to comments here and there as I forget who I am.

The monsters feel very dejected that I'm not giving them as much attention, so I scowl at them and tell them I'll let the neighbourhood cats in - which scare the monsters.  That shuts em up.  Heh heh heh.

Hugs, slurps, glomps and growls. :D
I've been taking quite a few photos recently - some of which would make interesting fantasy art stock (bits of churches, masonry and so on).  I thought perhaps it would be good if I had a second gallery for photography and stock textures and keep this one for my monster doodles and certain pixel pieces.  

Of course, when I go to sign up ... I'm told I'm banned.  ... IP banned eh?  So that probably means that no-one in the UK Midlands on a British Telecom connections can sign up to Deviant Art.
Hmm. Not very impressed. :confused:
Maybe I'm being greedy - I mean - how many free accounts does one man need?
(And besides I think I'm watching too many people ... eek  :eek: )

Anyway, until I sort out a second account from another location with a different provider watch my scraps for extra doodles and photos. :)


Hurrah, success!

My second account for photos, stock images and perhaps some textures can be found at Billmbabblefotostok.

*big grin*