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wow. i overachieve too much in this animation thing. my first animation was like five frames or something; this monster is forty-four. i REALLY need a life :XD:

and here it is! teh three-day-long-awaited pyro glomp! i'm totally making this thing into a plz account, which will be, without spaces, : iconpyroglompplz :

~akaneflower456 and i realized once that in a lot of plz accounts, it's the yellow guy getting hurt :XD: so it's also him here~ woot! i LOVE lil' yellow guy's many expressions~ they pwn green guy's two expressions :XD:

it's fun to like...stare at it. i messed around a lot with how fast or slow this thing is, and hopefully this speed is fine. it probably would have been better, except that i made the whole thing and then realized that the animation was too choppy, so i had to go through and make new frames, while keeping everything in order so it would be easier to load them into unfreeze. OMG, is it RAINING? god... i can't do this much longer >_< anyhow, yeah. i think next will either be pyro shakefish, or onigiri fairy :D

comment/fave/DDplz... it was a lot of work >_< lawl
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I love this! It makes me think of I regret nothing :pyroglompplz: 
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We need a spongebob imagination plz :D
PS the : D I wrote above is invisible?
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BEST EMOTİCON EVER :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: :pyroglompplz: 
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And then,

poor yellow emote...
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Now that 's what I call mad with power!Reminds me of my character Callisto.A pyromancer.
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i do like playing with fire ^^
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God failed me nuuuuuuu :iconpyroglompplz:
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:iconpryogramplz: (god dont fail me now) awesome X3
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lmao!<3~ :pyroglompplz:
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