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Wolfy sketches

trying to get more fluent with drawing wolves. There's hardly anything I like to draw more! These though are actually czech wolfdogs :) it's a mix between a wolf and a shepherd dog (in the top drawing especially you can see it from the high-set thin ears) I love that breed, as soon as I am out of my parents' house I am getting one! And in only one month I will be out of school *o* I seriously can't wait, I have been waiting and preparing to get one of these wonderful creatures for years.

The photos I made the drawings from are out of *Czertice's wonderful gallery <3 if you like dogs, or wolves, or if you are cool, or if you are breathing right now, go check out her gallery. So. Much. Beauty!

Check it out, I have Facebook! :3 [link]
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Incredible do you take trades?
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Oooh, you are good with pencil, I wish I could draw like that!
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thank you ;) I whish I had a wolfdog! :meow:
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Maybe someday in the future...hmm? (Just trying to infect you with the czechoslovakian wolfdog fever...:D)
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yeah actually, I might look into getting one when I'll move out of my parents' house in a few months :) but it's not sure, because as a student it's hard to find a place to live with a dog...
and don't worry, I've been carrying the wolfdog virus for a long time now :D
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Haha, good! :]
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