Poketober Days 7-8-9
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I DIDN'T FORGET, wifi here just spazzed out and with my new work schedule, time's been an enemy for me. Days 7 to 9 felt pretty redundant since one. specific. pokemon. took the cake for all three choices.
I don't mind dunsparce really, but among all the mons it just felt... okay? Don't tell my brother though, he stans this tsuchinoko-looking mofo

(yo it learns dragon rush though, dragon evo confirmed when)
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OmegaTheOmniscient|Student General Artist
I remember loving these weird little guys after meeting them in the dark dark caves of johto. been a while since i thought about Crystal.
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Archiieon|Student Digital Artist
Looks so cute
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theartprotagonist|Student General Artist
He's friend shaped though
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ProfShiro|Hobbyist Artist
Don't get me wrong I kinda forgot about this lil guys existence now I feel horrible-
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ShadeOfObscurity's avatar
Just one more and you're home free. Do like the lightning on this one though. I do still feel like a cop out but the rules didn't say that one picture can't be used for more but I'm keeping my eye on you for future days.
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Indie-Calls|Hobbyist Digital Artist
>"tsuchinoko-looking mofo"
Try saying that three times fast kek
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i never really liked it either
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Zassa2|Hobbyist General Artist
A dragon-type mega Dunsparce would be pretty awesome.
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Weirdly he was one of my core team. Couldn't really tell you why, the goofy little bugger just grew on me.
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FoxiestMoxie| Digital Artist
Dunsparce is my least favorite pokemon too. I'm glad someone else gets it. It would be better if it actually evolved. This is a super nice drawing of it though! 
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