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Crux: Peter Portrait

By Bilious
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Random digital paintings are therapeutic. Wish I could get looser at these things though. Practice practice practice! My character Peter who needs more attention but doesn't get any because his mince meat face is such a pain in the ass and I still don't think i've gotten it right yet. Way to be mauled, you terrible wereanimal therapist, you. Go file your paperwork.

Hey look I uploaded something!

Please gear the critiques towards ways I could improve this sort of thing in the future, esp. if you see me making consistent mistakes or whatever else occurs to you would be useful for me to keep in mind in the future. I may go back to edit this but I've been staring at it so long I think I'm ready to just try a new one from scratch.
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What Works About This Piece
The concept for the character is an interesting one & the character design also reflects this. The scarred, ravaged face is all the more hideous due to the smile that cracks it's way across it. There's something about the expression that suggests he's one for trying to hard, eager to impress but knows he's likely to be rejected. The lighting on the hand is particularly good & the background & subtle lighting to the left of the image is also good stuff. Texture on the suit gets a thumbs up too <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />

What Could Be Improved
I don't know what the artists intentions for this piece was, whether there was an aim for caricature/cartoonishness, or a leaning towards photo-realism. It sits slightly uncomfortably between the two (from my viewpoint) so that some areas remain flat - the suit, collar & tie in the middle of the picture & others lurch out at you - the hand & papers. These approaches don't entirely gel with the style used on the face, where there are outlined areas - eyes & mouth & features that are exaggerated in a cartoon-like way - mouth & teeth. The artist already has a recognisable style, but this piece is evolving into something else. I will be keenly watching to see where this experimentation takes the artist!

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Lol yeeeah with this piece I sort of just dove into it and kept fiddling around without any sort of intention or even strong starting sketch. I think planning out the sketch in the beginning would help better. I wasn't really aiming for realism, I guess it's obvious from (as WTP put it) the "Chicklet Teeth" lol but I'm glad that parts of it seemed to work. :3 It was mostly just an experiment to try to find his character, and I'm glad that part was successful at least. Going to experiment further next time and try to push it out of that purgatory ditch between intentions. X) Thanks!
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No worries - I found the whole piece interesting, more from the viewpoint that it was his character you were exploring & hang everything else...forgot to mention in the critique - that twisted nose is legendary!

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Really lovely work! Very nice shading - there's a nice contrast of light and dark, and it looks portraitly while still staying within your distinctive style.
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Oh wow. I remember this guy. That is probably the definition of optimism right there, being able to smile so nicely after going through all that. =)
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I love the half-chomped ear. Mike Tyson much? :XD:
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Wow - this character looks like a Kroenen-Landa-mix :) - LOVE it ! Or better: That's a BINGO !
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very well done! I like the realism of the portrait. I'm sure Peter could make a plastic surgeon pretty wealthy fixing some of those scars.
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Unfortunately he heals too quickly to make surgery practical. :C They'd end up doing more damage than good.
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well, there's always the option of wearing a mask or paper bag with a smiley face on it :D
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Wereanimal therapist? Ouch.

Though it kinda reminds me of Werewolves of London and the one line "He'll rip your lungs out, Jim. Huh, I'd like to meet his tailor."
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I don't think I've seen that but now I want to. XD
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It's a song by Warren Zevon. Lots of fun to sing with. Scares the hell out of my mother. :3
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I like this a lot Bili.
The torn smile is especially beautiful...
It's like the whole face is a practice in artistic dissonance.
I love it.
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I could get him funkier looking I"m sure |:< But thanks, man.
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But could it still look good if you did?
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If Paul Kidby can do it, so can I! eventually. With some work. goshhesmyhero
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You can do anything you put your mind to Bili. ^_^
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Yeah. After a while, it's just better to work from the beginning.

How long did this take?
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idk I lost track cause I kept stopping and working on something else or being called away but I dedicated three evenings towards it anyway. So three sessions however long they might have been. With lots of horizontal flipping. I'm glad Toshi made the suggestion of the red background, I think it kind of worked. Better than the blue anyway. Thing still has it's problems but I'll just try to loosen it up next round.
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