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Hello everyone,

Apologies that I haven't posted on dA in ages, and I'm rarely active on this site anymore if I'm honest with you.
I am much more active on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram nowadays. But, I thought it may be worth to share this one with you guys as well - in case any Sonic fans, animators and/ or illustrators would want to be a part of this!

About a month ago, I announced a Sonic X Reanimate! The project is more than 1/3rds assigned now, but there is still plenty of availability for artists to grab a part in it!

Please read below for more information, which can also be found on this google document and on the Sonic X Reanimate Tumblr page!


What is the Sonic X Reanimate project? :-? (Confused)  

This is a collaborative animation project for anyone who wants to reanimate a shot from the
5th Sonic X episode, “Cracking Knuckles” (English version). Each chosen animator will be given a scene to reanimate.
You can find updates on this project on the following:

About/ Who runs this project :-? (Confused) 

This project is run by Bilianna, who was also known as ILuvKnucklesShadow around 2007. You may know her specifically from the “Uh Eeh Uh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang!” Sonic fan video.

Bilianna used to be a big Sonic X nerd back in early 2000s, and this anime/ cartoon has been a big part of her childhood, as it has been for many others. Having been inspired by her friend’s (PhuiJL) YGOreanimate, Bilianna decided to host her own reanimate as a tribute to the show that got her into art when she was a kid.

Application & Submission Guidelines, and FAQ!


:-? (Confused) How do I apply to participate in this project?

If you are interested in participating, please, send an email to: with the title “Sonic X reanimate - “your name/ username“ and the following:
  1. Your name/ username and email (please, no student emails).
  2. Your reel, website or page with any animated work you have done. This will be reviewed before you are offered a scene. 
  3. It would be great if you can tell me why you want to participate in the Sonic X reanimate!
  4. You can also let me know which character you would like to have included in your shot. If they are available, you can have it!

:-? (Confused) What should I include in my reel?

Please, include your best animation works - ideally in full colour with sound. Show the best of your skill levels and what you can do so that I know what kind of shot I can provide you with.
Ideally, have your reel in an organised video format manner. If you have done lip syncing before, please show it in your application submission so I know what shot I can provide you with.

:-? (Confused) How will I know if I have been chosen?

I will let you know via e-mail whether you have been chosen by offering you a shot from the Sonic X episode. You can animate more than one scene after your shot is done.

:-? (Confused) Can I choose a specific shot?

The shots list is not available for public.
However, you can let me know if you have a specific scene you’d want to reanimate, or a scene including a specific character, and depending on availability you shall have it!

:-? (Confused) Shot submission Guidelines:


  • 1440x1080, Square Pixels (1.0 Pixel aspect ratio), 24fps, .mp4 for preview and .mov uncompressed for submission.
  • Please, include the audio given.
  • No watermarks! Everyone will be credited in the final video.

Please, email me your finished shot to with your scene and shot number which you will be provided with in the email and clip.

:-? (Confused) What can my shot include?

  • Anything EXCEPT the following:
  • Gore/ Explicit or Bloody Violence
  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • Swearing
  • Discrimination
  • No Sonic fan-characters
  • Sonic couples out of the context of the scene.

:-? (Confused) What kind of animation is allowed?

Anything! 2D or 3D - Digital, paper, stop-motion, cgi etc! As long as it lines up with the given shot.

:-? (Confused) Can I go overboard/ change anything in the original shot?

Yes, as long as the original characters and elements of the shot are included. Make sure you don’t change the shot too much either, it needs to be the original shot reanimated after all.
* Please, discuss your ideas with me shall you want to make any such changes.�

:-? (Confused) Can I alter the characters look/ style?

Yes, have fun with it! Just make sure the character is still recognisable and don’t make it too rude. Again, you can always discuss details with me shall you need to.

:-? (Confused) Can I make changes/ improve my shot after it has been submitted?

Yes, as long as it is done before the final render of the entire reanimate. Please, let me know if you are planning to do so!

Thank you for reading!
Shall you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can find me on my tumblr blog, twitter, or email me at!

- Bilianna


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