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a pic of a tree frog my friend found in berea
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this is adorable! I used it as a reference to draw a frog xD if you want, I can post it to show you.
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It's so cute! I want to pick it up!
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AWWW OMG! So cute!!!!!
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Come to me baby
Hi, I really like this work of yours for this quote I made... I was wondering if it's okay that I used it in my blog. I credited you with a link and everything, and I hope that's okay. Let me know what you think! Thank you and please continue to do fantastic work. :)


If upon our walk
We meet.
We jump.
Out of mutual respect
She for my size
I for her build.
- William T. Co
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Oh wow, I LOVE his/her expression, so thoughtful, philosophising about the state of the world, etc!! VERY WELL CAPTURED!!!
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I asked you to allow submission to my group, and would welcome you to join our frog group! Don't let the group name scare you off, its a frog appreciation group!! [link]
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cute littel guy!
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hello nice gallery and nice photo.
my very best frog photo [link]
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"I think i forgot something, but i forgot what it was .. "
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i used this nice pose here [link]
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What an adorable photo! I was wondering if you would allow me to use this as a reference for a drawing/painting? You would of course be credited. No worries if not, i just would love to paint it xx
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frogs are so fucking cute. I love it when they make that faice.
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Awe cute little grey tree frog.:) Don't let it's color fool you...grey tree frogs can be green.:) But I've keep them in the past and am very familar with how they look in structure and features.:)
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It's so friggin cute!!!!!!!

what species of tree frog is it?
it is a grey tree frog, thanks for the comment sorry for the late reply havent been on in a while!
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such a pretty species.

no prob :3
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Hey there, I was wondering if you'd mind if I add this to my group :iconfkf-aware: I sent a request, but I don't know if it ever got to you! It would be a great addition to the group :D

Btw, what type of tree frog is it, do you know?
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