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for Mobius Final Fantasy 
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It's my take on the renowned Bahamut. 
Hope you like it! :D

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You think he's mad cuz nobody wants too give him a foot rub? ):
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Beyond incredible my guy! This is awesome!
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MtG quality, it can't get higher.
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it's soooo great!!
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Awesome, Bahamut is my favorite summon. I hope someday you might be able to draw the Final Fantasy IX version of them!

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That's awesome, I love those games.  I haven't played anything since 12 (which I never actually finished because I got sidetracked trying to beat some of the crazy bosses).
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Craziness! Glad these don't exist. . . Ha, well done.
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Thanks! We won't know if our military can handle this thing though.
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Great job on all the details and textures here, the skybox behind him looks very nice as well; I think the birds in the distance above him help create a nice sense of scale. The fire effect around the characters mouth and the massive wings/tail looming in the background are also very well done.

Fantastic job on this BillCreative!
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Thank you for your kind words Nomads! :D
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Of course no problem, see you next time.
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I'm just reminded of a Final Fantasy parody, one of the characters was listing all the different Bahamut's XD
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lol, where did you watch that?
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OMG!! This is AWESOME!!!
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Thank you so much :D
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You are incredible :o
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