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The ''H'' Word

Mon Jun 30, 2014, 3:46 PM
Hello Pumpkins~ (that was a complement!Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] )

you have read right. i didn't want to use it so soon but here it goes.


yes, i will be going on a hiatus for a couple of weeks,(kind of like what i'm already doing, but now it's just official :D )  
idk why, but i just have a really bad case of Art-Block, and am trying to find a cure.
and i really want to improve on my art overall, so that will take some time too.
i wont be completely off DA, i'v let my account go wild, so i have to straighten it up again, but i'll still answer comments and check out pictures (even though i rarely comment :bademoticon: )
and will try to stay updated on things like contest. and my commissions are still open.

on a side note, we saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 today, in 3D, and it was AMAZING! so many surprises Yui Hirasawa (Shocked) [V2]

thats 'bout it, c u l8er~
Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3] 

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The Screenshot This Meme.

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 17, 2014, 8:47 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

The Truth Behind The Infinity Meme

Before i start the tall-tale of the screenshot meme, i'd like to thank
ReaveT93 and Azuremia for getting me interested at 8:30 at night to do this search. and for the links you guys got, you went really far!

Now to get down to business. with the links provided from the two above, i just started pushing the images that where similar, but then i hit the first dead-end.

At this point, no one is drawing on the meme, it's just a screen shot, which i found strange, since i thought it was a drawing meme.

So, to get over the road block of deactivation, i read the user name of the person before the one that deactivated and searched the name in DA.

I did this several times until two people deactivated and i couldn't make out the words of the the last last person who did it.

In situations like this, Google is your best friend~

I started to Google the usernames and, walla! Most of their images are there, and i could make out more names.

Then i got to the people who deleted the meme. and Google was no help. Then i realized that the memes were under the genre "Devious Fun" on DeviantArt.

Wondering why i didn't do this sooner, i went to that category and searched "screenshot meme "
At first, the was just a bunch of random memes. but then i got some screenshots.

At this time, the date is 2011

Then, finally, i got a breakthrough!

NekoSazumi, who participated in the meme said:

 "Original © I don't know, I forgot. u@

Other stuff in this thing © Their original owners" 

This was submitted  on April 7, 2011

Knowing i was close, i started going through comments, and saw someone named Dreamscape195, who not only tracked it back since it wasn't too far away, but cataloged all the recent memes made.

Here's the meme with the names.
Screenshot Tunnel +DO IT by Dreamscape195
And here is the original!
wannabe Drama Addict::FAIL by kiwikittenpoo

The meme Actually started from a mean comment back in March 24, 2011.
xXxMySuicidalRomance and Kiwikittenpoo got into an argument over who knows what, and kiwikittenpoo replied with some nasty words,
         "Yeah im more then mad
=.= your just a f@#$ing troll who's spamming my comment space.
shoo now you wannabe. no one needs anymore dramatic b@#ches. <3 k thankies c:"

Of which Romance replied (or tried to):

"Oh yeah, your butthurt :iconbutthurtplz: WANNABE!? LOL! Get some new insults, your just like kasy killer. I'm dramatic? wow, nice logic there. ^____^"

But when Romance tried to post the comment, an error came up, saying:

"An error has occurred:
Unable to post comment: Comment being relied to is locked or hidden or you have been blocked by the comment author."

When Romance read that she/he had been blocked, she/he screenshot it, typed on the picture and uploaded it as a deviation.

The words romance typed was:

And then said "Nice <3 Very nice, you win! *claps* :)"
And put in the description

The most original person with awesome comebacks! <3
show her love :'D

Then Kiwikittenpoo's friends found out about the screenshot and told her/him, which is what the screenshot is of.

A lot of people commented and got some mean replies, so my guess is that people didn't like her/his attitude, so they screenshot it and showed there friends and then their friends screenshot it and couldn't read what it said, and then random people started to screenshot it to show THEIR friends the random screenshot. And so on and so on, with the title "SCREENSHOT THIS", until someone whose name i couldn't make out drew a random cat OC, which you can see here:
SCREENSHOT THIS! by BeyondTheOcean
This meme went through a lot. First cats, then anthors, OC, MLP: FIM, and more and now it's nekomimis~
here's the one i continued~
Infinity Meme! by BijouBlue


and now to tag all my sisters and senpai~ (and hope they don't mind >///<)

KOI! :iconyangyellow:and:iconroobyred:!


I hope you enjoyed this and that you tag some people you know in the comments so that they can know a well~

mata ne~

here's the most recent catalog of these by the first detective  on the case, Dreamscape195!
and their continuations! 
Screenshot Tunnel Revisited - FULL TRACE BACK by Dreamscape195
GOES ON copy by BLkpen
screenshot meme : DD by Takechi-neko

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B-B-B-B-Day Requests!!!

Sat Jun 14, 2014, 10:13 PM

Hello DA, Its been awhile!Tamako Kitashirakawa (Waves and says Hi) [V1] 

I've been drawing a lot lately, but haven't been able to upload anything at all, soooo, in celebration of my sissy's b-day, all three of us are doing FREE REQUEST! Here's all you have to know~

*You have to with your OC, one per person, before the seventeenth.
*They will be sketches.
* I don't draw anything yaoi, yuri, ecchi, hentai, or gore.
*(Optional) be a watcher~

I'm doing people requests, rooby is doing pokemon requests, and yang is doing animal requests!

they should be done this Monday or Tuesday, depending on how many there are.
and here's a link to my sisters journal, you should get one there too!

Weekend RequestsHey! Long time no see1 How are the kids?Penguin No. 3 Emote (Mawaru Penguindrum) 
Anyhow I've been drawing a lot lately and decided sense its my birthday weekend! To do some Pokémon request through the Seventeenth!:bademoticon: 
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! They'll be sketches no color
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! I can only draw Pokemon (for now)
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! No Gore, BL, GL, or Sexual stuff
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! One per person please!
Maroon Dot Bullet - F2U! My style is very childish not really detailed (even though I'm almost 19Racing Girl Emoji (Ehehe) [V4] )
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! I can draw pretty much any Pokémon (except for human shaped ones like Lopunny, Gardevoir, Machop ect...
     FREE ART REQUEST! + I'M NOT DEAD!!!!:iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz::iconbruhpertplz:... Been a while, huh?
 Sorry for not doing anything for like, the past month and a half.

it'll be fun! Ja ne~Yuuki Hase (Smiles) [V1]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RURU-NEE!!!!Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug 

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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 9, 2014, 5:55 PM

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:iconbeng-beng-chan: is having a contest, and has great prizes, so you should check it out!! wonderworld-of-anime.deviantar…

This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

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UPDATE!!!: New better quality PV! And
Sousuke's Official colors have been released!!
And I seriously think he's a ray...... 
so here you are, you can start fangirling now~

Hazuki Nagisa (Waving) [V1] Hello, other Free! fans
As you know, (or should know) our anime guys that swim all the time but never lose their hotness has hit us with a new, bigger wave of happiness then before, and it's known as
Free! ss2, Eternal Summer.


By SinfulHime

Gou Matsuoka (Sexy Body Fangirling) [V2] //me fangirling
and the kitten was pretty cute too! //devoted Makoto Fan.

But back to reality.
If you have read the last journal I made (which can be seen here>>… ) then you probably know what's going into this one. Facts and theories
that may or may not be entirely true, but it'll definitely get you thinking and fanficting (^7^)/  
so first things first
Rei Ryuugazaki (Sexy Glasses) [V2]

********************WARNNG: CATION****************************************

*All images, gifs and anime DO NOT BELONG TO ME. Not all these facts are confirmed. These are just the thoughts and ideas of me and my sisters while watching Hot-Half-Naked-Dudes-Playing-in-Water-2, or Free! as some (most) call it. And for those who faint easily, please ask a doctor if reading this journal is hazardous to your health, for fainting and/or fangirl screaming might occur. So please, enjoy!*


Okie! So, now that that's done, lets get right into it!

Splash 1: Hazuki Nagisa.

No, but seriously guys, HE'S GETTING HOTTER!
Everybody sees Nagisa as the fun loving, always cute, and joking Nagisa that would push you into a pool and pull you out too. But, if you have seen the more recent pictures of him, you won't be looking at him the same way. Ever. Again.
I guess it started with the mini album.

Regular Nagisa.
alternative text

Mini album Nagisa
alternative text

but then, as my mental health pot boiled over, I witnessed the promo poster Nagisa.
alternative text

I mean, seriously!? I'M JEALOUS OF REI'S BIRD RIGHT NOW!! And he's rocking a bolo tie! and I don't EVEN want to guess what door the key unlocks. (but I hope it's mine)
So, when I found this transformation occurring, I asked my sister for insight, and her answer was, and I quot:
                            "It's because he turned 16. When you turn 16, the
                                                                Sexy god showers you with sexiness. "

So, IS it the fact that he turned the big one-six? does the sexy god have something to do with it? Perhaps it's just a one-time-teen-fling? maybe you have an idea? But, what ever you decide, let's hope that maybe in the new season, Nagisa might have more of a devious side.
Happy Birthday, Nagisa. Happy Birthday.
Hazuki Nagisa (Eating Pizza) [V2] 

Splash 2: Reigisa.(ReiXNagisa)

Not too much to say here.
You already watched the PV, and, even if it's a second, saw our cutie Nagisa offer Rei some of his picky-pie pastry. What you didn't see was all the fangirls screaming, grabbing their tablets and breaking their wrist to drawing as much Reigisa as fast as possible. Now, not all of you mind this, especially those who ship it themselves, but be warned that your deviation count will go up like never before. Hazu and Rei (Glasses) [V2] 

Splash 3: The new kid in the pool, Sosuke Yamazaki.

Official character ref

alternative text

A childhood friend of Rin, Sosuke-san met him in
elementary school, possibly in Australia, and has been bffies ever since. but, man! look at him! he's obviously going to cause trouble to the other pool buddies, and especially Haruka. And he's going to say something stupid about water, like "WATER IS JUST A TOOL FOR SWIMMING!!" And Haruka is gonna mess him UP! Then Rin's gonna hear about it, and, like, de-friend him. But anyway, need to get back on swimming coarse. We don't have much info on the guy, besides the fact that his voice is played by Hosoya Yoshimasa, who plays no other but Shingeki no Kyojin's Reiner Braun, Kuroko's Basketball's Junpei Hyuga, Strike the Blood's Koujou Akatsuki, Black Bullet's Tamaki Katagiri, Haikyuu!!'s Asahi Azumane, Kamigami no Asobi's Loki Leviathan, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V's  Akaba Reiji and many more, but here are the little known facts about Sosuke that's available:

                                 "Rin’s best friend during elementary school and someone who understands Rin well. He possesses a strength that cannot be perturbed by anything.
When it comes to swimming, he is realistic and strict to himself as well as to those around him.
                     "...For those not in the know, Sousuke appeared in the first volume of High Speed!. He’s new to the anime, but not to the Free!/High Speed! franchise..."
 By Touchturnfly on

One thing I'm curious about is what animal he's based on. Which brings us to:

Splash 4: Character Animals.

We're all familiar with the main Free! chara's Animals.
Haruka's tsun-tsun doki-doki Dolphin, Makoto's killerly cute whale, Rin's hot' n' ready Shark, Rei's beautiful butterfly, and Nagisa rocky penguin. And sorta guessed the rest, such as Gou's perfect pinku shark/flamingo, Aiichiro' pile-of-love pilot fish ect.

But what I want to know is what animal Sosuke is. I think a stingray would do him justice.
alternative text

Or maybe a sea turtle
alternative text
//stares blankly at wall.
...And I'm running on empty now, but you get the idea. And I never really thought of Rei as a butterfly, but more of a butterfly fish, just wanted to throwing that in the open ocean.

And last, but never least:

Splash 5: What should we expect?

alternative text

I'm sure you've thought of this already. What will the new season bring to the pool?
Fan service? Yes.
Shirtlessness? Most definitely.
Swimming? This Anime's all about it.
And even though these three things are the basic of what we're waiting for, what other then the obvious will happen? it's been about a year, so who in the group of guppies will be graduating soon? What's the relationship between Rin and the gang? Where does this Sosuke guy fit in? which school did he transfer to? Is he trying to be the Makoto to Rin's Haru? Is he physically unable to smile? And how about
Chigusa Hanamura? Will she be a bigger part in the anime this time? Or will she continue being the lunch time side character??

So many questions!
So much time!!

Sea you in july.

alternative text

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I Have A new Ability!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 7:35 PM

yes, this is my way of saying: IM SORRY!!
I haven't been active, like, AT ALL since I got sick. I actually did get better, but then I came down with the stomach bug \(; n \; )
and that lasted for about another week.

then I slowly started to get my priorities straight and DA was the last thing to worry about.

if you have recently watched/faved anything, I am planning to thank you, promise ;7;
and I think i'm just going to redesign my page/go through my faves/CLEAN OUT MY MAIL OMGEE and upload a couple of old/contest drawings.

And up date my commish journal!
so I'll try to be more active/social on DA, and maybe take some request later~

thanks for reading~Mabel pines 

and no, I wasn't doing nothing but watch anime:bademoticon: (as far as you know......)

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Morten-chan's giveaway!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 10, 2014, 9:06 AM
:iconmorten-chan: is giving 50 points to 40 winners! Everyone has a great chance of winning! Learn more here…

*speaks too fast* BLINDING LIGHT DAY!!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 8:06 PM

...I mean, Happy White Day! ^7^/Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
...aaaaaaaand you're probably wondering "WTH IS WHITE DAY???"
well, it's a holiday celebrated in most of Asia, but it originated in Japan. it's basically the opposite of Valentines Day. Since, usually, the girls give out chocolates on Valentines Day, on White Day, it's the guys turn to return the favor by giving gifts to the girls! That's why (on some occasions ) the girls will say, "don't forget me on White Day!"

And now that I'm finished on my history lesson,(Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] ) I just want to say it again! Happy White Day~

And I don't think anything can explain more then this picture~ 

//Rolls away Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) 

Group Contest!

Wed Mar 12, 2014, 10:15 AM

you should join :iconwonderworld-of-anime:'s group contest!

their mascot is so kyut! and they have great prizes ^7^/

Girls! we run the World!

Sat Mar 8, 2014, 2:30 PM
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... which means, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY! Which was also yesterday, so I guess it's more like, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS THREE DAY WEEKEND! Its A Girl :la: Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart)Jammin' 

Happy Heart Day!!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 14, 2014, 7:06 AM

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Sooo, what'cha doing this Valentin's day?
I'll just be eating candy with my sisters~
And maybe watch a movie,
But mostly eating candy!

Love To My Watchers!

Be Mine! Valentine. by BijouBlue

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Oh yeah! Happy Chinese New Year!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 31, 2014, 8:23 PM

I WAS suppose to make a Chinese new year picture, but it isn't done yet so it's gonna be late. ;u; but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun!


YEAH!! YEAR OF THE HORSE!!Sexyhorseplz[2] 

:caps:jfkajkdjsjkdfhjasfldajkldsfhjkfhlddjlkasITS SO KYUT!!!!!! GAAAH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!

Happy Birthday Sis! by YangYellow


THANK YOU YANG!!!!!! and happy Chinese new year! (year of the horse)

So much to do!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 9, 2014, 4:54 PM

how's the New Year treating you? I know I've been busy cleaning so I haven't been using the computer much this (and last) week.:iconsatoshineplz:

And even though I'm still working on things, I'm going to start uploading pictures soon, and write a few more "Five Things To Know" journals about various animes and try to derp out some pixels~:iconohoho-plz:

So, sorry for the inactivity, and I'll be seeing you~


Ja! :iconsatoshiwaveplz:



Here is a collection of my favourite Winter deviations. Isn't winter beautiful? :snowflake:

Winter Sun by laverinne Winter Solstice by Kaze-Hime Winter by JOEIAN ++ WINTER ++ by utenaxchan


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The Number Thirteen...

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 4:24 PM

Is Slowly Fading Away...
Hope you like the number fourteen, 'cuz you'er gonna be stuck with it for the next twelve months.
Happy New Year!Futur avatar:HappyNewYear:Happy New Year 2011

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Merry Cristmas!

Tue Dec 24, 2013, 10:16 PM

Happy HolidaysSanta :la:  Ah, the season for giving, being with loved ones, and candy canes~
I wish you all a wonderous and joyful Christmas from one Deviant to another!
Christmas La 
......and may your candy canes tast as good as mine:DLa Candy Cane Plz 
Merry christmas everybody 

Features! (2/15 filled)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 3, 2013, 3:28 PM


-The first 10 people that comment on this journal will have their avatar and three deviations I like most from their gallery featured in the list below!
- If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (Me) in the first slot.
- The idea of this is not to get a free feature -- it is to spread art around for everyone!
















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Sun Dec 1, 2013, 3:29 PM
-The first 10 people that comment on this journal will have their avatar and three deviations I like most from their gallery featured in the list below!
- If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger  in the first slot.
- The idea of this is not to get a free feature -- it is to spread art around for everyone!










Akirawr is holding a raffle!

Sat Nov 30, 2013, 9:23 PM
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The beautiful and talented  Shueren is holding a raffle THAT MAY CHANGE THE WORLD!! So, you have to come!!!! The journal can be found here
Have fun and good luck~

Morten-chan is having a giveaway!

Fri Nov 29, 2013, 5:22 PM

:iconmorten-chan: is having the giveaway of the season! You can enter and find out more Here!