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Luella {MHA app}
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Published: April 12, 2018
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 ------------------------------------------------------- GENERAL------------------------------------------------------- 

        Luella Rosetta Evans 

        Lue, LuLu (by friends), Rose 
    Hero alias-----
        Chitchat Copycat

    Age | birthday-----
14, 6/30

    Marital status-----


        1st year student at U.A., and sometimes helps at her brother's bakery.

 ------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERISTICS------------------------------------------------------- 

        4'8" "I-I'm still growing!!"

80 lb

    Blood type-----

    Unusual features--------------------------------------------------------

        She always wears her cat-eared headphones and other cat accessories. Her difficult-to-handle hair is a good indicator as well. 

 ----------------------------------------------------QUIRK ---------------------------------------------------- 

    Quirk name----------
Vocal Capture
        Luella's quirk allows the user to imitate the voice of someone that she heard talk before for a limited amount of time. the longer she hears someone speak, the longer that she can "capture" that voice from the other person. She does not have to be in the presents of the speaker to capture their voice, so it works with recordings (i.e. T.V., radio, games). The max amount of time that the voice can be stolen is 5 minutes, and that's after she hears that person speak for 10+ minutes, but she does not have to use up all the time that she was given. if a person speaks for 10 minutes, she could just use 30 seconds of her 5 minutes with that one voice, and save the 4 min. 30 secs. that she didn't use. The person that the voice belongs to has no effect from this quirk. Luella can re-capture voices, accumulate them, or switch one voice for another, without delay.

    Quirk type-----


    Quirk drawbacks-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Luella can only speak with one voice consecutively for 5 minutes, then she must switch voices or stop talking.
  • The more she uses this quirk, she will require more and more listening time to be able to capture the same or other voices, and to activate it.
  • Luella's throat will get sore the more she talks, making her voice hoarser.
  • It will take the accumulated amount of minutes using others voices x2 in order to use her quirk again if she over uses it.
  • She can barely hold on to six voices at a time.
  • Any sickness. It's difficult to use her quirk if it is hard for her to talk.
  • If anything happens to her hearing, even temporarily, she cannot record new voices. 
  • She has almost no physical muscle, so anything requiring strength is going to be difficult for her.
  • She cannot record herself using someone else's and re-steal that voice, it has to come directly from the person. Thus, she cannot stockpile voices using that method.
    Fighting style------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
        Luella is fast and flexible, but not strong in anyway. Quick stealth attacks and fleeing is all she can really do, but she has learned how to set basic traps. Her quirk is best used while being hidden or out of sight of the listener, so she is more of a trap and bait setter. 


  • Intelligence: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Strength: 1
  • Stealth: 3
  • Durability: 1
  • Stamina: 2
  • Quirk control: 3

                        TOTAL: 18/20
                            FOCUS: Stealth

 ----------------------------------------------------PERSONAL ---------------------------------------------------- 


  • Reclusive
  • Easily Discouraged
  • Shy
  • fear of embarrassment
               Luella is very shy and soft spoken, and come across as reclusive, but really just doesn't know how to socialize. Growing up mute, she has always been told that she can't do something because that she was handicapped, making her easily discouraged when others have doubts about her ability. Most of her traits are of someone that is quiet in fear of embarrassing themselves, or doing something wrong. But once she become close to someone, Luella is caring and happily people that love company.

  • Modest
  • Hardworking
  • Respectful
  • Organized
                       Luella gives everything she does 110% of her effort, since her fear of failure and disappointment is always lurking in the back of her mind. She makes sure she is hardworking, no matter how many task, and will keep doing it until someone tells her to stop. Luella often doesn't want to draw attention to herself, and doesn't really know how to react to praise. She had always been very modest when it came to anything that she does, and usually gives credit to anyone other than herself, thinking that they are better than her in every way, whether its true or not. She strongly respects and idolizes those who have amazing quirks (which is like everyone, considering how she sees herself). Luella likes to keep everything she does neat and organized, as it helps her think when the place she is at is in order.
  • Emotional
  • Obedient
  • Quiet
  • Innocent
                                Luella has a lot of emotions that she keeps bottled up, and rarely shows to people because she deems it unnecessary and a nuisance. She isn't one to cause trouble, and follows whatever rules that are put down. Coming to school on time, doing chores at home and at school, she is very obedient no matter where she is. Since she is mute, Luella is naturally quiet in speech, but she also doesn't raise her hand in class, speak up if something is wrong, and is usually the last one to ask for help when she needs it. She was very sheltered as a child after she got her quirk, and is innocent about certain topics in society (politics, how transportation works, villain activity etc.)


Luella was born in a small town in Wales, UK, to an average family. She had one brother, Lukas, in university and her father was a local Pro hero in the area. her mother was often in in London to keep her job as a Teller at a bank. Lu didn't show any signs that she had a quirk as she grew up, so her parents naturally thought that she took after her mother that was also quirkless. Sad to admitted it, her parents always got her whatever she wanted, almost as an apology for her being 'abnormal'. But Lu didn't care, she was always a very happy child. It was soon after her fifth birthday when her family noticed that Lu stopped talking to them. Not sure what was wrong, they took her to various doctors, of which all of them can back saying she was perfectly healthy. It wasn't until months later they heard Lukas complaining that he was board from the other room...which was impossible since Lukas was out, Lu the only one laying on the couch. After taking her to a specialist on quirks, their fears were conformed; That Luella had lost her voice because of her quirk. It was really strange for a family that had both her father and brother with loud, vocal quirks, the exact opposite for Lu. She started to get bullied at school because of this sudden loss of her voice, and her ability to impersonate someone else's. other students would often force her to say stupid things with other's voices, or to impersonate a teacher and get them out of school early. She was expelled for impersonating the principle and telling everyone it was a snow day in the middle of June, something her 'friends' made her do. This eventually lead to her being taken out of school and home schooled by her parents.

Desperate to find out if she could ever use her voice again, Lu's family packed up and moved to Japan the year that her brother got out of university, where doctors that specialize in quirks and controlling them could be found much easier. Luella was six when they landed in Japan, and picked up the language fairly quickly while learning it with her brother. Her parents got the basics of Japanese down, but still speak English most of the time and have a hard time understanding Japanese. Her Family tried everything they could to get Lu's voice back, and even set her up with a therapist with the hope that her voice was just buried, not lost. Throughout her life of growing up in japan, Lu's parents always wanted to protect her from the truth, and would even keep the conversations they had with her therapist from her. They babied her, and she got to the point that she was having enough of it. By 12, Luella's brother had opened up his own bakery, something that he dreamed of doing, and her father was able to become a hero in Japan as well. Lu loved helping out at her brother's bakery because it was the only window into a world without the constant watch of her parents and the watering down of information. She heard many stories about heroes and villains, and learned about how people lived their everyday lives with or without their quirks. She also learned about Yuuei from a few students that came in one day.

After that day at the bakery, Lu did a ton of research, and the more she found out about it the more that she wanted to attend. Maybe if she learned how to use her quirk instead of digging through it, her voice would come back naturally...! After all her research, Lu brought the school up to her parents. Her parents were recommended that they send Luella to Yuuei by some of the specialist, but they never thought that she'd want to go on her own. It took some convincing on Lu's part, but after a long discussion they decided that they'd let her do what she thinks will help her for once. Her mother got another job as a Teller in Japan to help pay for it, and Luella was able to get into the school a year and a half later, at age 14. Although she has no idea what she'll be going up against, she promised herself to keep her grades up and never stop trying.
    Place of birth------------
        Luella was born in Wales, UK 



Direct Family--------------------------------------------------

 Lewis Evans
    Quirk: Loud 'N Proud!
    Occupation: Full time pro hero.
Mother: Rose Evans
    Quirk: n/a
    Occupation: She works at a bank.
Brother: Lukas Evans
    Quirk: Sale's Pitch
    Occupation: Owns and works full time at his bakery, BunnyBun Bakery and cafe.

Extended Family----------------------------------------------



Best friend(s):
    Cynthia: Met in Japan
    Quirk: Reversal
    Occupation: Shiketsu koukou student
2) ??
3) ??
4) ??


  • Luella refuses to believe and to call herself handicapped, and refuses to learn JSL (Japanese sign language).
  • She does know ASL (American sign language) when she was younger.
  • No matter what she tries, her hair always ends up puffy.
  • She is photo shy.
  • Luella has agoraphobia (fear of large, open spaces. Worse if it is dark/night).
  • She loves her brother to death.
  • She keeps up to date on the latest and hottest tracks.
  • Although she can speak Japanese well, Kanji are still hard for her to read.
  • Luella loves going to concerts of her favorite male idol groups
  • She can cook fairly well.
  • Luella can laugh, cry, yell etc. in her own voice, she just cannot produce words.
  • She always carries throat lozenges with her.
  • ...Lu wishes she was just a bit taller.
  • She likes to try new things, one of the things she getting into is video games, and just hearing it will get her attention.
  • Her headphones can output, block, and help her listen to talking/noise,
  • Luella loves to eat pasta and just anything cheese in general, pizza included!
  • Lu started to dress in modern street fashion because it let her express herself without words.
Voice Claim

  • Crocheting
  • Sewing
  • Cat Cafes
  • Drawing, designing, and wearing lolita street fasion
  • watching old movies
  • Baking 
  • Babysitting (to make money)
  • Cats
  • Cats...
  • CATS
  • Gum
  • Street fasion
  • DJ-ing, and any type of music
  • Loose clothing
  • Tall people
  • Cats
  • Learning something new
  • Fairy tales
  • Dogs
  • Tight clothes
  • Hard candies
  • Tomatoes
  • Loud people
  • Being told she is handicapped
  • Being called shorty, or short in general
  • Ghost stories
  • Being Embarrassed 


timezone: UTC-6
method: Discord for now~
format: I do mostly Para and hc!
rating: please keep it PG16~
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