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Probably the wrong way to title it BUT I may or may not have an emergency atm SO just gonna boost my commissions' page again since I've got time to work on them! There's 5 slots open right now so get 'em while they still last. Thank you for the support!!!
COMMISSIONS 2018!!! (OPEN) by Billiam-X

Besides that, PL is still coming along. ETA is looking to be the end of the month so pray for me TvT
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I figured some people might be wondering at the somewhat lack of original content lately (not to mention I've got people asking now lol) so! Long story short, I'm in my final 3 weeks of Sheridan and working on an animated short for my final project and hoo boi lemme tell ya, juggling between that and any form of life whatsoever rn is  h a r d. So hopefully once school's out and I'm done with this current batch of commissions, it'll be back to memes and PL anytime from May, provided I'm not burned out lol.
See y'all on the summer side and thanks for the concerned notes <333
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Hey y'all! I'm still very much open for commissions but after two years of the same format, I figured I'd need to raise my commission prices to match my new skillset (and cover rising expenses) so! New prices will be going up in a week or two. Felt like it'd be better to let prospective clients know in case anyone is still interested in booking a slot before the prices go up. Thank you~

Commission sheet:  Commission Sheet 2017 (CLOSED AND OUTDATED) by Billiam-X
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AT THE RIPE OLD AGE OF 23, YOUR BOI'S AN OLD MAN NOW. THANK YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! To those who followed me since the dinosaur ages to the newcomers, I love y'all so much, bless you guys. Have a happy valentine's day and amazing 2018 in advance!!!
Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy Alt) [V1] 
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I literally never make these kinds of journals so forgive me if its a little disjointed lol.

- First things first, I'm officially done with university and I got a First which is possibly the best thing I've ever done academically :iconasdfghplz:

- My dumb ass also got accepted for a post graduate animation program in Sheridan College, Canada so things are going to get even slower while I finalize "the big move"

- As a result, I'm trying to finish the next page of PL (currently like 20% done, rip)  before June is up because I'll barely have time for drawing come July (graduations, family stuff and travelling arrangements galore, yay)

- Commissions will still be open though which I should be getting to jfc. I can definitely prioritize for those.

Anyways, that's really it. Sorry again if it feels like I'm awfully quiet around here these days well, more than usual anyways
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I'm like 2 days late but fuck it, I just had to lay this down and thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday and OH GOSH THE PREZZIES I WAS BLESSED WITH THIS YEAR ASDFGHJKL:

Birthday gift - Sweet devil by MyHeartGold   Should've Hired A Different Clown by ThomasIsMe   BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN by StormsWonderland   Ville de l'amour by Raycchan   Happy Birthday Billiam boi by DjAnjie   A Flirt and a Crybaby - for Billiam by Indie-Calls   Happy Birthday Billy! by bekkomi   William Xavier Yorrick Emilio Jagger by ShadeOfObscurity Will, pick me up! by Skitea  Happy Birthday Billiam! by Antarija  HBD Billiam-X! by S3rb4n<da:thumb id="662935733"/>

I love all of these and I can't thank these people enough please go send them even more love on my behalf :iconmoeblushplz:.

Hugs and kisses and gross snotty sobbing to everyone! Have a happy valentine's day Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
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Tagged by Protocol00 to do my actual favorite character in PL, let's go!

1. Shauna's the last born of the five siblings in her family; the other four are boys, loud and quite a bit older than her. While she likes to think this automatically makes her a cute tomboy (and she very well was one back in her childhood years), she's now more akin to a barbaric princess with no volume filter, bad table manners and a tendency to punch people in the back as some form of greeting. This also means Shauna is well-versed in the bro-code

2. On that note, she's an excellent wing-woman. However she might also steal your girl/boy because she's extremely good at flirting when she wants to. Just bi things :'D

3. Shauna forced herself to learn sign language for Serena's sake. Unlike her reluctant childhood friend, she got super good at it. 

4. Shauna blames her older brothers for stealing her boobs when she was growing, since their bara tiddies are kinda bigger than her actual boobs. 

5. She turned 18 shortly before Will came to Kalos, making her the second oldest in her friend group. Tierno is a year older and Serena's b-day is two months after hers. Most think she's 10 till she opens her mouth.

6. Although she was just as loved as her brothers, Shauna didn't get much physical attention from her parents since they were both getting on in years when she was born so she's a tad touch-starved and consequently touchy-feely with her friends. You either adjust or avoid her completely (and trust me, you can't hide from dem hands forever). She'll try to lay off if it really bothers the person but sometimes she needs reminders not to suddenly touch your cheek or stroke your arm.

7. Shauna actively fueled Serena's Gladio thirst and only slightly regrets it.

8. Vaporwave is her aesthetic.
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It's finally here. The day Alpha-Bread asks about Serena and I actually have to think about non-spoilery stuff for her. I swear she gets a far more important role from V2 onwards!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

1. It's not really apparent (yet) but physically speaking, Serena's the strongest of the group. She's actually managed to bench press Tierno once (even if her arms were sore as hell for the next few days) and can definitely beat the shit out of Will. 

2. She has been given a multitude of terrible nicknames, none of which she likes. Some include: Sharkweek, Serinuma, Jaws, Invisible Girl, Zarya, Boob monster, Silent Hills and Loose Cannon Serie. The last one sets her off a lot more than she'd like to admit.

3. People often mistake her for a calm and relatively collected, if not a little withdrawn, girl since she's mute. This is mostly true till you find out how easy it is to trigger her surprisingly-volatile temper.

4. Gladiolus Amicitia from FFXV gave her a lowkey Daddy kink. I'm not joking.

5. Serena could talk up until she was 9. Then plot happened and she lost her voice. Shauna claims it was very high-pitched and heavily accented. If she could talk now though, she'd pull off a decent Widowmaker impression. 

6. Serena's slightly embarrassed by her body -her boobs in particular- and once jokingly told Shauna she'd consider getting a total mastectomy. Shauna did not take this very well. What happened next is a secret that will forever stay between them but if pressed, Shauna may cave and hint at a knife being involved.

7. Serena's not big on touching people. She'll shake your hand if she knows you well enough and even hug you if you're Shauna/Trevor/Tierno level close to her but it's very quick and usually awkward. Fighting people though is a very different matter.

8. Even though she's proficient in sign language, Serena would rather not sign. This is born out of pride mostly because anything that remotely points to her muteness as a disability will automatically trigger her.

And that's as non-spoilery as I can get lol

Tag yourselves, I have life-drawing to do!
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Got tagged to do another character meme thing by :iconabbysol:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


1. Will tends to pitch his voice higher when he's talking with others. That's because his natural voice actually doesn't match his face. It's quite deep and often takes time to get used to, since he looks girly af lol. It's really great for jump scares though.

2. Will cannot roll his Rs. He just can't.

3. Will can't risk expired milk. Not even one that's a day-over. As a ringed, his body is highly susceptible to a shocking amount of poisons so smoking, heavy drinking and bad food will most definitely give him a bad time, if not kill him outright. (SOMETHING ELSE ALSO GIVES HIM A BAD TIME BUT WE'LL GET TO THAT IN THE STORY LOL). Technically, this also means he's a lightweight on alcohol (but he's also a minor in most countries, what's he even doing with that bitter crap-)

4. When asked if he was an ass-man or a boob-man, Will replied that it was the heart that mattered. Close friends know that this is, in fact, a dirty lie. He's a butt-man through and through and you're either with him or against him, there is no in-between.

5. Will has perfect pitch. This is absolutely fucking useless because none of his friends are composers and he himself can't sing for shit and has only mild interest in musical instruments at best. (Play any song however and he can recreate it on a piano for days without any reference).

6. As mentioned in an earlier post, Will can't stand heat and anything over 30'C will turn into a grouchy, sluggish and sweaty mess if he hasn't already passed out. On the other hand however he becomes scarily active in cold weather. He's apparently fun to be around with on snow-days.

7. Will twerks. He's pretty good at it.

8. Faint blue eyeliner is canon because if he's going to be my vague attempt at an anime Mary Sue parody then he might as well slay while he's at it.

Okay! Tags (you guys are probably sick to death of these so it's completely optional as always)!

Will jadethestone
Rea Skitea
Gill ProfShiro
Marina Indie-Calls
Eugene Mad-Revolution
Akashe Antarija
Yannis Protocol00 
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Tagged by jadethestone and LamentedGuide. Might as well do this before I disappear for christmas ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

But first, Da Rules (I totally didn't rip this from guide watchu talking about):

1. Write the rules. (Or be lazy and copy and paste them like I did XP)
2. Write 13 things about yourself. 
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. (or try to, lol)
5. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
7. It is forbidden not to tag anyone (dammit!). 
8. Tag backs are allowed (plz don't). 
9. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

  • I am a very good (or bad) procrastinator when it comes to art. Give me an assignment and you can bet your money that I won't get it started till the last minute (and God help you if there's no set deadline lol). I've promised a lot of art for my friends and they can count on their fingers how many times I actually delivered lol. Slowly working on it however. It's not something I can afford to do now that I'm in my FINAL YEAR OF UNIVERSITY.
  • On the other hand however I'm told I have a fairly remarkable drawing speed. It's probably all that life drawing that I drilled into myself for three years straight but my hold on anatomy is confident enough for me to whip out a complex commission in 30 mins. Fun fact: it only takes me half a day to full draw out a Project LIFE's comic strip. I've done it before and I could do it again but distractions man.  Also fuck lineart. 
  • My knowledge of music can only be described as "weeab-y". Western songs are very limited for me but give me K-pop, J-pop, game osts and anime soundtracks by Hiroyuki Sawano and I'll bless you forever.
  • I rarely show it here but irl I can be a pretty arrogant person. And fairly vain. Hey, I'm the shortest boy in my group so I gotta make up for it somehow :'D
  • I share Guide's cursed obsession with learning obscure facts about things I'm interested in. TVTropes and I are well-worn friends at this point.
  • Firstborn child right here! I guess I have some degree of responsibility over my siblings but I dote on them too much (to the point of annoyance which is even better).
  • I really wanna make my own webcomic/webtoon but I know it'd be an absolute clusterfuck of ideas and randomness (and I certainly can't do it till I'm out of school and fending for myself which is a conundrum of its own because I'm told the animation industry is just a cycle of ramped-up deadlines OTL)
  •  I'm a terrible pokemon player all-round. Competitive? EVs and IVs?! Chain breeding?! What's that????? I'm just here for the story and cool-looking pokemon, bro. (Ask my friends, all you need to do when you battle me is bring a fairy because you can bet like 3/4 of my team is comprised of dragons, fighters and versatile dark types lol) 
  • No matter what time I sleep the day before, it's a given that I wake up somewhere between 6:30AM and 7AM. I rarely even use my alarm anymore because I wake up well before it.
  • Don't talk to me on skype because I'm a pervert :'D
  • I don't like my voice. I sound like a gorilla and it very often doesn't match my face.
  • Speaking of faces I have the magical ability to look anywhere between 16 and 40. I always have to show my ID card when following my friends to the occasional party and someone once mistook me for my brother's dad.
  • I nickname people because I'm bad with names. Naturally, they don't like it because it's often an anime reference.
Questions from LamentedGuide:
1. What is your name?
2. What is your quest?
To live a stress-free, zero-energy lifestyle chock-full of aesthetic XD
3. What is your favorite color?
It varies often. I'm feeling purple now.
Krisantyne's Sara. She got the booty. I'm so sorry.
6. What's your favorite holiday?
7. What are your favorite foods? (Because there's always more than one~)
Donuts, coffee, hotdogs and fake chinese food!
8. What is your spirit animal (or Pokemon if you prefer XD)
Don't think I have any. If I had to choose however, I guess it'd be Emboar.
9. What's the most interesting place/region/country/etc. you've ever visited?
Orlando Florida because Disneyworld!
10. Do you know any foreign languages?
Lol nope. 
11. Do you like/own pets?
Used to own two german shepherds when I was way younger. They got old however so we sold 'em off to a vet. Nowadays, I don't really care much for owning one but I like seeing them, yeah.
12. What's your favorite movie(s)?
Big Hero 6, Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Bee Movie.
13. What's your favorite music?
Anything japanese lol

Questions from Jadethestone:
1. Do you whistle while you work?
I can't whistle but I cry while working to make up for it ;w;
2. Urban or rural?
Urrrbaaaan. (Used to be rural till I moved)
3. What do you/did you want to be when you grew up?
A computer scientist at first. Then I saw anime and changed my mind real quick.
4. What phobia or fear do you have?
Not finding a job. Disappointing my parents. Spiders. The usual stuff ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯
5. Pick a fandom that you like.
90% of my art is pokemon. I'll give you one good guess XD
6. Pick a fandom that you hate.
Mainstream shows like Steven Universe and adventure time. Don't get me wrong, the shows themselves are great. The fandom however, not so much (side-eyes tumblr)
7. You are in a post-apocalypse world. What do you do?
Go on an epic journey to post-apocalyptic Japan. Gotta preserve (read: hoard) all that anime before it goes extinct.
8. What inspires you?
Seeing really aesthetic art.
9. Are these questions too deep or personal to ask?
Not as deep as LamentedGuide's HUOGH
10. What is your favorite original character that you created?
Some girl named Almonde. She's pretty cool :'D
11. Happy endings or tragedies (or something in between)?
99% happy endings with the occasional ambiguous ending if I'm feeling adventurous.
12. How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?
13. Answer one of your own questions that you decide to tag someone else with and put it here
Uh, I was just planning on ripping both jade's and guide's and mashing them together. What's my fav holiday then? CHRISTMUS.

  1. What's your nationality?
  2. What is your quest?
  3. What phobia or fear do you have?
  4. How long does it normally take you to draw a piece (or write a oneshot, if you're the writing type)?
  5. Pick a fandom that you like.
  6. Pick a fandom that you hate.
  7. What's the most interesting place/region/country/etc. you've ever visited?
  8. Got any hobbies?
  9. Mention that one embarrassing thing that you did/happened to you that still makes you cringe to this day.
  10. What's your favorite holiday?
  11. Do you even lift, bruh?
  12. What do you/did you want to be when you grew up?
  13. What colour are your eyes? 
TAGS (Tag me back and I'll kill you)

Tagged by these scrublords :iconnintendopie: and :iconraycchan:

1.) Post the rules.

2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post Their names along with their creators.

Almonde (Did one for her ages ago so): 

Original Character Fact Meme Ft Will and AlmondeTagged by scrubqueens :iconjadethestone: and :iconantarija:
Not sure what to put so I just barfed what came to mind without revealing too much.
1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 characters and their creators.
3. Post the characters names and their creator's avatars.
8 facts for Will
1. Beta-Will was initially going to be an endlessly naive but determined 13 year old who took the Kalos challenge because he wanted to be famous and have epic heroic adventures like his idol Red (whose sort of an urban legend in PL-verse). Since it's me we're talking about, I wanted to go for the good old "break the cutie" trope and planned to have Will go through some pretty horrific shit that forces him to grow up over the course of his journey and develop a more realistic view on what it meant to be a hero, resulting in a somewhat darker (and more realistic) young man by the end of the nuzlocke.  This idea was slowly cannibalized to make the older, wiser Will you see now an


-Ilya's species may be Kalosian natives but she herself was actually born and raised in Sinnoh, which is basically Russia according to my headcanon, so her first language is Russian. I'm too lazy to write it in her dialogue but she's got a super heavy accent.

-Ilya is technically bisexual but has a heavy preference for girls. Ships ahoy.

-She was initially bred to be a contest pokemon. This explains why she has an eye for beautiful things and has eyelashes for days lol

-Her human age would fall somewhere between 19 and 22, so she's sort of the team big sister.

-Thanks to 
Ilya's modest nature and her upbringing, she really can't handle praise or compliments very well, often redirecting the conversation back to the person themselves. She's also fairly self-conscious and secretive about the scar on her chest.

-"Ilya" is a boy's name. Yes, I did not know that. Yes, I am an idiot and no, I still think it fits her if only because it now gives me the chance to add a touch of humor to her otherwise bleak backstory.

-While a generally nice pokemon to be with, Ilya is pretty scary on the battlefield. Like Will, she tends to put more emphasis on survival over victory and won't hesitate to resort to brutality if necessary. As a result, she and Will get along really well as battle partners. Almonde just likes her more because she's not as obvious about it as her trainer.

-Ilya has killed before. Multiple times in fact.


Derq was born in Alola :'D

-Though he's a legit agent at Interpol, he just graduated from training and is technically just a gullible rookie. Will abuses this fact a lot.

-Normally he'd have a human partner but everyone else was too creeped out by his overwhelming cuteness to approach him. Naturally, this made him pretty desperate for friends.

-Derq is a special attacker but his physical strength is nothing to be laughed at. While a gentle and pure soul, he can and will snap your neck if he holds you the wrong way. Its usually by accident. He's also well-versed in CQC.

-He has a birth defect on his back that oddly resembles a "zipper". Don't touch it.

-Don't make fun of his hairy legs either.

-Derq is pansexual. Nobody is safe.

-While not a talker, his angelic singing voice will bring even a Gyarados to tears.


Resident badass.

-Gets pranked a lot by Sycamore and Sina. His somber mood and dark humor make for some pretty interesting retaliations (like uprooted foongus in Sycamore's cabinet where he keeps his condoms)

-As an ex army boy, he used to command his own unit. However all of them died from complications some years after the surgery that turned them into "Ringed". He still keeps their dog tags even if he can't remember what their faces look like anymore.

-As a failed project, his body is pretty messed up. While just a little bit stronger than the average person, he suffers from low blood pressure, ghostly pale skin and a tendency to cry blood (haemolacria) due to an easily irritated lacrimal apparatus. He swallows more pills than food for temporary relief.

-Dexio dislikes company in general, much to Sycamore and Sina's chagrin. However, he's known them since he was 13 and while he won't admit it, considers them the closest he has to friends. Not family however. That role belongs to Aozora.

-Speaking of which, he's the only one capable of wielding and speaking to his sentient Honedge. Any other person who touches her hilt would drop dead on the spot.

-Dexio is also possibly autistic. His medical records are blank though since Orre is a pretty third-world region. (It's a subject of debate among many of the aides as Sycamore Labs).

-Blonde is not his natural hair color either. Like most ringed, his hair is actually pearly white but at Sycamore's behest, he got it dyed a ridiculous yellow. "Can't have you scaring off my potential booty calls", was his main reason. (Sina is also the only one allowed to call Dexio "Sunshine" and even then she's lucky he doesn't chop some of her hair off in retaliation).

That's it, I guess. Not gonna tag anyone since everyone and their mothers are in on this already and will probably encroach spoiler territory at this point.
Tagged by scrubqueens :iconjadethestone: and :iconantarija:

Not sure what to put so I just barfed what came to mind without revealing too much.

1. Post 8 facts about your character
2. Tag 8 characters and their creators.
3. Post the characters names and their creator's avatars.

8 facts for Will

1. Beta-Will was initially going to be an endlessly naive but determined 13 year old who took the Kalos challenge because he wanted to be famous and have epic heroic adventures like his idol Red (whose sort of an urban legend in PL-verse). Since it's me we're talking about, I wanted to go for the good old "break the cutie" trope and planned to have Will go through some pretty horrific shit that forces him to grow up over the course of his journey and develop a more realistic view on what it meant to be a hero, resulting in a somewhat darker (and more realistic) young man by the end of the nuzlocke.  This idea was slowly cannibalized to make the older, wiser Will you see now and he actually references this back in Chapter 5 when he tells Almonde not to be a hero.  In case you haven't noticed (despite the not-so-subtle hints), Will can be a highly-pessimistic individual, especially when the odds are not in his favor and he hasn't properly expected it. Had he come into Viola's gym battle without proper preparation or prior knowledge of Marinette's status, he would have forfeited on the spot. 

2. Will can't sing or swim. Seriously, he sounds like a banshee on fire and sinks like a brick when in any body of water (he's also seen "Jaws" and therefore tends to keep a wide berth from the sea when he's at the beach).

3. I picked "Jagger" as his last name because I'm a Maroon 5 nut and "Moves like Jagger" was the first song I heard from them. 

4. Will REALLY dislikes competitive battling and would avoid it altogether but he's got a job to do and Almonde won't grow if she doesn't pummel the nearest living thing into submission. That's why he rarely gives commands and lets his pokemon do their own thing. This is going be an important issue soon. Trust me. Conversely, he's REALLY good at training due to the circumstances/situation under which he grew up. To him, it's less about being the best and more about just surviving. As such, when pushed, he's got zero qualms with "accidentally" maiming/killing an opponent to get the advantage. Also, Will actively encourages fighting dirty if it's in self-defence.

5. For all his attempts at being manly, Will's got some stereotypically-feminine quirks. He spends lots of time on his hair, loves cooking, enjoys shopping and would have actively pursued a career in Pokemon Coordinating had it not been for his background and status as a "Ringed". If he also wasn't such a sassy pervert, he'd probably have been that guy-friend girls would mistake for gay. 

6. The relationship between Will and Grace is actually strange at best and unhealthy at worst. Grace is not a forceful or persuasive person by nature and is not even old enough to be his mother yet he will do just about anything for her. Anything. It's less trying to be a good son and more trying to fulfill an obligation/ pay a very heavy debt.

7. Will doesn't fare very well in hot weather and will fall violently ill when exposed to higher temperature than he's used to. It's a common trait shared with most "Ringed". 

8. If Will had a voice actor, it would be Akira Ishida's rendition of Kagari Shuusei from Psycho-pass. Sly but with a deceptively-posh lilt. 

8 facts about Almonde

1. Almonde is really just Beta-Will in pokemon form and exists as Will's antithesis, making her a deuteragonist of sorts. One of the reasons why I cannibalized beta-Will was because beta-Almonde didn't have much of a personality back then.

2. Almonde may love fighting a lot but disapproves of Will's methods and actually prefers clean fights (well, as clean as her rough nature allows). However, she understands her trainer's well-enough intentions (warped as they may be) and adapts her fighting style to finish the opponent with heavy but non-lethal combo attacks, even if the opponent is actively trying to kill her. It's naive but she's still young and that's the best strategy her mind can come up with. Almonde could also pound the living daylights out of an enemy but would never kill them, no matter what. If questioned why, her answer would be "Matryoshka didn't raise no demons". This becomes a major plot point so watch out.

3. Growing up at Sycamore Labs, Almonde got teased a lot for her fringe by the other pokemon and is slightly self-conscious about it. 

4. Like all young pokemon, Almonde grew super-attached to Will very quickly. Though she questions his decisions from time to time, she ultimately ends up overlooking his faults and obeying nonetheless.

5. Almonde has an actual birth name given to her by Sycamore. Adeline Ducristale Thorne (roughly meaning "The Little Noble of the Crystal"). The circumstances of her birth is a strange one as we'll see soon enough. The professor called it beautiful but Matryoshka, his Garchomp and her adoptive mother, felt it was too difficult for the little one and created the moniker "Almonde" after her favorite snack.

6. Al can read. Yup.

7. Despite her tomboyish disposition, Almonde would quite fancy skirts and other girly things if she was human. Although not as ridiculously feminine as her trainer, she too likes to feel pretty once in a while.

8. Almonde's design and mannerisms are quite human-like compared to other Chespin. Figuratively speaking, she's super pretty compared to most pokemon. 

That's it from these mooks. Tag yourselves if you ever feel like doing this.
So, uh, spur of the moment thing and totally optional but I'm kinda curious as to how y'all would color a character I recently redid

Alphard by Billiam-X

That's Alphard, a fairly old OC of mine. (Alpha-Bread, OmegaTheOmniscient and co probably know her, stop sniggering)

You guys all have really interesting coloring styles and I wanted to see what dear old Alph would look like if colored from a different perspective. Hair and skin are non-changeable (but different colored hair-streaks and freckles can be tossed in for fun) but everything else is up to you guys' interpretation. Also, you don't have to color all the sketches (hell, even I would be surprised if you did). Just pick whichever one appeals to you and color it however you wish. Seeing everyone's versions sounds like a fun concept really. 

Again, it's TOTALLY OPTIONAL and not a contest or anything so... yeah. Go wild. Feel free to submit and link your finished versions to me on dA
*slinks back into hole*
Because I've finally gotten too lazy to search XD

Feel free to drop some refs in the comment section. Thankies! 

P.S: Doesn't have to be a nuzlocke trainer or anything. Humans, human-like gijinkas (aka no visible gijinka traits like ears, tails etc) and pokemon are all welcome!
Yeah, I had the inexplicable urge to apologize for my sort-of inactivity over here. My family got a little more demanding now that I'm actually back under their roof for the hols so I barely get any alone time for me 'n' my good ol' tablet. Also I got kinda sick after my last post. Like, really sick so art's been more or less slow and don't get me started on all the comments that need replying and all the friends I gotta catch up with XP (as well as commissions and memes and collabs, blah). 

So it kinda affected Project LIFE's next page's progress and the restlessness got me thinking. Maybe I should start splitting my pages now? I dunno, the workflow seems a little faster and easier and I feel I put more effort into shorter pages anyway. The only downside is that it makes the story move sort of slowly (and there might be pages where literally nothing happens lol). Needless to say, it sounds like a good idea to an impatient guy like me so don't be surprised if I start doing this soon (like the coming Santalune arc).

Hopefully, not many people mind (or care). Ciao suckers!!!
Tagged by :iconnintendopie: and I know it's pretty early but I'm bored anyway and I might as well give my dearest douchebag some personality here and there. Let's do this shit.

1. What is your name?
William Xaviar Yorrick Emilio Jagger. Bet you weren't expecting that, bitch.

2. Are you a boy or a girl?
Dude, duh! Why the hell are you even asking me this- Oh. Oh no. THE NUDIST PROFESSOR PAID YOU, DIDN'T HE?!

3. How old are you?
17. (And I hear that's the drinking age in Kalos huehuehue...)

4. What do you hate most in the world?
People forcing their opinions on me. Especially when they're downright hypocrites.

5. WHO do you hate most in the world?
Let's see: assholes who're assholes for no good reason, pretentious bastards, clingy exes. But if we're talking about a singular entity, I'mma have to clamp up there. It's personal and riddled with spoilers.

6. What are your hobbies?
Sleeping and fooling around with my new friends (Serena looks fun to tease and Trevor is the cutest girl I've ever met :iconomgsocuteplz:) And... reading, I suppose. Yes, I do that. What's with the face?! 

7. Interested in anyone yet?
Well, not at the moment.

8. Do you find anybody else sexy?
Shauna's hips. Serena's bust. Trevor's eyes. :iconamgplz:

9. What type of music do you like?
Anything that's fast and catchy/something I can grind too. Certainly not a genre sung by Maroon 5. God, I hate those guys.

10. Do you have any siblings?
Nope, and I sure as hell don't want any, foster or otherwise. *insert suspicious glare at Grace and Professor Sycamore here*

11. Do you consider yourself good looking??
*swishes hair* Bitch please. But seriously, my eyes tend to scare most living things away 'cause they're so fucking slanty. Thanks Billiam.

12. Do you want babies?
That's a question for my future self (who'd better be married by then or I'm bending time and space so I can rip him a new one!)

13. Where are you from?
My birth certificate says I'm Unovan but I spent most of my life in Johto before coming to Kalos.

14. What's your hometown?
Hmm, my earliest memories are of some place with lots of snow. I think it's called Icirrus...

15. Do you live with anybody?
My mom and some psycho-ass bird who should've been eaten for thanksgiving a LONG time ago.

16. Do you have any friends? Maybe a BFF?
Shauna and co seem like pretty cool people (except Tierno. That fat creep shook me the wrong way with his... dancing fetish). As for a BFF, I'm too cool for that crap- OUCH, Almonde, stop touching me! Okay, okay, I get it already. You're my best friend even though we just met, sheesh.

17. What's you favorite color?
Mmmm... RED!

18. What do you look for in someone? (As in a mate)
Inner strength and a quiet, understanding mind.

19. What's your type? 
The strong, mysterious types who can keep me guessing.

20. Have you had your first kiss yet?

21. Do you have any special skills?
I'm really good with my fingers, if you know what I mean hurr hurr *bricked*

22. What is your saddest death? SPOILERS!

23. Who was your starter Pokemon?
An annoying, over-clingy baby Chespin who can't control her spines....................... and whose cuteness might actually land me a quick lay HOLY FUCK ALMONDE GET YOUR PRICKLY ASS OVER HERE!!!

24. Why did you start your journey?
Actually, that's a pretty hard question for me. The easy answer would be because I was forced into it by some weird, sparkly professor and I needed something to do other than laze around at home all day. Maybe I'll find a more meaningful answer during the course of my journey... at least I hope so.

25. When did you start your journey?
Just this noon.

26. Your favorite type of Pokemon?
Ice-types are pretty chill. I'm sorry.

27. What would be your nature?
Certainly not a sassy meathead! 

28. What would be your Characteristic?
Somewhat vain, fairly silly and hella sexy.

29. What would be your Ability?
Intimidate. (I hate my eyes, okay?! :iconrainbowtearplz:)

30. What are your fears?
Hurting and losing the things I love...again.

31. Who do you see as your rival?
Competition is a bother.

32. What type of family do you come from?
My parents.... I... Grace may be crazy but she's a really kind person and the fact that she's still looking out for a disgusting person like me makes me happy beyond comparison especially after all the trouble I caused her back then. And Lincoln is an ass but he's also one of the coolest house pets I know. (Did you know he served in the RAF Kanto Division? Daaaaaamn.) So even if they're not my real family, that's the family I choose to be associated with and so that's the kind of family I come from. But don't tell 'em that or I'll kill you!

33. Why do you take the Nuzlocke Challenge?
:iconinglipplz: This... THIS IS A NUZLOCKE?! OH SHI-!

34. Yay we are done, now go tag people!!
Tag yourself. I'm tired.

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 9:09 AM

Because some extra-spending money is gonna come in handy one of these days. So yeah, watch out because Billiam-X is going to be opening commissions again in the near future!

And in case some first-timers are wondering, here's my commission info: <da:thumb id="456540862"/>

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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 26, 2014, 9:49 AM

Holy shit, I can't believe I never posted this earlier. I have a fanclub, mates! :iconexcitedblushplz::iconsqueeeeplz:


Many thanks to Rikato-T for being crazy enough to actually start one and the other just-as-crazy friends who contributed (Alpha-Bread, Riolutae, OmegaTheOmniscient, S3rb4n). I love you guys! :iconletmehugyouplz::iconhitandrunplz:
But seriously though, my ego will probably sky-rocket from here, which, depending on how well you guys know me, may be a good or a bad thing.

So in the words of famous internet icons everywhere, feel free to like and subscribe- wait, wrong site/what I meant to say was- join the group, but only if you want to(or die)

I'm constantly seeking improvement!

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Short Break.

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 1:13 AM

Hi y'all! Billiam-X here.

So after weeks of juggling homework with commissions and miscellaneous sketches, my wrist has (finally) gone AWOL. Not AWOL as in totally useless (take that, trolls) but AWOL as in aching without my consent.

Don't panic, it happens to everyone (I think) so I'll be resting my arm for a couple of days (or weeks) depending on how willing my body is to cooperate. You may see me dabbling about on Tumblr but don't expect much (if anything) from me in the next couple of days. To all my pending commissioners, I'll definitely continue on your commissions once I've gotten sufficient rest. On the bright side, I get to catch up on anime! Yay!

Thanks for understanding!

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