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Hello from outer space!/ Llama spam

Thu Aug 6, 2015, 2:33 PM

Long time no journal! 
Life stole all of my time, but there was  hole in the bag, so i got some back~
First i'd just like to say hi to the new watchers that popped up recently! 
where did you come from?? I WANT TO HUG YOU ALL!!
Thank you guy so much!! you don't know how much you guys mean to me!
i really do appreciate the comments and +favs you guys give, even  i don't reply ;7;
Which brings me to this:

I haven't been keeping up with my messages, and they've really extremelysorta stacked up.
I'd usually go and thank each person for the +watch or +fav, but there is simply too many.
SO! i decided to give out llamas instead~ 
so if you get one it's ether because faved, watched, llamaed or just deserved one! o(≧∇≦o)
so no need to comment back or anything, but a llama works if you feel obliged~

thanks for reading! Ja ne!~

go and check it out! you could wiiiin!!…
hey y'all, i've decided to move to a new account, i've just grown tired of this one.
so please watch this new acount,

see you there!


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 1, 2015, 7:28 AM


Which roughly translate to "Joyfools having a giveaway!!!! So come and take a look!"
im a little rusty, so you should read more here!…



Bought to you by cute-as-pie where cuteness manifests :iconnyappyplz:

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Happy PI Day!!!!! 3/14/15 9:26!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 8:26 PM


To celebrate such a delicious day, i think a PI Features for those who like PI also is in order! So, please enjoy this once-in-a-millennia PI day (Even though now it's a once-in-a-millennia Pi night,) to the fullest, and please check out the pictures/journals, they're all PI-recious!
  Happy Super Pi Day, Everyone! (3/14/15)Pi is about 3.141592653... (Not rounded. I know more digits, but these many sig figs are enough.)
Pi day is every year on March 14th (3/14), but this year has the official pi *time*, at 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 AM/PM.
:D Pi time to these many sig figs occurs only once per century! Next year is also special, because it rounds properly, so that's more of a "pi *day*" than today. Today is still officially recognized as pi day.
A long long time ago,
Ancient Greeks had wondered
'bout a circle's strange circumference.
It's thought that they could clearly see
It's the circles width, times over three.
And maybe they had made an inference.
They had likely found relation
One of rough approximation.
Circle's rough perim'ter
'round three times the diameter.
Perhaps the Greeks would have cried
when irrationality was realized
But they may have danced and sang and sighed
The day, they discovered pi.
It's pi, pi, mathematical pi.
'bout three point one four
one five nine two
six five three five eight nine se
Pie Day 2015 by Augustusalex <da:thumb id="520224820"/>  Pinkie Pi Day by Zztfox Pi Day Hooray!! by jessejayjones PI by Apple-Juicey The PI Day of a CenturyToday all of the digits in PI line up exactly with the time of the year.
3.141592653589.... Are the first few digits out of an infinite number of numbers in PI. The date for today is 3/14/2015, and the exact time is 9:26. This only occurs once in a hundred years, meaning that there will never be another PI day in our lives.
The discovery of PI relates to the circumference of a circle, because it is the missing amount you need to get the full measurement of the circle. The equations you can use are 2(πr) or the diameter times PI. The latter equation is more important to PI, because when you multiply the diameter by three, it almost equals the circumference of the circle. If you change that 3 to PI, then it completely equals the circumference.
So celebrate the rest of today with pie! And check out this link for more info:
Pi Pie Post Earrings by PepperTreeArt Happy Pi Day Everyone!!! by SpaceFeind SNK: Irrational Day by YummySuika<da:thumb id="520020673"/> It's Pi Day  by SavantiRomero Happy Pi day! by spaded-square <da:thumb id="520192297"/> :PiDay: by CryOfThePikachu Fathead's contribution by Koui

guess when this journal was submitted...Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]Happy Pi Day! 



Bought to you by cute-as-pie where cuteness manifests :iconnyappyplz:

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this is a quest for :iconpokemonrainbow:
it'll make more since if you read the first one~ Ravyn's and August's NPC Trading stories.This is a quest for the RP group :iconpokemonrainbow: please enjoy!~
1: trade with Ninja boy Nato.
Ravyn and August walked past a small stream of lava. A bubble pop at the surface, flinging mini droplets of molten rock on the ground.
“How did I end up doing this?...” Ravyn wondered out loud.
She had just been walking around Samuel the Oak Tree with August, a totally normal day, when a boy dressed in a ninja suit ran up to them.
“Can you catch me a Ninetails? I’ll trade it for my Croagunk!”
“Eeh? You want to trade your Croagunk? Their pretty rare around here…” She had said.
“I can easily get those toads in my homeland so gimme a fox! I really need that fox, belive it!" he had responded.
Aaaaaand there they were, trying to get a vulpix on Orange Island.
“We’re here because you’re too nice.” Sta

thank you for reading!


August work up to the gentle swinging of the hammock he was sleeping in. he groaned as he sat up, stretching out his arms and remembering what had happened the day before. He had to admit- those pirates know how to throw a party. He looked around the small, empty room, expecting to find Ravyn asleep in the Hammock below him, but wasn’t surprised that she was nowhere in the cabin. He gave a sigh, hopped down from the hammock and went in search of her. Walking down the hallway, he noticed that it was unusually quiet in there. No one seemed to be in their rooms or in the deckhouse at all for that matter. Well, we did just have a giant party… He thought. I don’t even know what time it ended. When he finally reached the deck, the silence he had all but disappeared. There were pirates running back and forth, shouting in excitement.

“August!” Ravyn called out to him while waving, wearing the captain’s pirate hat and cloak. “We just plundered a cruise ship!”

August paused to let that comment sink in.

“You… WHAT?”

“We. Plundered. A. Cruise. Ship.” She repeated slowly, pointing out to where a second large ship was joined to the one they were on by a wooden plank. He stared at it in shock. This cannot be happening.

“But why are you wearing the captain’s hat?” he asked, trying to at least give some answers.

“Because the Captain was asleep and I wanted to try it on.”

“But then why are they raiding a cruise ship?”

“Because I ordered it!” said Ravyn with excitement.

“……why?” August was just getting more confused. This is why he can’t leave this girl alone for a second. Ravyn rolled her eyes.

“Do you have any other words in your vocabulary besides ‘but’ and ‘why’?” She hooked her arm with his and started to walk towards the cruise liner. “It’s just starting to get fun!”

He watched as a group of pirates walked from across the plank with bulging burlap bags swung over their shoulders, chatting about how they haven’t scored this good in years. August started to get a little worried.

 “What are they taking from the cruise?” he asked as they walked past the chatty sailors. The he noticed that Ravyn was chewing on something. “And… what are you eating?”

“Croissants and Croissants.” She said as they walked across the plank.

“C-Croissants?” he said, trying to make sure he doesn’t fall over.

“Yep! You were asleep and I was hungry, so I asked the guys if they could whip up some breakfast. And I was craving Croissants.” They were now on the cruise ship, walking around the large, sparkling pool and the beach chairs. Everything was perfectly in its place- it didn’t look like they were under attack at all.

“But then they said that the cook fell off board at some point last night, and none of them knew how to make a meal! That’s when I saw a cruise ship nearby and said ‘why don’t we ask them if we can have some food?’ but they said I couldn’t order them to do something unless I was cap’n, so, yeah, you can put together two and two.”

August was completely lost know. She said they were plundering this ship, but it didn’t look in any sort of disarray. In fact, it looked like it hasn’t even been touched yet. He was so distracted by the eerie cleanliness of it all that he almost missed what Ravyn had said next.

“…and the deal was pretty straight forward, so no hassle there.”

“What deal?” he asked. They were off of the bow now and were heading down the starboard side, where, a little ways away, was a sailor leaning against the railing.

“That we can take all the Croissants we want, as long as we help that guy over there. Oiiiii, Jackie!” she yelled while waving at him. He saw them and started to jag their way.

“I guess he’s been really insistent about something for the last couple of days, and the captain finds it really annoying.”

When he finally reached them, he had to catch his breath for a moment.

"Hi there!” he said after his breather, “does anyone have a Diglett? I am always curious about what’s in the bottom half of a Diglett, I am willing to trade away my Goomy for it!"

“Ravyn, you already have a Goomy, and I don’t see a need to get another one.” he said.

“I know. That’s why this offer is for you!” she smiled. “You’re a ranger! It’s your duty to solve the curiosity of others!”

“It’s my duty to protect Pokémon and people, and to help keep the balance of the two.”

“Well, yeah, that too!” she walked around to face him. “It’ll be really quick and I’ll be safe here, so there’s no need to worry!”

The fact that she was going to stay on the ship made him worry even more. Not for her safety, but for theirs. But when she insists on something, she won’t give in, so it was kind of pointless to try and reason with her.

“…Fine, I’ll go and get his Diglett, but you have to promise me that you’ll leave if things start to get hairy. And that you won’t go ‘Supreme Overlord’ on them, ok?”

She clapped her hands with glee. “Okay, I promise!”

And that was how his trip to the Underground Tunnel began.

1: August’s trade with Sailor Jake.


August was surprised at how dry and hot it was there, and thought nothing, not even Pokémon, could have survived in these kind of conditions. But he was soon mistaken as a small group of Digletts dug past him into the Tunnel-a massive hole in the ground.

“Guess I better get going.” He said, and followed the critters descent into darkness.


He had been walking for quite a bit and had lost the Digletts a whiles back. He knew the dangers of getting lost in a place like this. He’s compass was pretty much useless, there were just to many tunnels and dead ends, and even though he had a flashlight, it could only illuminate so much at a time. He had decided to bring out his Torchic for additional light when a large noise was heard somewhere of in one of the many caves.

“This doesn’t look good…” he said as the noise came closer and he started to back away. Torchic ran behind him as they back down one of the conjoining tunnels. A Rhyhorn ran out of the cave, looking for something to attack for whatever reason. August turned off his flashlight and quietly continued to backway from the angered Pokémon. He though he had gotten far enough away that they were safe, but his Pokémon had backed up against a rock and got startled, shooting a Flame Thrower out of the cave.

“T-Teppei, calm down, it’s a rock!” He tried to calm his Pokémon down as it ran in circles chirping. And if things couldn’t get worse, the Rhyhorn heard the commotion and charged down the tunnel at full speed.

“Time to go!” he grabbed his Torchic and ran down the cave as fast as he could in the dark. He hated getting into unnecessary conflict with the local Pokémon, unless he was going to catch is. He was able to maneuver himself away into a smaller cave and the sound of their pursuer faded off in the distance.

“Must’ve gone down a different tunnel…” he sighed with relief. He picked up he’s very apologetic Torchic, petting its head to make it feel better. “It’s ok, it’s not your fault. Let’s go back to where we came from and start over again, ‘k?” He clicked back on his flash light and started walked back to the cave they had started in, doing the best he could to not trip on the bumpy terrain. Wait, bumpy terrain? He thought. It wasn’t like this when we first came down here… Then he realized that he had stopped walking a while back, but was still moving forward.

With a start he looked down to see two black eyes and a bright red nose. He didn’t know how long they had been riding on a herd of Diglett, and couldn’t even see the end of them. His Torchic started to panic when it saw all of the little Pokémon under them, and struggled its way out of August’s arms. When it finally broke free, Torchic jump as high as it could and used Bounce on one of the closest Diglett. As soon as the move hit, the Diglett got startled and buried themselves as quickly as possible, fleeing from the scene underground. Only the one that got attacked remained, paralyzed.

“Teppei, you scare easier than a Skiddo…” said August as he rummaged through his bag for a Pokeball. “I don’t have any Full Heal on me at the moment, so we’re going to have to take a trip to a Pokémon Centre.” He tapped the Diglett’s head with it and caught it without much trouble. Picking up his little Pokémon, he carefully navigated his way out of the Underground Tunnel.


A trip to the Pokémon Centre and the Pokemart later, August was flying over the Deep Blue Sea and spotted the cruise and landed, returning his Pidgeot. He asked a loitering pirate where he could find Ravyn and Sailor Jack, and was directed to the main dinning room. August thanked him and made his way down the hall to a stand in front of two large double doors.

“This must be it.” He said to himself, pushing the doors open. The room was packed with people, pirates and tourist alike, eating, drinking, and laughing like they weren’t just forcefully boarded by pirates and plundered of their Croissants. Slowly pushing himself through the crowed, August didn’t know where to begin looking for Ravyn, until he heard a very familiar voice saying: “Let’s get another round of Oran berry juice going!” “Ay Ay, Cap‘n” the crowed replied. He hurried to the middle of the room to find a giant stack of chairs and tables, and perched atop it was the captain, Jack and the most troublesome girl in the world.

“Ravyn! What did I tell you about going Supreme Overlord!?” he said, as he ascended the structure to where they sat. When he reached the top, Ravyn apologetically offered him an Oran berry drink. “I know that I wasn’t supposed to go overlord on you and take over the ship, but the captain woke up and said I did a good job on taking all of the Croissants and wanted me to be captain for a day, and all the crew members built this really nice throne-thingy and I was just really hungry and-” she as cut off by August’s delirious laughing. This day keeps getting crazier and crazier, but that was the thing he loved most about the Rainbow Region, it’s never boring.

“At least you didn’t get thrown overboard.” He said after he calmed down enough to talk. “I got Jake’s Diglett.” He offered him the ball. “I hope you find out what’s under it.” The sailor took the pokeball gratefully and handed August the Goomy, as promised. They said their good-byes and left while the pirates enjoying the ‘after party’, waving to them until neither boats could be seen.

“Oh, August, I almost forgot!” Ravyn said behind him. “Jack said that a friend of a friend of a friend’s sister knows a guy on the Xandy Islands that want’s to trade for his Hawlucha, and I really want one, so can we stopped by there, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?”

August sighed. “I have a feeling this is going to be a long day.”


-August obtained a Goomy.


2: Ravyn’s trade with Wrestler Rey Mysterio.


Ravyn gave him the directions and they were soon walking up the hill to meet this friend of a friend of a friend’s sister who knew a guy. “This reminds me of when we traded with Nato!” said Ravyn, reminiscing on a memory that happened the day before. They had finally made it to the top, and leaning against the tree was a man who looked like he just stepped out of wrestling match. August grabbed Ravyn’s hand and started to quickly walk back down the hill.

“Nope.” He said while pulling Ravyn along. “Nopenopenopenopenope, we are NOT trading with Mr. I-just-took-down-an-Ursaring-with-my-pinky-toe. Nope, not happening.”

“Hey! I wanna trade! Nothing bad will happen, I got you to protect me!” pleaded Ravyn.

“He’ll snap me in half!!”

“Some ranger you are.” she murmured. Then she thought of something. “LOOK, IT’S A FLYING PIKACHU!!”

“Wait, what?” August asked utterly confused. But before he could register what had just happened, Ravyn was half way back up the hill laughing. “R-RAVYN!” he called, bolting after her. By the time he made it to the top, she was practically next to the macho man, his back facing her. August ran up beside her just as she greeted the man. “Yo!” she said to him. He turned around in surprise, then smiled at the trainers “Hola! I have a Hawlucha to offer if anyone has a Luvdisc, I luv da Luvdisc!”

“Aww! I love those little guys too!” Agreed Ravyn. She looked over at August to see him staring at the man with a confused expression. She held back the urge to laugh. “I would love to trade with you, we just need to catch one. So, we’ll be back soon!” Ravyn Grabbed August’s hand this time, and started to walk to where Cindy was located. “Little surprised now, aren’t we?” she asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, yeah, just get on Cindy.”


They took off without any delay.


It didn’t take Ravyn long to catch a Luvdisc since Jawbreakers Point was full of them, and got back to Rey in no time. He had happily accepted the gift and before forgot, he commented about a friend of a friend’s cousin’s friend that knew a guy that ate at a restaurant that had a chef that wanted a trade in Gummy Town, then left saying something about making a fish-sized mask.

“I guess you know where we’re going next.” Said Ravyn Excitedly.


-Ravyn obtained a Hawlucha.


3: August’s and Ravyn’s trade with Shy Schoolgirl Selena and Chef Ramsey.

They arrived at the restaurant that wrestler had mentioned and got a table to have lunch, since the man at the counter said they couldn’t just talk to the chef without getting food. They ate their great lunch and enjoyed the view that they were provided. After the meal, Chef Ramsey come out and asked how it was. Ravyn had smiled and asked “So I heard you wanted a trade?” he nodded.

"I need a Magikarp to cook... I mean I need one to train with. I have a Roggenrola up for trade. I swear I won't hurt the Magikarp."

Then, some girl over hearing their conversation jumped in and said: "Senpai likes Pikachu... I need Pikachu for Senpai to notice me..." she said with pleading eyes.

Ravyn and August looked at each other. “WooHoo, double trade time!” Ravyn cheered.


August dropped Ravyn off at the Golden Forest, while he flew to the S.S. Misty. August Fished for a while but brought in a decent Pokémon for trade, and although Ravyn had some trouble catching a Pikachu, she finally caught one after the nineteenth pokeball.

They both returned to the restaurant in Gummy Town and completed their trades with Ramsey and Selena, both praying that Ramsey is a man of his word.

“That was a good lunch.” Ravyn commented as they walked down the street to where Cindy could take off.

“I just regret not asking what he put in our food…” August said, trying not to worry too much. They were about to continue their conversation but were interrupted by squealing from a group of girls standing by a large billboard.

“I can’t wait to see Rosa, She’s so cool!” one of them exclaimed. “I can’t believe you were able to get plane tickets to Cadbury City!”

“Daddy was able to get a Limo too!” The other said and flipped her hair.

“I wish one of us had a Zubat, then we could see her up-close and personal!” said the third. They all squealed again and ran off talking about hairdos.

August immediately knew what his friend was going to say. “Can we go, can we go pleeeeeease!!?” She asked, excitement plastered all over her face. “…Let’s get going before it starts.” He said, getting excited himself. It’s not every day you can trade with a rocker.


-August obtained a Roggenrola.

-Ravyn obtained a Dedenne.



4: Ravyn’s trade with Guitarist Rosa.

By the time they arrived on Cindy, the sun was already setting.

“I hope they didn’t start the concert yet.” Ravyn worried as they walked to where it was to be held. It was an open stage, so they were able to find it quite easily. The only problem was a group of people. A very large group of people.

“Looks like she’s pretty popular around here…” August said as he watched them fight or a chair.

“Hmm…” Ravyn was busy looking for a way to talk to Rosa. There were guards everywhere, and they didn’t look too friendly. Then she spotted a small section that wasn’t being monitored. “Aha! That should do nicely. Gus, there’s only enough room to get me through, so you and Cindy will have to wait for me over there, ok?” she pointed in the direction to where he should wait. “You sure you’ll be able to get past all those people?” August asked her as she walked towards the stage.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!” she answered and walked away. Just as planned, she carefully slipped past the guards and into the tent covering the back of the stage. It was a mess in there. People were running around like crazy, calling out to other people who were apparently nowhere to be found. Ravyn dodged as much as she could before she spotted Rosa.

“Rosa!” she called. Rosa looked up from her guitar and smiled. “A little Zubat told me you wanna trade?”

“Aha! yoyoyo! I need a zubat to make me look cool when I perform tonight!” She struck some chords on her guitar. “I have a pair of Plusle and Minun that I don't need no more, come trade with me if you like. Peace!”

“Ok! I need to catch one, but it’ll be quick. Mind telling your guys that I’m cool?”

“No problamoo!” Rosa did as she promised and Ravyn got a backstage pass to show that she’s one of the crew. She ran back to where August and got on Cindy. “ON TO BLACK CAAAAAAVE!”


No name was more fitting then Black Cave for this place. It was so dark, Ravyn was starting to think someone had painted the walls black, and even though August had a flashlight, it could only illuminate so much. “How are we going to see the Zubat in here? I can’t even see my own feet!” Whispered Ravyn.

“We’ll just have to keep a keen eye.” August whispered back. “Just try not to make too much noise.” Just was he said that, Ravyn had tripped on a rock and fell, making enough noise for the hidden Zubats to go crazy. They swarmed out of the cave, screeching as they flew. Ravyn panicked and started throwing pokeballs randomly in every direction. August called out his Torchic. “Teppei, use Ember towards e ceiling!” Teppei obeyed and instantly the cave was flooded with light slowly shimmering down. The Zubat scattered and Ravyn finally got a good look at the cave… And all the Pokémon she caught. “Oops…” She said as she surveyed all the pokeballs on the floor, shaking and holding at dozens of Zubats.

“How did you catch so many?” August asked, gawking at their numbers.

“I… kinda freaked out and started to throw them around…”

August laughed. “When they said you ‘gotta caght’em all’, they didn’t mean all of one species!”

“Oh, you’re so mean!” she said, but couldn’t help laughing herself. After everything had calmed down, August helped Ravyn to release all but one of the Zubats and left them some berries to serve as an apology. The got back to the concert a few minutes before it was supposed to start and Ravyn, taking August with her this time, Ran back stage and completed the trade with Rosa, who had exclaimed: “Right on!”

He concert had finally begun, and Ravyn and August was glad to see Rosa Rockin’ out with her new friend.


-Ravyn obtained a Plusle and Minun.

It's Raffle Time! Closed!

Tue Feb 10, 2015, 8:10 PM

Love is over!Yumoto Hakone

And now it's time to see who won!
Drum-roll please~

Raffle by BijouBlue
4= frozenjam-san!
Congratulations! i will note you for prize details!
oh, but wait, there's more! i decided to do a surprise prize, where one more winner will be pick~
and the winner is...
Raffle 2 by BijouBlue
10= Yumichan216-san!
i will also note you~
Thank you for joinging everyone, and have a happy Valentine's Day!:heart:

the treasure hut didn't work out, but that's ok! It seemed like I had you doing to much XD 

so, as promised, I will do a raffle instead.
the only thing you have to do is comment if you're a watcher. I'll be using to pick a winner, and they can choose one of these four prizes!

No.1: a digital full color full body 
No.2: a custom ref sheet
No.3: a digital full color chibi
No.4: Or a custom adopt of one of my closed species! (Which I will upload soon XD)

all you have to do is comment, but a journal is much appreciate it~

It will start on valentines day. I will note the winner when it's done!

List of Participants~
1: bearrawr
2: princess-eevee9
3: ellabunny123
4: frozenjam
5: YangYellow
6: RoobyRed
7: LoveableKittyMamiko
8: KimikoSakura
9: PactMaker
10: Yumichan216

Skin CSS Nesmaty

This is a quest for the RP group :iconpokemonrainbow: please enjoy!~

1: trade with Ninja boy Nato.

Ravyn and August walked past a small stream of lava. A bubble pop at the surface, flinging mini droplets of molten rock on the ground.

“How did I end up doing this?...” Ravyn wondered out loud.

She had just been walking around Samuel the Oak Tree with August, a totally normal day, when a boy dressed in a ninja suit ran up to them.

“Can you catch me a Ninetails? I’ll trade it for my Croagunk!”

“Eeh? You want to trade your Croagunk? Their pretty rare around here…” She had said.

“I can easily get those toads in my homeland so gimme a fox! I really need that fox, belive it!" he had responded.


Aaaaaand there they were, trying to get a vulpix on Orange Island.


“We’re here because you’re too nice.” Stated August. He said he’d tag along ‘because he had nothing else to do.’ Which means he wanted to keep an eye on Ravyn. Which she knew.

“Look, you really didn’t have to come. I know you probably have a thousand things to do and are letting it pile up to be here.” She said to him, stepping over an extremely slow Slugma

“I do not!” He said, looking away, his ears turning pink. ”I just knew that if I didn’t come, there will be a Ninetails-less little boy crying in a corner, so I need to make sure he gets one, that’s all…”

“Gus, you’re so kawaii sometimes~”

“Wha?! I am not! And don’t call me G-”

August stopped in his tracks, putting a hand up to stop Ravyn as well. Right in front of them was a Vulpix, adorably trying to climb an impossible rock.

“If you want to catch it, you better act now… ” whispered August.

Ravyn took a deep breath and pulled out a pokeball.

“Let’s try our hardest to catch it! Go Sven!” She called.

Out came her little prince, Phione. Vulpix turned around and started to growl.

“Use Bubble Beam!”

Phione sprang into action, shooting bubbles at the opponent. It hit and Vulpix fell, but promptly got up and fired an Ember at them

“Dodge it, then use Ice Beam!”

Phione followed the instructions, and shot an Ice Beam. It caught Vulpix’s leg and it started to struggle and try to pull free. Just then Vulpix started to glow and change shape.

It evolved into a Ninetails!

“Oh! That’s even better!” Said August.

“Sven! Use Charm!” Said Ravyn.

 Phione obliged and hit Ninetails with the cutest Charm he could master.

Hopefully, Ninetails is a female… thought Ravyn

Ninetails stood still but then began to wobble and swoon.

“Yes! Go Pokeball!” She throw it and it captured Ninetails, wiggle back and forth a few times, then *poof* it stops.

Ravyn ran up and grabbed it.

“Yes! I caught a Ninetails!” She exclaimed excitedly.

“Nicely done Vynny!” Congratulated August. “It’s getting dark. Let’s get back.”


Back at Samuel the Oak Tree.

 The sun was setting by the time they made it back to the Tree, looking for the little ninja Nato.

“Do you think he left?” Asked Ravyn. “We were gone a while, He probably had to go home befor-”

“DID YOU GET MY NINETAILS?!” Said Nato, jumping from inside a bush.

“AHHHH! DUDE, REALLY!!??!” Jumped Ravyn, trying to catch her breath, while August laughed hysterically, whipping a fake tear from his eye.

“Soooo not funny, Gus.” She glared at him. “Yes, I’ve caught the Ninetails,” she said turning back to Nato. “Up for a trade?”


After the trade, Nato took his new Ninetails, smiled from ear to ear, and thanked Ravyn, waving good-bye as he ran down the hill and disappeared.

“I’m glad we could make him happy.” Said Ravyn as they too started to make their descend. “And I got a Croagunk out of it!”

August smiled. “That is pretty cool, I might try a trade next, but first I need to check out The Fairy Playground to check on something.”

“Cool! I wanna come!”

“What? No, you should wait here. This is ranger work.”

“But I let you come! Besides, I have nothing else to do~ ”

“……Ok, ok fine, just hang on ok?”

“ ’Kay!” she said, happily jumping on the back of Cinderella, August’s Pidgeot, and hung on to him.

“Cindy, you ready to go?” he asked.

“Pedgoooo!”she cried and took off, in the direction of The Fairy Playground.


-Ravyn obtained a Female Croagunk!

2: trade with Dragon Tamer Nasu.

As soon as they landed, a trainer dressed in some kind of training gear walked up to them.

"Hey guys!” he said, talking as if they’ve known each other for years. “I really love dragons, and want one of these fluffy ones - called Meowth!”

Ravyn and August looked at each other with worried excretions on their faces. “…… Meowth… Isn’t a Dragon…… It’s a cat pokemon… ” Said August as slow as possible.

The Trainer looked at them blankly. “Why do you say it's no dragon? Of course it is, just give me one, kay?"

“Umm but are you sur-” Ravyn started but August silenced her.

“Sure, we’ll be back soon with your new dragon!” Than he Grabbed Ravyns hand and started to walk away.

“Why did you say ‘ok’!?” She ask, as they walked back to Cindy.

“Because, he seems like the kind of guy that would wait there until I said yes. So, let’s just catch his Meowth so he’ll be happy and leave.” He answerd.


When they finally arrived at Nashira's Casino, the only known region that has the pokemon, the got off and walked around the place for a while, past slot machines, Riolu Roulette and anything else that could be make you bankrupt, until they stumbled upon the pokemon they were searching for.

“Look, Gus! Over there!” Ravyn pointed a short distance away. There, under a poker table lay a Meowth, cuddling up to one of the many people’s legs. And to make the situation even more fun, there were a couple of guards mulling around, and would quickly escort them out, seeing that they’re under age.

“Well, we’re in a pickle…” Said August. “How are we supposed to get past those guards?”

“I have an idea, but you’re not gonna like it…” Ravyn took a deep breath and ran up to one of the guards.

“Mr. Guard, Please help me! That man at the table kidnapped me and won’t let me leave!”

Everyone at the table stared at her in shock, including August. Then, he almost broke out laughing. Only SHE would think of a plan like this. He thought.

“Which man, gurly?” The guard asked. All the players were watching silently.

“Umm, I think it’s that one.” She said pointing to a random guy at the table. While this was going on, August was crawling on his hands and knees under the table, trying to reach the Meowth that, every time he got close enough, would dart you the other end of the table. But Ravyn was keeping them pretty busy as she would point from one random guy to another, accusing them of the ‘kidnapping’

“I’m pretty sure it’s that guy…” She said.

“But I was with him the whole night!” Said the man’s friend.

 “Now that I think about it, he did have an accomplice……”

The guard looked at her more closely. “You’re not lying now, are you?”

This is bad, though August. I need to catch this thing fast.

At this point, the Meowth was practically laughing at him, and August was starting to get annoyed.

“You’re not making this any easier!” he whispered to it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a empty pokeball, then, much to the meowth’s surprise, tapped it on its head and caught it. It seems to have been worn out by their little game of Meowth and Rattata, because it didn’t give much of a stuggle. August hurried from out under the table and popped up next to Ravyn, who was starting to have a difficult time.

“Look,” Said the guard. “If you’re telling the truth, what color car did you get out of?”

“A, uh, a black one…?” She said.

“We didn’t come here by car!” All the men at the table said at the same time.


“Ah! There you are! You can’t run of like that!” said August, putting his hand on her arm and pulling her aside.

“I told you I’d be right back as soon as I got the package.” He turned to the confused guard and gamblers.

“I so sorry she disturbed your game. We’ll be leaving immediately.” He started to walk away with Ravyn when the guard put his hand on his shoulder.

“And what relation does she have with you?” he asked.

“She’s my little sister.” He said. “A very curious one at that.” Which was an excuse that they used when they were kids, since they looked so much alike. And thanks to his height, he looked way older then he actually was.

“Now if you would excuse us, I’d like to get going.” He said, then they proceeded out the door without protest from any of the guards.

“That was too close for comfort.” Said August.

“Totally. Let’s hurry back.”


Back at the Fairy Playground.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!” the trainer, whose name was Nasu, exclaimed.

“No problem.” Said August.

“Here, I’ll give you my Druddigon! Now it’s a trade!” He quickly handed August the pokeball, then ran off, enjoying his new ‘Dragon.’

“Well, At least he’s happy…” Said Ravyn.

“Yeah, that’s true” August gestured to where Cindy was waiting at.

“Next stop: The Pink Rock.”


-August obtained a male Druddigon.

3: Trade with
Ballerina Tutu.


They landed on the top of the Pink Rock, amazed at how big it actually was. It looked tiny when they were in the sky.

Ravyn looked over and saw movement behind onyou see e of the many giant rock surrounding them. “Did you see that, Gus?” she asked.

“See what?” he called after her, since she had started to go towards it.

When August caught up to her, they both stood, peeking from behind the rock. A girl in a tutu was dancing on point, perfectly balanced and graceful. There were pokemon dancing with her, a Magby and Ludicolo, but couldn’t keep up with her steps. She stopped and sighed.

"I need a Gallade to be my prince, please let me protect my prince." She said, looking up to the sky.

Ravyn walked out from behind the rock and raised her hand. “I can catch you a Gallade.”

“Ravyn!” August started to complain, but the Ballerina cut him off.

“Will you truly go forth and find my prince?”

“Sure, I’ll get him for you, and in return, start dancing like you’re happy rather than sad, ok?”

“Oh, if that is thy wish, I shall agree!” She said.

Ravyn ran back to August, who was epic face-palming, and said, “You know the drill, let’s get going!”


As they walked the area on the Pink Rock, they were once again reminded of how massive this thing really is. It was sort of like the ocean, once you’re in the middle of it, you can’t see any land. Keeping an eye out for a Ralts, they kept on, moving a swiftly as possible, while stepping over various psychic- type pokemon.

“Where do think all the Ralts a-AH!” Ravyn had tripped over something and would have fell to the ground if August hadn’t caught her in time.

“You ok?” he asked, looking generally worried.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.” She looked around, to see what she had stepped on, and saw a light blue brilliant stone laying there. “What’s this?” she picked it up, looking to see where it would have come from. Then they both heard a noise coming from around one of the rocks. They looked at each other and nodded, both started making their way over there.

What they saw was a shiny Ralts dancing on a rock, all by itself. “Aww, it looks so lonely…” Said Ravyn. Then, as they watched, it started to glow and turned into shiny Kirlia, as it danced, singing to itself.

Ravyn walked up to it. It froze, not knowing if it should runaway or listen to what Ravyn had to say.

“You know, there’s a trainer just like you, and she needs a dance partner... Would you like to audition for the role of ‘Prince’?” she asked. Kirlia stared at her for a while, then happily started to jump up and down, spinning midair.

“I guess that means yes!” She said, and started fumbling in her bad for a pokeball, when the mysterious stone fell out without her knowing. Kirlia jumped down from the rock it was on and picked it up to hand it back to her when it started to glow yet again, growing taller and thinner until a Gallade stood before her.

“That stone… It was a Dawn stone!” she exclaimed.

“THAT’S why it looked so familiar…” Said August.

Gallade looked at its self and seemed even happier with its new body. Ravyn finally found her pokeball and gave it to Gallade.

“Whenever you ready, big guy. Your dance partner is waiting for you.”

It smiled and push the button, and didn’t put up and struggle.


Once the made their way back, they found the Ballerina sitting on the ground. She sprang up as soon as they arrived and happily accepted the Gallade. She quickly let it out of its pokeball.

“Oh, my prince is magnificent! Thank you, my friends. Now I can dance with happiness upon my heart!”

“Sure thing, take good care of Gallade, ok?” Said Ravyn.

“Oh, of course. And as a thanks for all the trouble, please accept Magby and Ludicolo. They seem unhappy dancing, so maybe a battle or two will get them lively again.”

“Thank you so much! I promise to take good care of them.” She said.  “Where to next, Gus?”

“let’s look at the Deep Blue Sea.”


-Ravyn obtained a Magby and Ludicolo.

4: Trade with Pirate Captain Luff.

They were flying for quite a while and Cindy was starting to get tired.

“we need a place to rest.” Said August.

“Like where? There’s no land in sight!” Ravyn said, then spotted a ship just of west. “let’s land there and ask if we can rest for a bit.”

They landed and where about to ask if they could rest, when a Pirate walked up to them and said: "I cannot eat this chicken!” he gestured towards a Torchic that was affectionately rubbing against his leg.  “Give me something that will play music on my ship so I can party with my crew!"

“Sir, we don’t even know yo-” Ravyn started

“Yee Better hurry up, before I steal all yee treasures and walk yee of me plank!”

At that, the hurriedly got on poor Cindy and took off once again.


On the way there, they decide that the Pirate captain needed a Kricketot for his fun, and finding one was in the Green Fields was like finding grass- they were everywhere. They quickly caught one and headed back.


Once they landed back on the ship, Ravyn called out to the Captain. “Yo, Cap! We got you’re pokemon!” one of the crew members scrawled at her.

“Yee Better be watchin’ ur mouth thar, missy! He’s name be Pirate Captain Luff, and don’t yee furget it!”

“Oh….uh… sorry?” she said “Pirate Captain Luff, we have returned with your, umm, butty!”

August started laughing. “Butty? Really? Someone has been watching too many movings.”


“It don’t matter what you yungsters call dem dare treasures, as long as it be what I wanted.”

Ravyn throw him Kricketot’s pokeball. And the Capt. let it out. It started play lively shanties immediately and they could tell that the Captain was pleased.

“Now THIS ‘ere is what I be talkin’ ‘bout!” he said, as his crew members started dancing and handing out drinks. Ravyn did think it was a little strange though when someone hung up a Disco ball and brought out bowls of chips.

“Yee earned this ‘ere Torchic o’ mine. Go head an’ take ‘im ” he said, throwing it to August.

“Ur bird can rest too, c’mon and join in duh fun!”

Ravyn and August looked at each other. August shrugged. “We have nothing better to do.”

“WOOOHOOOO!” Ravyn ran straight for the food.

August sighed. “She is so predictable… and adorable.”


-August obtained a male Torchic.


Love Tards Thaaaaaats right! in honor of Valentine's day, I decided to make a contest to spread some love to my watchers! And what better way to make people love you then with treasure!Tsukiko Tsukikakushi (Nyaa) [V1]

The actual event starts on the 11th and goes through the 14th, that's four days for a chance to win a prizes! and even though it starts on the 11th I'm taking names now for the sake of getting enough people, so spreading some word around would be really appreciate it:heart:

There has to be at least 10 people if I can continue with it.
Heart LoveHow to play!~Heart Love

for the treasure hunt, I will hide links to cheeb Kisses all over my page, favorites, and even my deviations and give you some hints as to were to look. there is a three hour time limit though, so hunt as quickly as you can!

Heart LoveHow to Join!~Heart Love

Here's what you have to do to enter:
:heart: rvmp (optional) a Watch! {please Watch me for my art, if you like it ;u;}
:heart: rvmp Fave this journal.
:heart: rvmp Write a journal or poll about this contest. {I'm afraid that this won't get enough people}
:heart: rvmp Comment bake here with the link to the journal and you're all set!

Heart LovePrize time!~Heart Love

There is a prize for each day~
the winner of the 11th = a digital full color full body
the winner of the 12th = a custom ref sheet
the winner of the 13th = a digital full color chibi
the winner of the 14th = a custom adopt of one of my closed species!

Heart Lovewhat time does it start?~Heart Love

It will start at 5:00 Mountain Time {here's a time zone clock…}

Heart LoveList of participants!~Heart Love

heart balloons bearrawr

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Hi hi mina!!! I've noticed that I've gotten new watchers too, so hello there!Haruka Saigusa (Waves) [V1]
I haven't thank you properly for the watch, gomenasai! Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2]  every time I get close to the keyboard, Life comes in and slaps my hands away.
but i really do appreciate ALL the watches and faves and will eventually get around to giving everyone a llamaLlama jumpchasing llama
also, Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! you guys are the best!

i will also make a to-do list, so i can get my stuff straight.

and i've decided that im going to try and do a contest for Valentines day! to help spread love and sweetness all over DA!
to make it even better, its a find the object contest *7*
it starts on the 10th of February to the 14th.

all you have to do is find five Cheeb Kisses scattered all over my page and some deviations when i submit the journal to say start!
when you find them all, you have to put the links in a note and send it to me! this is only for my watchers, so if anyone watches me after the 10th
the cannot enter.

you'll have four times to win a prize, and there are different prizes for different days, which i will make a journal on later.

but i need at least 10 people to join! so this is a early sign up journal.
if you'd like to join, this is all you have to do!

*be a watcher.
*fave this journal
*make a journal with a link and comment back here!

i'll put you on a list then, so until then, ja ne!~

This story is for the pokemon RP group :iconpokemonrainbow:'s special event that can be read here >> Mysterious dark forest! - Legendary encounter!Guys, first thing - I'm so very sorry! It was tough time for me but still I should have done it earlier, my deepest apologies, and no worries, I AM going to finish this thing and you will get the promised prizes!
So, back to the story:
After trainers went searching for the nearest Pokemon, professor Macadamia sit on some trunk and looked after them. Soon the communicator called - it was a report from Ravyn, then from others too.
They found many different Pokemon so after they came back, Professor had a ready list:
Some Phantumps and Trevenants, few Pumpkaboos and Gourgeists, also Oddishes.
Then Ghastlys... and one of them been following Miska till now...

Also Gravity found Shuppets, Banettes, a Goomy, Drifloons and also a Pumpkaboo.

Tailus reported sightings of Dedennes, Purloins, Shedinjas, Honedges, shiny Sentret, HootHoots, Jo

please Enjoy! it's really long......too long lol ;7;

- Xerneas? Mew and Darkrai? - The Professor whispered with disbelief.

Everything was silent. Someone could have dropped a pen and it would have sound like a bolder fell from the sky. Ravyn didn’t know what to think, let alone what to do.

“This situation is most unusual!” whispered the Prof. “I MUST take a closer look.”

And with that, the professor started towards the three legends. Ravyn and the rest of the trainers slowly followed. Xerneas and Darkrai seemed to be in a silent conversation, like they were trying to fix this whole Dark Forest mess, like they knew who did it and were trying to stop it……

They all got close enough to see tiny details about the magnificent pokemon. Ravyn noticed Xerneas was giving off some sort of green glow around it, coming off in waves and gathering on the ground, and beneath its hooves grew the most brilliant flowers she had ever seen,but she couldn't identify the species. Xerneas was the only thing giving light to this gloomy forest. But Darkrai seemed to have the opposite effect on nature. Cold darkness surrounded its form, sucking darkness from every visible shadow in the glade. It was almost like it was stealing the life out of the shade of the trees. And Mew…

“Where’s Mew?” Talin asked. “It was right there…”

She was right, Ravyn couldn’t tell when, but Mew disappeared somehow.

Suddenly, Moirae yelped.

“Moirae, what’s wro-” the Professor put his hand over Miska’s mouth. Everyone had to do a double take.

Mew was head-first in Moirae’s bag, throwing various items out of it and eating anything edible.

“Aah! Mew, you can’t- this isn’t for you to go through!” Moirae said in a hushed voice, as she tried to back away from the playful pokemon. Mew thought Moirea was right. It should just keep the bag instead. With a playful squeal it grabbed the bag’s strap and pulled it off Moirae’s shoulder. Moirae was able to grab hold again but Mew just wouldn’t give up.

“Mew! Please stop, they’ll hear us!” whispered Tailus, as he, his jolteon, and his adino tried to grab Moirae’s bag too. Mew gave a small pout and decided it was too difficult to take the bag- With all these trainers around anyway.

So, Mew used Teleport.

With the bag.

And Moirae.

“Moirae?!” shouted Gravity. “What happen-”

Prof. Macadamia clapped his hands with glee, cutting off Gravity, mid-sentence. “What a marvelous Teleport! I must ask Moirae how it felt to be transported!”

Suddenly, Mew reappeared between Miska and Sapphire, holding a very distinctive bag.

“It left Moirae somewhere?!”Exclaimed Talin.

 “Mew mew!!” Squeaked the little pokemon as it rolled around with its new bag and all its glory. But then Mew glanced up and quickly flew away, back into the glade, leaving its precious trophy behind.

“Wait! Mew, where did you take Moirae!” Shouted Ravyn as she turned towards the direction it flew off at……

……And stared right into Darkrai’s ice cold, electric blue eyes, inches away from her face. She screamed and staggered back. She saw Darkrai start to use Dark Pulse. Everyone jumped out of the way as it shot from its hand into the forest. They heard a boom in the distance.

The trainers were on the ground, dazed, their pokemon standing over them to protecting them from the Black Hole pokemon. Darkrai raised its hand again, ready for another Dark Pulse.

“Darkrai, Wait!” Said the Professor, “We’re here to help, you see? We just want to figure out where this ‘Dark Forest’ came from, to study it and find how to reverse it! We want to help the flora and fauna retain the balance of this forest!”

Darkrai remained still. Ravyn hadn’t notice that the temperature had plummeted at least fifteen degrees, and is dropping. Looking around she could see that the pokemon were feeling it also, laying on the ground and shivering. No, that isn’t it… she thought, they’re not cold, they’re asleep… all of them!

“Tina…TINA!” Joyce cried as the shadow of a Smoochums runs close to the ground with a terrified look on its face. Soon other trainers start seeing their pokemon as well, in a ghostly form, while their bodies twist and turn in their sleep. Darkrai is doing this. Ravyn thought, as she cuddled her Aii-Chan while desperately watching him trying to outrun his dream, or Nightmare.

“Darkrai, please stop! We did nothing to deserve this!” Shouted Sapphire, holding her Azurill tighly in her arms. “Please!”

Darkrai started forwards then stopped, and move aside. A light walked towards them, smelling of morning rain and pine needles, radiating a bright, warm, and welcoming glow, with flowers sprouting wherever it stepped. The pokemon started to relax in their slumber and the shadows of them merged back into their bodies. Xerneas stopped a few feet away from the trainers and gazed at each one of them it turn. Up close you could tell that Xerneas was tiered and weak. It was told that Xerneas has a 1,000 year life span, and scientist had estimated it would be about 998 years old this year. I get it now… its life span is almost over and now it has to deal with this. Ravyn thought. Mew was singing happily while sitting on Xerneas’s head, spraying the last bit of liquid out of a bottle of Hyper Potion it stole from Moirae into the air.

“Xerneas, you believe that we are here to help, right?” asked Prof. Macadamia. Ravyn guessed the Professor also knew about its life expectancy rate, because as he gazed at it he looked rather sad, knowing that the possibility of finding Xerneas again to study it within two years would be almost impossible. This is probably the first and last time he, and most likely all of the trainers, will ever see Xerneas.

Everyone was standing now, their pokemon sleeping at their feet with the warmth of Xerneas soothing them as it strode to the middle of the group and Prof. Macadamia walked to stand beside it. Ravyn thought that Darkrai had left, but was surprised to see that it had just retreated a few feet away into the shadow of a tree, watching but not for revenge, more for curiosity. Ravyn guessed that Darkrai may be following them, but wouldn't cause any trouble.

Everyone walked in closer to the graceful pokemon as it bowed its head downwards to the Professor. Xerneas then looked up and started towards the glade. Picking up their slumbering pokemon, The Prof. and trainers followed in silence. It halted near the edge of the glade and turned slightly, lifting its head as if it was pointing somewhere.

“Ahh, so this is the direction to go if we want to solve this mystery.” Said the Professor. “Thank you, Xerneas. We might have gotten even more lost if you hadn’t shown us the way.”

Everyone looked at the professor. “Hold on,” said Gravity, “you mean we were lost the whole time?!”

“My motto is to ‘never dwell in the past’!”

“That isn’t an answer, Professor.”

“You’re right, it’s a motto!”

Xerneas seemed to chuckle at the confusion conversation. As everyone listened in on the talk, Ravyn was slowly making her way closer to Xerneas. She was curious about it just and wanted to feel its warmth up close, to see if all this was even real. Xerneas turned its head to look at her. She stopped in her tracks, worried she’d scare it off, but it slightly nodded its head and she continued to walk until she was right next to it.

Ravyn put her hand on its side and could feel its breathing under its soft blue fur, amazed by how much energy it was giving off. A cool breeze flowed off of it, making her hair move gently across her shoulders. Emotions started to overcome her, knowing that such a beautiful, life bringing creature had only so much time left. She buried her face into its side, trying not to cry because of the sadness of it all. She could hear some sort of sing emitting from its fur, a far forgotten melody that was sung by the forest itself. Ravyn notice that the talking had stopped and, looking to her right, saw Miska walk up next to her and with her hand on Xerneas as well. All the trainers followed in suit and came to say their good-byes and thank-yous to Xerneas, and even though they had just met it a few minutes ago, there was a feeling that Xerneas was always protecting them every time they stepped into the forest, that it would do its part and they should do theirs. Xerneas slowly moved away, walking into the forest. It turned to look at them one last time. Then it turned back and pranced away, vanishing deep into Dark Forest.

The pokemon woke shortly after Xerneas left, some stirring drowsily in their master’s arms while others jumped and ran in circles, full of energy. Some of the trainers looked back at the glade, only to find trees filling a space that was no longer there, almost like it never existed in the first place. Joyce was putting her darling Smoochums on the ground when her head shot up.

“We forgot about Moirae!” she exclaimed.

All the trainers looked at the Professor, seeking directions on what to do, but he seemed to be shaking himself out of a daze.

Professor looked at everybody.
- Whew! That was interesting! – He was much more enthusiastic than he should have been after all that happened.  –I suppose we should go and look for Moirae… Who knows what will happen to her?
The trainers let the air out of the lungs looked at each other and ran after Professor who was already far.


-Ravyn has obtained a Ghastly and a shiny Goomy!


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:iconfluffylink: is giving away a twelve month premium membership for Christmas!
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SkunkyFly is have a New Year Raffle!! ^//7//^

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GUYSS!! :iconskunkyfly:'s raffle
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you should go check it out! who knows-you might win!
good luck to those who join! ^u^


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Xfeii's Contest!

Mon Dec 1, 2014, 7:59 PM

12 days of FREE SKETCHES! 30/30!! closed!!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2014, 11:35 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

just wanted to say that since there are so many request, i'll probably do them in batches of 3 to 4, once or twice a day, so keep checking the journal to see your status bar, just in case your curious
you might see you OCs a lot sooner then you think!

wow! thank you so much for all the requests! So many beautiful OCs!:bademoticon:
I'm closing this for now, but, depending on how many I get done this week, I might open it again for the last time this weekend, so you can still comment if you want one. Stay tooned!Chitanda Smile Icon

Hello everyone!Italy (Epic Waving) [V1]

Ahh, as the season of giving draws near, I feel compelled to, well, give! :la:
So, I decided to give away free sketch commission to 12 people or more, if I get that many. And you don't have to be a watcher!Yato (At your service) [V1]

They will range from chibi to anime, full body to head shot, so if you'd like something specific, then please say so. I prefer drawing humans or human like creatures (ears, horns, tails etc.)

Here's all you have to do! (* means required)
*make a journal/poll with a link to this journal.
*comment back with the journal and your OC
}Look through my gallery (you don't have to watch, but if you like my art it'd be very much appreciated ^^ llamas are also appreciated~)
}tell a friend
*please be patient.
*and comment saying "Jingle Bells!" (This tells me if you've read the rules or not. Any comment that doesn't say it will be ignored.)

the Sketches will be uploaded randomly, and I might draw two or more of other people's OCs together. So if you don't want some random persons OC with yours, then please state that in your comment.

If I get more then 12 commissions, then I'll start putting people down on a waiting list to see if I have time to draw more or not, so comment away!~

you can post as many as you want! I will choose one or two of them.
and remember to have fun!Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1]

6.SonaArtist PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
7.xmaronkax PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
8.CherryMint72 PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
9.flindsey09 PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
10.DumbKittyArt-tm PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
11.Kagome235 PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
12.Jack--Fan PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist


13.zabransky10 PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
14.PaintPalletePony PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
15.zgirl12 PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
16.MattysGurl PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
17.AnimeDragon910 PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
18.AntonioRenteriaPB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
TuskyHusky PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
20.deadcat2001 PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
Extension of Extras >//u//< (thank you for all the requests!)

UxieWriterPB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
Pinkie-Bases PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
CakeplaysPB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
fanimepegasister1420PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
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Kamistasia PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
27.sugarsyddie PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
28.CIxrity PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist
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?.PB G.Stars - Finished by Oceannist

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~{My Wish List}~

Sun Nov 30, 2014, 2:38 PM

Dear Secret Santa, I would like an OC for
Christmas this year!~

Vickie by BijouBlue
her name is Vyctoria, "Vickie" for short
she's a closed species I made awhile ago
she rarely smiles and is mostly emotionless to everything.
she's been locked in a bird cage most of her life, and she loves small birds,
especial finches.
she'll eat anything sweet and likes to sing.

Raven2 by BijouBlue August by BijouBlue
Ravyn and August!
they can be drawn together or apart
since they both live in the pokemon world (and because Gus has a crush on Ravyn...hehe)

Aqua (Chibi ver) by BijouBlue Age of aquarius by BijouBlue
she has every trait of the classic Aquarius
and water for hair~

 Imma stay up to see if Reindeer really fly~ hehe
thanks Santa!~ Milk, which goes quite well with cookies :bademoticon:

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Secret Santa Group

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 25, 2014, 5:49 AM
What's the best way to get your holiday spirit up and going? Why, a Secret Santa of course!

I've recently joined :iconsecretsantaproject:
and can't wait to get this going!

If your looking for a Secret Santa this year, (that are still open), then come and check this group!

deadline for sign ups is 11/27/14

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Feature Tag (0/20)!!!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2014, 1:56 PM

Aaaaahhhh i was s'pposed to do this YESTERDAY!!!! but i got so busy and forgot...forgive me natsu-senpai!! ;-;

i've done this before, but it's still fun to do once in a while. so I hopes you participate!!!!  \( >//7//< )/


 1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the 5 deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you're featured, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

No.1 :iconnatsuba:

[AT] Missuses by Natsuba

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All-ArtsHQ is having a contest!!

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 9:06 AM
you have to genderbend you OC >u<
(hehe, this is going to be fun)
all the info can be found Here!!!
join and have fun!!!

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Fri Jul 18, 2014, 8:25 PM