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The Misadventures of...
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ManoDelDestinoID by BiKaZe ManoDelDestinoID :iconbikaze:BiKaZe 7 14 Reach by BiKaZe Reach :iconbikaze:BiKaZe 3 10 Don't Let Go of My Hand by BiKaZe Don't Let Go of My Hand :iconbikaze:BiKaZe 4 24 Remind Me ID by BiKaZe Remind Me ID :iconbikaze:BiKaZe 1 8
Fatal Error
I don't want to waste a word that you won't listen.
You never notice, but the letters still come.
I can't break this silence, but it's killing the inside of me.
I'm not so strong.
Why did I stick around for so long?
When you ran so far away from me.
I felt so stupid lying on the floor alone.
I should have seen this all along.
I'm not so strong.
Why am I sticking around?
Why haven't I given up on myself?
Everything I hoped I be...
I'm not so strong.
I'm tired of wasting this life.  Aren't I already dead?
Why can't I forget you, and everything else that comes with it?
I care about you.  I don't care about myself.
Pain turns to sadness, and sadness to anger.
Anger turns to hate.  With that much pain... there's so much anger.
This isn't the first time I said those words.  Lying in pieces.
Washed up again, with nothing to remember you by.
I'm not so strong.
I caught you.
I hurt you.
I kept my promise, and became my own enemy.
I won't say anything else
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 4 6
I loved you the day we first met.
Out hearts joined silently.  No words were said.
It felt like I had known you all my life.
We stood there staring, and noticed we were both crying.
We recognized the scars of loneliness on each other.
The next moment we were in each other's arms.  Enamored.
We  spoke the same language.  Without moving our lips.
I won't let you fall...
I'll catch you.  I'll even save you from myself.
If I'm the pain, then I'll cut myself out
It's as perfect as I can get, but I swear it'll bring you happiness.
I'll hold you here, as long as you let me.
I won't let you fall...
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 4 6
Incantational Prayer
This is how bad I'm falling...
God, creator of flesh, and bone.  All creations that flutter with your wings, ye who names all men, with truth, and temperance.  Upon this sinful dream, unleash your wrathful claws, and separate!  My ruler, I petition this unto you!  All things in this reality that flieg under your command of truths!  Kraft des Lichtes!
God, my mask of blood and flesh that blinds me.  Dispel an inferno of pandemic restoration.  Let the sea of flames surge, and whip the filth to the south!  Raggio Celestial
Littered upon my bones, of the parasitic demon, sharp mind, red eyes, steel resolve.  Whip like the wind, and bring calm that can only be associated with death.  Rip my skin with your blades! Folho do Destino
God, my mask of blood, and flesh that blinds me.  This time bring forth your wings, and hear my filthy name.  With the walls
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 2 15
Cover by BiKaZe Cover :iconbikaze:BiKaZe 2 5
With all my afflictions turning towards addictions for affections...
I find it hard to turn away, and see the suffering of my brothers.
Indifference is an excuse, but love finds a way.
It's sometimes difficult to decipher the tears of pain,
from the tears of self pity.
Imagine having a cure, and you use it for pain.
but there is another, with pain, and no cure.
I am guilty...
The demon inside of me must die,
before my innocent brother does.
I have to be fit in the mind, and body
to give someone else a chance at the same.
It's time for love to take a stand
I won't close my eyes.
I will look for a way.
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 2 6
Helix Flu
I am as sick as my secrets.  This is enough to worry me.
Mental sickness has always been more stigmatic then physical sickness.
Yet I trust, and that requires that unanswered questions be apart of my life.
My fear has risen.
Ambushed & Assaulted
When life isn't the way it's suppose to be.
When I try to deal with that fact.
I can either lose to it, or submit it.
When I don't know if I'll win or not.
Alone & Wounded
Worn down from the battle.  I retreat to lick my own wounds.
A natural response to pain, but not the best choice.
The pain of isolation, to deal with pain has always been worse.
My worst fault has always been
"if you are involving with people, you are always going to risk being hurt,
but always remember, that the healing heart that you need is inside of you."
Relationships can not exist without recovery.
After dealing with pain with isolation for so long...
it is easy to becom
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 2 10
A Friend
You always say that this town is boring.
Waiting for the heat of the sun to set everyday, and hoping that tomorrow's is better
That melody you sing is the same day after day.
You can't find a new one.
The reason you are always nervous is because you still have faith.
Friend, don't you know it's you?  Don't you know your pain will fade?
You're the only one that doesn't think so.  What do you really feel?
What makes you truly smile in your heart?  It's you!!
When you look into another's eyes, is it you that you see?
Maybe you have been clouding your own vision.
Stop hiding behind your anger.  You can't fix anything like that.
Your hurting yourself, and others.
The reason you ran and hid is because you overwhelmed yourself.
Friend, don't you know it's you?  You sink into the color of the night.
Find something else to blend into.  Try the color of your heart.
Someone will guide you.  Someone will always be by your side.
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 2 15
Reading My Lines by BiKaZe Reading My Lines :iconbikaze:BiKaZe 4 25
Short breaths escape his mouth.  Tonight he is inebriated.  Unable to sleep for the past several days.  Such is the result of a flammable, mind, and a broken heart.
His bedroom is completely dark.  Only God knows what hour it is at this time.  Yet it's something that hasn't been done before.  The vodka was suppose to suppress his feelings.  How could anyone predict the opposite?
Stumbling, he turns to pick up his cell phone.  Fumbling it as he realizes that it never rings.  Several minutes must have past, but nothing.  Just staring at the digital readout;  unable to read the time showing.  In the past, he would remind himself that staying on the wire late at night (and intoxicated) would only make things worse.  Somehow his inhibitions have left him.
The phone begins to ring back.  No answer.  Should he try again?
Several moments pass.
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 1 21
Missing Person Report
I can’t say all the things that I want to say.
I want to take back allot of things, but I can’t take myself back.
There is no way I can overhaul myself.  Just to take it back, and undo what I’ve already done.  
I’d do so many things, if I just had the opportunity to take back all the pain you have inside.
I’d like to think that I could take it all away, but somehow I can’t.  Something holds me back.
How can I assist you when my own disappointments hold me back?  There is no way I can handle your disappointments in this state.
However I would.  I seem to have a talent at taking the fall for others, but not for myself.
If I could spend my life helping others, then that wouldn’t be so bad, but alas it’s not possible.
Sustenance seems to be something that I need in order to live.  I may have lost sight of that.
Everyday you lay your heart in front of me.  A thousand pieces of what
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 0 12
Gravity Of Your Mistakes
Suffer now.  You who has sinned against the moon.
Look behind you.
Listen to what you can't smell.
Close your eyes, and you won't tell the difference.  (Stupid Boy)
In the mirror, there's a flaw.
With apologies, you can't correct the reflection.  
You should've thought before you put the pen to the paper.
You should've left it locked up on the inside.    (Stupid Boy)
You thought you needed to feel.
You always thought you could question every ordeal.
Now you've placed yourself in the pit of hell.
How can you survive the hatred you created?
The gravity of your mistakes.
You sinned against your beloved moon.
You try not to think about the pain you make...
You think there is a chance in your ignorance,
but it was your ignorance that got you here.  (Stupid Boy)
It's what placed you in the depths of hell
Just think of the innocent you have wounded.
Survive the hatred you created!
The gravity of your mistakes.
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 6 10
Unfinished Love
Filipe shifted in his chair, chewing on the tip of his pen; his mind in thought.  It seemed that his thoughts would always race in the same sequential order, and it wouldn't cease.  Particular, when the young man known as Luciano was the one preoccupying Filipe's mind currently.  Filipe was always gracious of Luciano's presence.  With it came serenity.
"I've only ever wanted you to talk to me."  Filipe whispered to his valued friend, with great weight in his voice.  His voice spoke heavy, but his mind was gleeful.  Still Luciano's presence seemed theoretical at this time.  Despite the fact that both friends were occupying the same room.  Filipe's eyes darted across the countenance of his beloved friend, but found nothing.
Luciano was always the desperate one.  Quick to protect his friend as if he were the only one he had.  In Filipe's mind, he knew it to be true.  The
:iconbikaze:BiKaZe 2 12

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I think.  I am contemplating making a comeback.
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BiKaZe's Profile Picture
Francesco Cruz
United States
Hello DeviantART! :wave:

My name is Frank, (as many of you know. B-))

I first joined deviantART back in September 2004.

I came to deviantART mainly as a therapeutic place to write down thoughts and feelings. A friend of mine had suggested it for me. Ever since then I've loved this place. I own several t-shirts from deviantWEAR, and have done beta testing several times, and moded a few chats on dAmn during my stay here. Like any other website with a sense of social networking, I have enjoyed the people here immensely, and have made many irreplaceable friends. I would not be who I am today without them.
Who I am now is much different than from my original entry. I have this site to thank for that.

I'm a bit too shy for my own good. I'm the guy who just likes to have a good time with the simple things. I'll admit I obviously have my issues, but who doesn't? I wouldn't change it out for the world.

In my honest opinion, I think my writing has evolved drastically from what it once was, and I hope to see it reach it's potential someday. I'm currently studying religion, and psychiatry (as recreation, not schooling), and am enjoying it. Through that I have come to support many of my friends here, just as they have supported me in the beginning.

All in all this site has helped me learn how to return the one thing that I valued when I first joined here, and that is friendship. Not too mention that even my photography, and sketching skills have come along nicely.

In any case, feel free to frolic your minds through my gallery. B-) Let me know what you think.




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