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Yasuo Ito {I-N App}

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Published: June 28, 2017
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IT SAID FIRE EMBLEM I HAD TOO #NOREGRETS wish me luuuuuuck!!Ayumi Excited Icon :iconinitium--novum::iconinitium--novum::iconinitium--novum:


Name: Yasuo Ito
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Species: Human 
Date of Birth: November 11th
Nationality: Hoshido 
Sexuality: Hetero


Starting Class: Archer
Weapon: Daikyū Yumi (Long bow)
Weapon Proficiency: B 

-------------Unique Ability------------

                                                                                      When [Yasuo] is the lead unit, if his level is lower than or equal to his                                                                                       supporter, +10 to Critical, +3 damage dealt and -1 damage received.

----------Base Stats-----------

: 1
HP: 27
Str (Strength): 9
Mag (Magic): 0
Skl (Skill): 10
Spd (Speed): 10
Lck (Luck): 6
Def (Defense): 4
Res (Resistance): 4
Mov (Movement): 7

-----| caring | curious | loyal | low self-esteem | distant | Rash |-----

    Yasuo has always been more gentle than his siblings, and often takes extra precautions when dealing with something fragile or someone injured. Ever since he was little, Yasuo wanted to explore the world just like any other child, but due to his poor health he was kept inside most of his life. Because of that reason, he developed a natural curiosity about everything, from objects to techniques to tales of legends and heroes. He is not one to give up on someone, always cheering them on and being there for them is something that comes natural to him. He hopes that he can find someone that he can be loyal to, and vice versa. If a plan fails or something bad happens, Yasuo is quick to blame himself about it. He often doesn't eat when things like that happen, not because he wants to but out of habit from how his father used to punish him. He also tends to keep a distance from people because he doesn't know exactly how to approach them. He's fine with conversation if someone were to approach him, but usually if there is a large gathering he keeps himself away from the crowd. Even though Yasuo usually can handle situations pretty calmly, if it has to do with someone he cares for he will act recklessly to help them. He can easily be pulled into traps this way, and he knows it, but Yasuo rarely cares about it. As long as the person he loves is out of danger, than he can deal with the consequences later. He hope that joining the army will help with this instinct of his.


    Yasuo grow up in a family dedicated to the Hoshido Army. His two brothers and his sister were in the army when he reach six years of age, along with his father, which made for a very quiet household. Yasuo’s mother, an archer before she got married, was the only one to raise him at the time. He loved her very much, and could tell her anything that came to his mind. As he grew older, his father started to spend more time with him… that is, for training. Since being a part of the Ito family, Yasuo was already expecting to join the Hoshido Army, like all of his family before him, but he wasn’t ready to take on the family’s traditional weapon of choice. Everyone in his family used a sword, everyone. When his mother was going to marry into the Ito family, she had two options: Leave the Army or switch weapons. Yasuo knew that using a sword would be impossible for him, as he wasn’t exactly built like his other siblings. His leg muscles were weak, no matter how much he trained to strengthen them, and although he was fast at running he could barely move with a sword in his hand. Yasuo tried to convince his father to let him use another weapon, any weapon, but nothing would change his father’s pride. Because of this training, Yasuo was not allowed to play with the kids outside anymore. He was to focus on learning the way of the Hoshido army, from strategies to ranks and all the above. He didn't have much of a childhood due to being isolated, so he would often find it hard to talk to new people. 

He had enough at age 13, while his was getting stronger, it would take three times longer than it took for his siblings to even get enlisted at his current state. His swordplay was as sloppy as when he first started, and his swings were weak and slow. Every day he would confide to his mother, the only one that understood his pain. One night, he showed up in her room in tears, barely handling the emotional distress of being called ‘weak’ and ‘worthless’ all his life.

“They always said that you take after me most,” His mother said, as she comforted a confused and upset Yasuo. “So maybe you should learn how I fought, instead of your father’s way.”

She took him out that very night into the woods, picking up a very long, wrapped up stick she hid under the porch on their way there. Once they arrived, she unraveled the stick, which turned out to be her old Daikyū Yumi, or long bow. It's design stunned Yasuo, as it was mostly carved wood of a bird taking to the skies. After she strung it, she handed it to Yasuo who handled it with care.

“They told me to burn her…” She said in a forlorn voice. “But I could not part with her, not like that.”

The bow had a name inscribed on it, Asuka.

“It means ‘Soaring Bird’,” His mother said, “And she is yours now.”

From that day (or night) forward, she started teaching Yasuo the art of archery in secret. He would still take lessons with his father during the day, and at times his mother worried if it was too much on his body, but he insisted they continue.

“I will prove to father my strength, without using a sword,” Yasuo would say, “And force him to recognize me as a soldier!”

As time went on, Yasuo came to love his new weapon, Asuka. He quickly surpassed the basics that his mother had taught him, and now goes into the woods just to have the feeling of an arrow leaving the string. He was learning to listen to the environment, hearing the smallest of noises the creatures would make. He started shooting from different places, high in the trees or low beneath the bushes. At age 17 he felt like he was as free as he would ever be. The training from his father was still tough, and his father did not know way his son was tired all of the time. That was soon about to change. It was autumn when Yasuo was out at night, having a good time shooting the targets that nailed to the trees, when he heard the rustling of leaves. He would have ignored it if he didn’t hear the weight of the creature. From the sound of the footfalls on leave he could tell that it was large, and approaching fast. Without a second thought, he shot an arrow into the tree next to were the ‘creature’ emerged. Yasuo had never seen his father look so angry before, as he pulled the arrow out of the tree, breaking it between his hands.

“To the house,” He spoke in a cold tone, “Immediately.”

Everyone was awoken, and a family meeting was in place. Only one of his older brothers were home, and when he heard what Yasuo had did, he was just as furious. After many minutes of silence, it was Yasuos mother who spoke to his father first.

“My dear, I--”

“I taught myself archery.” She was promptly cut off by Yasuo, who would never let her take the blame. He bowed deeply to his father, who was looking at him like a complete stranger. He begged his father to let him stay in that house until he was 18, then he would join the army. His father only stood up, and told him before he left the room that he only sees Yasuo as his mother’s son, not his.

“If I would have known, I would have gladly raised a Nohrian instead.” Was the last thing his father ever said to Yasuo. As promised, Yasuo left to join the army on his 18th birthday, and hadn’t gone home since. Although he misses his mother dearly, Yasuo still desires his father to see him as a warrior while keeping his country safe, and he still has a lot of learning before that can happen.


    • His Mother
    • Animal life (especially birds)
    • Clear night skies
    • Being warm
    • Mocha
    • His older brother. "I look up to him!"
    • Greenery
    • Asuka (his bow)
    • Ichigo Daifuku (strawberry mochi)<3


      • Lying
      • Injustice
      • Green peppers
      • The cold
      • Overconfidence
      • Being taken advantage of
      • Cutting his hair
      • Dark clouds and thunder
        • Yasuo CANNOT hold his liqueur.
        • He makes his own arrows.
        • He gets easily sunburned, so he'd rather go out after sundown.
        • The only animal he is scared of are cows.
        • Yasuo's mother dotted on him most, since he was so fragile.
        • When he was was really little, Yasuo kept getting sick. His parents worried if he would make it, but thankfully he got better as he got older.
        • Aside from the bow, Yasuo also learned traditional tea making from his mother, without his father's notice of course.
        • He has a habit hitting his head when going into low doorways, due to his awkwardness height.


Yoshitsugu Matsuoka: Sample --->…

-------------Role Play Method------------

I can do both lit and script, but prefer lit for more serious rps.
I can do notes or Discord (I'm learning how to use it~)
HC are OK!
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i didnt see him earlier i doki'd SO HARD JUST NOW
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BijouBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG XDD Thank you but pls dont die on meee
dont worry, ill make u daijoubu
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dw im still alive B)
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he's so adorable?? i love his colour scheme and design!! and his backstory made me weep a bit |D he's such a darling... i'm gonna adopt him lol
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Thank you so much!!;7; why do i torture him with sadness LAWL
tosses him at chu, careful he awkward af asdfkjsd;
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THAT HAIR///////// Oooh it's so perfect and cute, I bet it's really silky too~<3

What a sweet boy, too! He's so curious and kind. A little too hard on himself, but that's only because he hasn't met super good friends in Hoshido who will treat him right. Or at least, he better find some good company or I'll cry over here! He's such a sweet supportive bab, he deserves the best.

Wow though, what a father... just because he wouldn't use a sword, I feel so bad for the boy. No wonder he's so hard on himself, my poor boy here deserves so much better. His mom seems so cool though, I'm glad she passed Yasuo her precious bow. So tall, too! It's amusing imagine this sweet giant accidentally bumping into doorframes and the like, haha! Hopefully that doesn't happen too much...

Congrats on getting in, I really love Yasuo~!<3
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BijouBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
wow, thank yoooou!!
Yeah, he has a lot to over come, so head canons should help with it XD
offers the awkward beanstalks hair as a thanks for comment//
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Ribbon-KnightStudent Digital Artist
You're very welcome! That's good then...
IT'S HARDER TO RP WITH HOSHIDANS BUT... it'd be good to headcanon or RP with Yasuo sometime anyway. :' D
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Candied-CoffinProfessional Digital Artist
What a sweetie <3 i love him 
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Thank you!<3
The Hoshido sibs give me life sakdfjksa;l
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*clutches heart* bless 
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 Congrats for making it into the Group o v o //
I hope we will be getting along just fine and having a lot of fun here
and I sure wish we will having the pleasure to rp in the future as well >7/< 

I think you can clearly see that actually is an archer but his outfit 
is still so very creative and was capturing my eye right from the start q v q
His history was pretty much moving as well and I hope he someday is able to 
stay up to his father proudly as an archer and he will accept him again as his child >//< 
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BijouBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
and yuuush, I hope we can too~! I can't wait to see how this group grows<3

I hope he will someday, his father doesn't know wats coming hehehe Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
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Congrats on making it in!!!!! Yay for Hoshido Pride owo
I hope our babs can become friends >w<
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Thank you, and congrats to you as well! Yussss hoshidoo!!Fist Bump
I hope soooo, I would love to rp sometime~yes pls teach my beanstalk how to fight like a man//kicked
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whynotuberProfessional Digital Artist
Yes we should def rp!!! Nalin needs all the friends he can get ;w; Nalin will teach him we just need a catchy training montage song and we're set //smacked
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Yeah, especially for this event!!
Plays Eye of the Tiger// let's do this
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Chibi-MoniHobbyist General Artist
Oh my, you have such a precious boy ;; v ;;
I like him so much~ both design-wise and personality-wise, he he wonderful ^w^
Can't wait to see more of him~ <3 <3 <3
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BijouBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much (/;o;)/<3
Im excited to see more of your beauty as well!
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Ohhhh look at this pretty boy XDD I just love his color scheme and most importantly that gorgeous hair. //wants to touch
I'm looking forward to seeing lots of pretty art of him! I would say I look forward to playing with him but he's an archer and will own my ass so //slides away

Congrats on making it in <333 XDDD
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BijouBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
XD thank you! yes, please pet his hair//holds it up like silk//kicked
congratulations to you as well! I can't wait to see ur baby wreck some hoshidan enemies!
nunuuuu he is a useless beanstalk come play Happy Garry Emote (Small)  
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katethepikachuHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh he's so precious hhh! What a supportive sweetie, I love him <3 //ruffles his beautiful hair// His design is very nice too! Best of luck to you on getting in! I have a great feeling that you'll get in ~ I hope our kids can be friends! <3
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BijouBlueHobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you so much!!! (/;0;)/
I really hope that the both of us get iiiiin, good luck to you too! //eXTREME HyPE
Yeeeeess, he needs friends~~ XD lol
*embarrassed squeak from Yasuo* >///o///<
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