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Basic Hem Tutorial

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Please if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask ~_^
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Would this work basically the same way if you're hemming a shirt? I'm modifying a T-shirt into a croptop for my X-23 cosplay. So, would I just cut off the fabric to a certain point and use the same technique?
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this is amazingly use :D
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*face palm* add a -ful at the end of use lol

any way you're welcome :)
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Thank you so much for this! :3 will definately be using it for my cosplays......

Minus the interfacing and the machine sewing. I have two dresses to do, and Im hand sewing everything since I still cant figure out how to thread up the bottom of my machine.

Would you use interfacing on a cloak? -.^ Im relatively new to costuming, and mostly self taught.
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Sorry to write so late! But yes you can use interfacing on the bottom of a cloak to keep it semi straight. But I would leave it from the top since it won't drape properly. With the sewing machine make sure the bobbin is threaded correctly because that is one issue that a lot of people have with their sewing machines.
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Oooh, thanks! This just makes hems so much easier.
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I am so glad that I could help! :D
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Hello! ^^ Thank you so much for this tutorial~
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Haha, I laughed at the 'lush hem' bit.

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing
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Thanks so much I am glad you enjoyed it :D
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Very cool! Helps alot!
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Even though I already know how to sew, this is a marvelous tutorial for everyone! FAVS. I don't use interfacing, but now I think I will because it is nicer and more tailored looking :)
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Interfacing is the best thing ever invented :D

also thanks so much for liking it!
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I need to pick up some for my next cosplay :) or sewing project

no problem!
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*adds to book marks* I'll definitely be making use of this
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Great tutorial, thank you!
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Very nice! I've never used interfacing before, because I'm self taught (for only about a year now, so I'm relatively new) and I really need to read up more on the purpose of interfacing.

Nice tutorial!
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That is awesome that your teaching your self how to sew! That is a good idea for another tutorial "Interfacing uses and why you need it" :D
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Ah, cool, interfacing in the hem! You come up with so many unique uses for interfacing!

However, would you want to use interfacing in the hem of a skirt? I'd think it wouldn't fall quite right, and would lose its swooshy-ness. Which is a very important factor in a skirt, don'tchaknow.

But I can see interfacing working really well in the hem of pants or shirts!
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If you do a pencil skirt it works wonders to keep the whole look very tailored. But your right I wouldn't recommend it for circle skirts or skirts made from jersey. Anyways thanks for looking at my tutorial :D
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Oh right, I forgot that pencil skirts exist. XD
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