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Artistic Terms of service

Thanks for visiting my page! I'm glad you're here.

Now sometimes I get people who enjoy my art to a point that they want to get some art out of me for their own personal use. If you're one of those people, I would implore you to read this whole box of text from top to bottom before you request/commission me.

01: Requests
I've gotten requests once or twice by other users on this site. Let me say this first: Requests are entirely allowed by you the user to make. It doesn't hurt me for you to ask politely for a piece of art. However, making a request for a piece of art does not mean that I will comply. I am not obligated to do your request, the completion of a request relies completely upon my own willingness at the time to do a request of yours.
So if you want something questionable, the likelihood of my acquiescence to your request is even less likely for such than a more mundane request.

02: Commissions
If you want a piece of art from me, I'm going to want something in return for it. Time is money after all, and I spend time on one of your pieces of work, I want money to make up for it. It's free market, yo!
When you come forward to me for a commission in a PM or a comment (Which I will PM you later about) I'm going to ask for at least half of the cost upfront. This takes some of the weight of you--the commissioner-- if your money is tight, and some of the weight off me--the commissioned-- so that if you can't make the payment I will only be down half the cost. I do not provide discounts, and there are no exceptions. Sorry, but artists gotta eat too. I have four offers, each with their own rates.

Rough sketch:
Simple sketch drawing of a character--or characters. $5.00 or 400 Points

Line art:
Line art without color of a character--or characters. $10 or 800 Points

Flat color:
Flat color drawing without shade of a character--or characters. $15 or 1200 Points

Shaded coloring:
A shaded color drawing of a character-- or characters. $20 or 1600 Points

Full artistic rendering:
Complete artistic rendering with a full scene and character interaction. I'll do it with dark lines or just painting. $25 or 2000 points.

03: Edits
Sometimes an artist completes a work and it's not exactly what the commissioner wanted. That's completely understandable, no one's perfect! That being said, requests for edits are going to take away more of my time, so I need a return on that. So unfortunately if it's a larger edit, that'll mean a ten percent fee of the original charge.
So please, if you want to save your time, your money and my time; A complete, thorough and detailed description of what you want for your commission is going to be very helpful-- or an acceptance for whatever I might churn out when I first complete the commission.

04: Trades
Art trades are fun! Give an art piece, get an art piece! You can take one artists line work, and have another artist color it, or any number of things! But I won't do art trades all willy-nilly-- you have to be a trustworthy individual to me-- or a friend. So unfortunately, art trades are somewhat exclusive.

With all these things in mind, I hope I didn't scare you all off, and I hope whatever I do for you all is pleasing.





Billblok's Profile Picture
Will J F
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name's Billblok, but sometimes I go by Firefanatic. This is the point where I Would put things about me out publicly for everyone to know, but I probably won't.

See that picture up there? That's one of my older works. I've gotten significantly better since that, you can too! (Also my current pictures are just too large... :( )

My tumblr (Now Inactive):
newgrounds (inactive):
youtube (inactive):…

Best part of a kirin? 

5 deviants said Luxurious mane
3 deviants said Smooth scaly back
2 deviants said Elegant horn
2 deviants said Cute hooves
1 deviant said Big ears
No deviants said Slender tail


Tumblr nonsense 03
Doesn't matter how soft a thing is-- it's gonna hurt when it hits you at 50 mph
Tumblr nonsense 01
She’s probably crying about getting a stain on her favorite dress or something.
Got some sketch pictures to put up this week... mostly because I couldn't finish the comic, but hey sometimes procrastination gets the better of ya, ya know?

Normal work should continue next week.
3rd kind-- Homesick
Messages over eight days back and forth were the only contact the explorer had with her family. It had been at least eight months since she had seen them in person. It makes her lonely sometimes, but when the yellow one wasn't around, the big white one was perfectly happy to act as a surrogate mother just to provide some measure of comfort.
I'm going to drop the coloring quality of the comic pages in order to produce a balance of quality and quantity.

Hopefully the change won't be too drastic and you'll all understand. :P


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