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The Daughter of Primus Act 1 chapter list

Julianna Harth is a seventeen year old gaming youtuber (quite a popular one at that) trying to finish her senior year of high school in Jasper, Nevada. When her friends get her mixed up in the war of the Autobots and Decepticons her dismal life becomes something like a dream. And when Wheeljack comes into the picture she begins to feel like everything will be alright. But Julianna may not be as human as she was lead to believe by her parents. She might actually be something greater than anyone could have percieved. And the key to reviving the eons dead cybertron. But at what cost?
This page here will list all existing and upcoming chapters for Act 1 for The Daughter of Primus.
after them Act 2 will begin
The in the Dark Ninja Youtuber
Surprise! Alien Robots
Bruised Bones and Introductions
Oh Dear Primus! It's a Scraplet!
Scraplet Attack
I'll See You Again
Kicking Aft and Getting In Trouble
Mystery Femmes
The Tattoo
:iconbikermicechick:bikermicechick 1 0
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Avalonian Adventure Begins: Chapter 2

Cassie had been walking for hours to no avail. She turned off her phone when it became clear that she wasn’t going to get coverage here. She also wanted to save battery life, especially since her charger was back at home. She grabbed her water bottle to drink some water on occasion but didn’t touch any of the snacks that were in her backpack. Seeing as how she had no idea how long she would end up being here, she didn’t want to eat anything until her stomach was screaming at her. There were a lot of things she needed to figure out…
“Okay… I’m stranded in a forest with no cell coverage and I have no idea where I am or how long it will take before I find someone to help me… What would Link do?” Cassie wondered out loud. “Think, Cassie… Where do I start?” After pondering the question for a few minutes, her first thought was to seek shelter.
“I could sleep un
:iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 1 0
Avalonian Adventure Begins: Chapter 1

Cassie McPeek was on her skateboard, riding towards the local skate park in San Diego where she loved to shred it up. She was wearing her typical outfit, which consisted of a simple red t-shirt, denim blue skinny jeans rolled up as capris, and green Converse. She had her Hyrule Shield backpack on, her helmet was green with a gold Triforce painted on either side, her elbow and knee pads green as well, and her skateboard had a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time- her top favorite game- poster design, featuring child and adult Link, child and adult Zelda, Impa, Sheik, Ganondorf, some of the game’s enemies, Hyrule Castle and Ganon’s Castle. Just another day of summer break for the geeky, sassy tomboyish girl.
‘Ahhhhhhh’ she breathed deeply to herself as she took in the cool ocean breeze, ‘I think today might be a good day. I really need this.’ She was only a quarter mile away from the skate park when all of a
:iconkaysharodriguez:kaysharodriguez 2 0
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United States
I. Am an absolute nerd. And I am an oddball. I loooove transformers. Always have. Always will. I also like Mass Effect, White Knight Chronicles, Dragon Heart, the magical legend of the leprechauns, the 10th kingdom, and a multitude of other things. Depending on my current interests I obsess over one thing or another. But I always come back to my transformers.

if I had to pick favorite transformers from specific series I've seen they would be

(Armada) Starscream
(TFP) Dreadwing
(G1) Springer
(beast wars/machines) Black Arachnia
(rescue bots) Heatwave
(TFA) Blitzwing
(Cybertron) Hot Shot

i know I've seen other series I just can't think of them right now.

I am also known as:
AlithShepard95 on Quotev and on Wattpad
Okay so here soon I'll be taking down all of my Fanfiction Drago's Return and I'm going to rewrite, tweak it and rename it JCA Cataclysm. Hopefully this time I'll finish it. Which is a high possibility because I'm writing a totally wicked awesome story with my sis kaysharodriguez and her characters from her story The Glory of Love
  • Listening to: We are Giants by Lindsey Sterling
  • Drinking: Peach tea

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