INSIDE: Nat Peterson, How's Life?

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By Gill Gillian

Hello everyone, welcome to this Inside Interview with Nat Peterson. Today, we ask him multiple questions about his daily life and routine.

I ask, "So first off, Nat, can you tell us what happened to you after the chum incident at the Chum Bucket?" "I'm pretty sensitive about talking about this issue. But anyway, I'll tell you. After that incident, I stopped eating fast food altogether. I only eat fresh, healthy food. I don't want my stomach pumped again. Ugh," said Peterson.

"How about your job?" I asked. He replied with "Snail-po really sucks as a job for me. Well, it's what I do for money. That's all I do it for. I really want to be a culinary expert. I may go back to culinary school to become a chef."

"Oh really? What do you do as a pastime?" I ask. "I usually go bowling with my friends. I love watching cooking channels," he answers. "Well, thank you for your time and good luck with chasing that dream of yours." "Thanks, to you too," says Peterson.
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This is cool. Wait a minute, Gill Gilliam? The vet? S.D.E. and S.E.?