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Paint cotton into leather

Quick and easy tutorial for those who don't have alot of cash for leather/pleather for there costumes! This is also alot easier to sew then leather because it won't leave holy crap marks when you frakk up a seam! :D

I would suggest BioColor because when that crap stains IT STAINS! another thing BE VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL when you iron! because I already had an akward moment of trying to scrap paint off my iron -_-; also make sure to have newspaper up the butt so you don't stain your room or anything else.
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hey so I'm a few years late to the game but I tried a slightly modified version of this and thought you might be interested. 1 layer of acrylic paint, then slapped on some mod podge while the paint's still wet. added another layer of paint before the mod podge dries completely, then once it all dried, added (here's the kicker) floor polish! added a pretty convincing shine to it. Gonna grab some shoe polish tomorrow to see if I can't get a slightly waxier, more leather like appearance.
I'm thinking about trying to do a gray leather, do you think that this would work with other colors for the leather look or not?
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Ooohhh!!! This looks amazing!!! How would it work over spandex? :o
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I think that I found a post on pinterest originally, had opened in a tab and gotten sidetracked.

Then I can back to it and read it.  

Wow. This is Brilliant!

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Why not just buy pleather in the first place, if you're not going to use real leather?
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Buying leather isn't the cheapest thing in the world, especially if you need both sides to be leather (like wings) since all the leather I found is white on one side, meaning I'd have to buy twice as much. From the pics, it looks like actual leather still looks better, but this is a nice alternative.
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Genius! I must try this.
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So...I was wondering, can I do this with a whole piece of fabric? Like a T-shirt? Will it retain its flexibility/will the paint crack? 

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Will this work on any other fabrics besides cotton? I have a ton of fleece left over from other projects and would love to be able to use that if possible.
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Where do you get BioColor paint? 
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This is great :D I'm working on a costume now that requires quite a bit of leather and this will make it so much easier and cheaper to make. Thanks ^_^
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This is a really great idea, I'll be testing it out soon~ This is awesome for people who need colored leather substitutes, with ones with gradients. Also easy if you have scrap fabric and paint. Thanks so much for posting!
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I am going to do a Gasai Yuno Cosplay and you see i am cosplaying the black leather dress she has. I already have an old dress which I cut and changed and i am asking whether I need to do something else since i have to paint like this the whole dress..
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How does the painting effect the breath-ability of the fabric?
I'd love to use it to make some GW2 leather armors, but my summer's are hot and I don't want to use pleather/leather/vinyl for fear of overheating.
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thank you so much for this tutorial! 
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I wll try this for BOOTS
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Thanks a ton for this!
It also works pretty well with tulip fabric paint
Now instead of spending a bunch on leather I'm spending nada :))
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Really smart you are! Looks close enough to leather. Thanks for sharing.
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this is very cool :D question what anime/or game was the reference photo from?
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this must me one of the most awesome idea ever. leather-like cloth is so rare in my place.
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this is awesome! sorry i know this is old but i have one question, to make it stiffer can i put interfacing on it before i paint? will that affect the interfacing or will it be okay?
This looks useful. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to this stuff, though, so I have two questions:
1) Is it still easy to cut/sew/hem the material afterwards? Or should I make sure I have it in the shape I want before starting this?
2) Do I need to do both sides if one side is going to be hidden (i.e. the inside of a shirt)?
Sorry, didn't look at the other responses before posting. You've already answered my first question.
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What a GREAT idea. I think I will try making a little Steampunk outfit using this idea. Thank you for the tutorial!
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