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Topazazz {Ziion}
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By BijouBlue   |   Watch
Published: December 20, 2018
© 2018 - 2019 BijouBlue
Vaporwave has never looked cooler

Name: "Topazazz"
Nicknames: Zazzy, Topz, Toppy
Age: 22
Gender: female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Thicc 143 lb
Role: Weaponeer
Sexual orientation: Hetero
Relationship status: single pringle, crazies are welcome
Main weapon: RPG-7 Grenade Launcher/hand grenades

-----------------------------------------Personality Traits-----------------------------------------
Exhibitionist | Escapist | Simple-minded | Rash | Clever | Objective | Sassy | Adrenaline Junkie | obsessive | frivolous | Mentally unstable

Topz only has two modes: on and off. If she isn't rearing to go she's asleep and if she isn't asleep she's trying to blow something up. She's an attention whore that will do anything to get a reaction, negative or positive. Coming from a family that completely ignored her existence, she's always looking to be at least acknowledged by another human being. The worst thing that you can do to her is ignore her antics, it would break her heart and her mind. She was never the type to hesitate or think things through. What ever happens happens, then she'll think of how to get out of it. Once Topz sets her mind on something, she has to get it, no objection. And when she gets something, it has to be in the most flashy way possible. She was never taught any social norms, and thus just... does and says whatever she wants.

Growing up, Topz mental state would vary the more that she moved around. As she got older, her mental state just went down the hole. With the fact that no body loved her floating in her head, her life became insignificant in her eyes. So she started to risk it. having the traumatic childhood memories of hateful glances from her parents, her brain just needed something that can make her feel alive again. Drugs could help for a bit, but she didn't always have the money for them. Becoming an adrenaline junkie easily solved her problem. Jumping into a fight is like her medicine, it gets her blood pumping. 

Topz was a "trouble child". She cried and screamed as an infant, like many babies do, but they usually went unanswered. Her parents both worked high paying jobs and were rarely seen, yet when they were home, they wanted to pretend that Topz wasn't. As young as her parents were they never saw a child in their future, yet there she was. Her father rarely glanced at her, and her mother's pet name for her was 'The Accident'. they would fight about her and pretend she wasn't theirs, all while she tried to be the best daughter ever, to no avail. This was how she lived until one day both her parents had a eureka moment.They didn't make all this money to waste it on a messy child. So, from that day on, Topz been passed around her extended family since the age of seven, with relatives finally coming to the same mentality after about 6 months or so with her. 

At first it hurt Topz

She would cry and beg them not to pass her on, not to let her go. Her guardians never really listened, and would pretend to care until she was dropped off somewhere for the next set of 'parents' came to pick her up. Nobody in her family wanted a kid, as most were one and done families. why raise another one? its too much work for the working parent. Topz would still try though, doing chores, acting nice, getting good grades. But it didn't change the fact that her whole family saw money before her, no matter what she did.

Then it became an annoyance

Topz just decided that she was done. No more pretending to be nice, no more wanting to be noticed, no more complaining. She left when ever they told her to, and didn't care who was going to pick her up next. She would go to school then go home, rinse and repeat. It was more of a nuisance to her in Topz teenage years, and she learned to just lock herself up, mentally and physically. If nobody wants her than fine, just don't dump her off when her show is on. 

when finally, it became a game

The more that Topz accepted her fate to never settle, the more she wanted to spice up the journey. She would start doing things to push her guardian's buttons. It started with fighting at school and disrespecting teachers, the school eventually expelling her. As Topz got older, she was caught for stealing or handling weapons as a minor. As she grew, so did her 'games'. Her guardians that changed almost every month went from being relatives to distant relatives, then from close friends to friends of friends. The last legal guardian Topz was with was a 20-something that treated her like a room mate. He dropped her off at a buss station to wait on her next parental guide to show up and quickly sped off. She guessed he kinda hated her after she stole a ton of dogs and released them in his apartment complex. The at-the-time 17 year old happily hummed while waiting for her next group of strangers to take her in, and wondered what was taking them so long. Getting bored, Topz checked her clock that read 12:01 am. it wasn't the time that she was focused on, it was the date. February 1st. her birthday... Welp, no wonder she was left alone, she was 18 now, a legal adult. She had enough money for a weeks worth of cheap food, but she quickly ended up spending on games and gambling. After that was when the real fun began.

Topz took to the streets 

...and started to learn. Changing her name to Topazazz and gave up all meaning to her life, some may even say she went insane. When you loose everything, why not try anything? To her the world was her playground, she might get killed but that was still more exciting than sitting there. Topz found that you can get anything if you hang with the right crowds and do the right things. Her love for explosives came later on when she was taught how to make them. imagine shaking someone's soda then having them open it. That was how she show bombs. Pipe bombs became child-splay after a few years of making them, and the money she got wasn't bad if she sold them to the right crowed. Eventually she got her hand on a old cheap RPG-7 with no grenades, but wanted soooo badly to play with her new toy! Topz contemplated on how to get the amo she was looking for when, and kept thinking of the rumored Sect that kept popping up. She wondered if they would hook her up with some fun.

✓Bright neon
✓Adrenaline rushes
✓Weird clothes

xTalking too much
xBeing ignored
xAnimal abuse "i'll abuse you instead."
xsleeping for more than 4 hours

-----------------------------------------Extra information-----------------------------------------

-  she can make bombs out of almost anything

-  Topazazz is not her real name

- She hates getting drunk, it freaks her out when she can't do something she wants to do

-Topz always has one side of her head dyed a neon color

-Her grenade launcher is named Jinx

-she's blind in her left eye

-she paints the grenades that she uses with cute faces

- She carries hand grenades in her jacket

-her snake tattoo is located on the back of her neck

User Info

Name/Nickname: BijouBlue/Bijou

Discord Username: Azu

Timezone: MST

Age: 21

Roleplay Preferences: Discord only pls<3 
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I just--
she's so gorgeous I love her design SO MUCH omg
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asdfasDF tYsm<3
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This looks amaaaaazing
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Aw, thanks! she was a lot of fun to make~
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