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Just an Edgy Tourist and his Edgier Rival having a quiet moment shortly before they storm the Aether Foundation (and ruin Lusamine's day). They look like they're shooting a Linkin Park music video lol 

(I have done a lot of Pokemon sumo fanart and I'm not sure whether to be utterly pleased or slightly afraid of how much I love this game lmao)
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So so amazing! Like this a lot^^
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Look at these children. I guess I could call them my edgy 'suns' I will never be sorry for my love of this game
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Gladion is the best rival they've come up with in awhile.
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So badasss man!!

I too am falling more and more in lvoe wiht this game and I think we should be slightly scared XD
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Edgy McEdgerson and "There aren't enough spacial dimensions to properly contain the edginess of the other"
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Very edgy indeed, but I really liked the atmosphere you delivered!
This does look like a Linkin Park video, the only thing missing is Nanu.  Hau unfortunately has no edge. XD
Hau can just be Jay-Z and the mash/bash up of Aether Foundation can commence in full force.
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[crawling in my skin intensifies]
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OMG, 3edgy5me! GIF Steven Universe - Blushing 
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