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Inked Adventures Map n Dice Playing Cards on Etsy by billiambabble Inked Adventures Map n Dice Playing Cards on Etsy :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 2 0 Cthulhu-esque silhouette design by billiambabble Cthulhu-esque silhouette design :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 7 0 Pocket Sized Dungeon Cut Ups by billiambabble Pocket Sized Dungeon Cut Ups :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 8 1 2 Dungeon Humanoid Masons by billiambabble 2 Dungeon Humanoid Masons :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 4 0 Dungeon Party (lost) by billiambabble Dungeon Party (lost) :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 5 2 Adventurer  by billiambabble Adventurer :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 4 0 Inked Adventures Map and Dice Playing Cards poker by billiambabble Inked Adventures Map and Dice Playing Cards poker :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 9 2 Smuggler Cavern by billiambabble Smuggler Cavern :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 3 0 Crypt illustration by billiambabble Crypt illustration :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 3 0 PlusMinusPrintableDiceBilliamBabbleInkedAdventures by billiambabble PlusMinusPrintableDiceBilliamBabbleInkedAdventures :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 3 0 Cover graphic for dungeon floor plans by billiambabble Cover graphic for dungeon floor plans :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 1 1 Hand drawn map (Dark Temple) (yellow) by billiambabble Hand drawn map (Dark Temple) (yellow) :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 1 0 Forest Dungeon Entrance WIP by billiambabble Forest Dungeon Entrance WIP :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 5 1 Winter Robot by billiambabble Winter Robot :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 0 0 Circular dungeon and tower chambers wip by billiambabble Circular dungeon and tower chambers wip :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 1 1 Lucy Cat  by billiambabble Lucy Cat :iconbilliambabble:billiambabble 2 0

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Inked Adventures Map n Dice Playing Cards on Etsy
This is a capture of the product page for my Playing Cards on Etsy.
They include hand-drawn geomorphic dungeon maps and simulated dice results for a d6, d100 and a d20 - for use with games like D&D, Pathfinder and other fantasy roleplaying games. 

In the run up to this Christmas, 2017, they have been selling very well, and I'm super glad that I went with bulk-printing in the end.  These are exciting times for me. :)  All art by moi.

Map & Dice Playing Cards on Etsy:…
My Etsy Store:…
My main site:
Cthulhu-esque silhouette design
Finger drawn in Procreate on iPad(3/iOS9).  Possibly for a commercial project.
(All rights reserved, no distribution/use without permission - thanks)…

Rawr! Finally, a new journal post!

Fri Jan 11, 2013, 11:47 AM
Dear Reader

I have become spread thinly across the web and must apologise for my own shockingly low rate of response to comments and keeping up with those I watch.  I'm finding the Deviant Art layout overly fussy and submitting pieces unnecessarily complicated (and my god - please revise those categories!).  The mobile layouts are still fairly dire.  Also non-DA users struggle to navigate around galleries when I send them links.  I'm guessing I don't help my using too many widget-gadgets on my profile page. So, I'm guilty of adding to this clutter. ;)  I'm also baffled by how the DA community functions - just getting to the forums is a mystery to me and the competitions are too large, the prizes meaningless.  I hate live chat and shout-boxes.  Paying cash out from shop profits is virtually impossible unless it's dividable by pie, mmm pie, and yet I'm paying for the privilege of having a DA premium membership (for the moment).  Vanity publishing is cheaper elsewhere, no really, it is.  Nonetheless - DA is a font of creativity and a majority of the accounts post only their own unique creations, so in that way it is still superior to the steal, share and reblog nature of social networking sites, but man, it could be better!

Anyhow, I am well.  The day job, working at a couple of mental health drop-ins, hasn't killed me yet, I'm selling quite a few dungeon sections, taking the odd map commission and I decided that it was time to update my journal.  But rather than list everything I'm doing on the web and in the Real World, you can come and visit me by following the links below. ;)

Email:  billiambabble   -a-t-  gmail com
billiambble -a-t- gmail com
  billiambabble -at- yahoo
Also ... inkedadventures -at- yahoo
And ... adventuresandshopping -at- gmail com

(Edit 03Jan14: Yahoo keeps sending spam to people so I'm slowly moving to gmail)

About.Me Page:
Which includes links to other things I do including Facebook and Google accounts -
Follow me, stalkers welcome etc. ;)

I post new content - but much is also reblogged from elsewhere - but that is the nature of Tumblr.
Personal Blog
Inked Adventures
Adventures and Shopping (RPGs)  adventuresandshopping.tumblr.c…

Websites and Blogger
Inked Adventures - Modular Dungeons, Maps and tiles for RPGs
(Mirror site on Blogger: )
One of my Inked Adventures stores: on DriveThruRPG
Adventures & Shopping -Casual reviews and commentary about new and old tabletop RPGs adventuresandshopping.blogspot…

Mugs, tops, tote bags, stationery. Monsters and fantasy roleplaying themes.…


Mugs on Deviant Art
I'm very proud to present my humble Dice Mugs!
Dungeon Map 'My Dice' Mug by billiambabble
Original Deviation:
Dungeon Maps Design for a Mug by billiambabble
Buying Page:…
Dice Mugs are for tabletop gamers who need a multipurpose  vessel for storing dice and for the consumption of beverages (unfortunately not at the same time).  Buy now to avoid a dice-mug-less life:…

Monster Mugs...
Mug Shot 1 by billiambabble  
Go here to buy one:…  :)
Almost no profit - mainly for fun.

If you like my monsters check out my DA portfolio page:… - there's a few monsters on that page which aren't currently in the gallery here (don't ask why, and maybe they won't EAT you)

I hope you are well / happy / content and that your own creativity never stalls! :)

Monster Hugs,, maulings and regards,
Billiam B / Will M.  
January MMXIII


Billiam Babble
Artist | Professional | Other
United Kingdom
ABOUT.ME page: (includes Facebook links etc.)

I'm dabbler of sorts. I like drawing monsters and dungeon floor plans. Sometimes I try to sell pictures or mugs or PDFs of dungeon maps - through Inked Adventures or CafePress…
Dungeon Fabrics/Wallpaper/Wrap on Spoonflower :…

I do the odd little commission for very strange people. ;)
I'm live in the East Midlands, UK.
RPG Gaming Blog:
E-mail: billiambabble --at-- gmail . com
(I'm much better at communicating via email than through the Notes on DA which I often don't see)


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yukoayasaki Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Brought your large geomorph and lovesj it, will surely use that in my gaming group.

Thanks for the great work.
billiambabble Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Professional Artist
Hey thanks yukoayasaki! I'm glad you like them. Good luck gaming! :)
KenLaber Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
Appreciate the new faves.
KenLaber Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2013
Thanks for the fave, man. Loved the new map...
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Awesome stuff, keep it up!
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Just loving your work mate. Cudo's on getting the map tiles thing going. I think this is going to be gold for you. Big money and a name in the RPG industry for sure. It's brilliant and your tiles are wonderful. I'm envious. ;)
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