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Paint cotton into leather



Quick and easy tutorial for those who don't have alot of cash for leather/pleather for there costumes! This is also alot easier to sew then leather because it won't leave holy crap marks when you frakk up a seam! :D

I would suggest BioColor because when that crap stains IT STAINS! another thing BE VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL when you iron! because I already had an akward moment of trying to scrap paint off my iron -_-; also make sure to have newspaper up the butt so you don't stain your room or anything else.
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hey so I'm a few years late to the game but I tried a slightly modified version of this and thought you might be interested. 1 layer of acrylic paint, then slapped on some mod podge while the paint's still wet. added another layer of paint before the mod podge dries completely, then once it all dried, added (here's the kicker) floor polish! added a pretty convincing shine to it. Gonna grab some shoe polish tomorrow to see if I can't get a slightly waxier, more leather like appearance.