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Commission: Armida

By Bilious
Commission for Sosiqui! A character from her Plague Doctor Malodore's backstory.
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I still can't believe how perfect this is. *A* Thank you so much. <33
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Wonderful character design.
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Oh F it's Lilith Run! This is a cool Nephilim. Really like the attention and detail you put into the clothing, how it stretches and warps around the body. You have a good eye for how fabric moves. Cool stuff.
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What's a nephilim? O: Armida is of the same species as her creator's character Malodore. :D [link] An undead creature inspired by Plague Doctors!
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Oh, Nephilim are the offspring of fallen angels and people. They create freaks like minotaurs and giants. Lilith was said to be a nephilim she is like a harpy. Creatures like Big Foot etc half animal people. They show up a lot in history, Japanese have Tengu and Kappa, Egyptians have all their gods, Mayans have some and basically every ancient religion has a half animal person show up. Even in the Bible in Ezekiel 1 the angels that fly around god have animal heads.
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I've never seen Lilith described as a Nephil. The Nephilim were the offspring of "the sons of God...[and] the daughters of men"*, and are sometimes described as giants. There's nothing about animal heads (you might be getting them mixed up with Cherubim).

*In one interpretation, this means the offspring of angels and humans. That's not the only interpretation, though.
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In the book of Enoch, It talks more about the Angel breeding. Enoch was Noahs grandfather. (The book was also packaged with the dead sea scrolls and removed from biblical texts by constentine etc) It talks more about the unholy union of Angels and humanity. Which is also why God had to cause the flood to wipe out the majority of the unholy seed. God doesn't just flood the earth because people are gay or going to the strip club (otherwise it would happen every week haha).

It also points out that Noah's generations were 'Pure' (Genesis 6:9) that being important for the continuation of the blood line of Christ. If you read the book of Enoch chapters 6 and 7 you find it fits perfectly in Genesis 6. In chapter 7 of the book of Enoch it talks about how they started to 'Sin' aginst the animals. I'm guessing a form of beastiality. Thus you get....animal people. But that there were Nephilim even after those days (Genesis 6:4). In Numbers 13:33 the nephilim were so big the people were in comparison, grasshoppers. If no funny breeding went on why is there super freaks? Goliath and his brothers were all Nephilim. (Numbers 13:33 talks about them running into giants)

You are right though, Lilith herself is a mystery. Judging from all the weird breeding I think they just stuck her in that catagory. She is known as the screech owl or harpy in some circles a ravager/rapist of men and all that is really just.....made up. I think where the two mix is the old Jewish mystic faith of Kabbalah. Jewish shamens speak of her in Zohar I believe....I don't remember though. I don't pay attention to Kabbalah it's not my thing. I had fun responding though I don't always get to blab about freaks.....or do I?

THere are two origins for Lilith: the first is that she was a rather generic 'night demon', almost universally described as having absolutely black hair, who variously seduced people, spread diseases, taught witchcraft, and killed children. The second, coming from Muslim tradition, is that she was Adam's first wife, made at the same time and co-equal with him, but she refused to submit to Adam and was cast out. Then the Almighty made Eve from Adam's rib.


I personally tend more to the former. According to my sources 'Lilit' translates roughly to 'ghost', 'night wind', 'owl' and 'night hag'.

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Oh ho!! Nifty bit of lore-history! thank you!
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