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Ash {Gift}
By BijouBlue   |   Watch
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Published: July 28, 2017
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i realized i made him so OOC it's noT EVEN FUNNY
so, yeah, i've been stocking :iconmiscolored:'s ghost babe from a distance...... that's not creepy right???//kicked
so i had to draw the cutie! even tho i made him ooc gomen Cry forever 
just a little gift for an awesome person! i hope you don't mind i borrowed Ash adjlkasjd;ls

this lovely ghost belongs to :iconmiscolored:~
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BijouBlue|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so muuch, you're so sweet ;7;/
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MiscoloredEdited |Student Digital Artist
Ohhhh my gosh!!! +O+ HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND SASSY!!!
I really love the pose and the expression is so awesome!!!
Your art is so amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :iconrubcheeksplz:
I'm really glad you like my trash ghost ;w; )/ I had no clue. +O+

Lol he can be a happy child sometimes and he can be a sassy brat too.
His default is laid back and lazy natured.
Plus I kinda made the curse of him becoming a ghost be that he acts like a vengeful one sometimes, like sudden spells of extreme jealousy and/or selfishness.

I have more information on his toyhouse than DA XD
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BijouBlueEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im happy you like it, i loved drawing the ghosty~
i would come and check on DA occasionally while i was in school like a bad child and i saw you upload Ash, it was instant love XD 

yeaaaay, i didn't destroy is personality ;7;/
that curse is interesting tho, i think it makes for a unique setting for a story!
you got a Toyhouse!?!? if its not private or anything...//slams username on table +u+ my TH is toyhou.se/AoiHime-Sama
its empty tho ajfkd;j.........
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Miscolored|Student Digital Artist
Aww ;w; Heh heh... what a bad girl. You make me proud ;D
Ash is special case. He is white and pale blue so I can't drown him in a bunch of over saturated colors like I seem to do with everything else. XD

Lol well I just wanted to make a ghost that actually act like the vengeful kind XD
Since in mangas I read there are always nice ghosts. Like he is nice but them random moments where you gotta smack a cup off a table like a cat.
Tho he hates cats.

Oh snapple! THERE YOU ARE!
I mean err... I totally didn't try to find you on there by your DA name
Mine is toyhou.se/Miscolored
I authorized you so you should be able to even see characters I have protected tho he isn't protected XD
Mine is fairly empty too! Because I'm so lazy I haven't added even half of my characters. OTL
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