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How to make ruffles

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This was made for anyone doing costumes that had totally awesome ruffles!

Please don't redistrube without my permission

Monique Marquez

Quick tip!

I did a 5/8 of an inch seam allowance BUT you can go much MUCH smaller ~_^ just make sure that you dont sew them too close! *made that mistake to many times -_-;*
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If you haven't already you should make a tutorial on how to measure the amount of fabric you need for ruffles when applying them to a costume.
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Thanks very much for this tutorial. I made ruffles for the first time today, and thanks to your tutorial, they turned out perfect >w<
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So helpful! ;w;
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I wanna make beautiful ruffles!
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What material for ruffles did you used? :3
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I used a thin cotton, usually for me the thinner the fabric the better.
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Hi! I was trying to sew ruffles today, but I can't pull my thread. I set the stitch to the longest setting on my machine, but I can't pull.
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I feel sooo bad for replying this late but you need to have your tension and stitch as loose as possible. That way its easier to pull both threads.
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Posted a link to this page on my facebook group, North Florida Cosplayers to help some peeps out. Thank you for making such a wonderful tutorial!
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can I use a thinner thread?
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It depends on what type of fabric you are trying to ruffle. I would suggest a poly/cotton blend because its stronger when you pull it. I hope this answered your question! If not please write again hahaha and I will try to answer a bit better.
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thanks! this is really helpful for a dress design I was trying to make. I didn't know how to draw ruffles so I followed this tutorial and it really helped!THANKS A LOT!
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You are so welcome! I am glad that it helped you so much :D
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oh this is pretty handy :D
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my pleasure (:
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Ruffleeees. 8D I'm faving this for reference later.
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Do you by any chance know how to make the comic book style wrist ruffle cuffs? I know how to make ruffles like this (excellent tutorial on how to do it btw!) but I'm yet to figure out those jester-like concertina ruffles that stick out from the wrist.
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For crazy ass ruffles like that I would suggest that you use a REALLY stiff fusible interfacing not sew in I always had the problem of it ripping and being like WAY to stiff to do anything. The fabric you might want to try would have to be something heavy weight or bottom weight aka heavy cotton/polyester. Also you are going to want to get some different types of interfacing since they can dramatically change the look and weight/feel of the fabric your using and they might also weigh each other down in which we are NOT looking to do that!
For the super ruffly look you will want to do the tightest stitch possible to create the shape and keep it and make sure to double and sometimes triple what fabric you would originally cut out since creating ruffles tends to eat up any fabric really fast.
So I hope my random rambling helped somewhat!
Also I would love to see what you come up with :D
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How would I use this to make a tiered Ruffle Skirt?
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