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Ariel {Mechanismon App}
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By BijouBlue   |   Watch
Published: June 23, 2017
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Imma joining more rp groups to get more motivation for art+RPing!~

Name: Ariel

Pokemon: Minior

Age: 19 but looks 15

Gender: Male


Rank: F

Level: 5

Type: Rock/Flying

Country: Sihir

Hometown: Nuwalipasir

Class: Celestial cartography (person who maps stars and galaxies)

Guild: n/a


  • If in a dire situation, Ariel attempts to physically tackle his opponent. He is small, but Ariel is heavier than he looks and although this prevents him from running fast, he can use it to his advantage. If he attacks someone with armer or a hard shell, he will do damage to himself.

2)Defense Curl

  • Ariel uses his heavy cape for defense. He covers himself when his opponent tries to strike, lessening the damage he would have normally received. He can only use this 7-8 times, and is left defenseless when his cape is too heavily damaged to protect him.


Ability: Shield Down 

  • If Ariel is attacked and loses too much stamina, he removes his cape and switches from defense mode to attack mode. His speed doubles, allowing him to land a few quick strikes or to make a hasty escape.

-A telescope that he bought.
-His mother’s bracelet that he wears on his ankle.
-A small sack carrying money, writing supplies, and a folded, larger sack for larger things he might buy.
-A small knife hidden in his waist band.

Personality: Shy|Trustworthy|kind|philosophical|nervous-about-everything|nocturnal|easily excited|

Although Ariel can get along with almost anybody, he won't be the first to speak up. He rarely reveals his face on the first meeting, but will never wear it around people he knows. He tries to apply logic to everything, from why something is a certain color to how food gets its taste. Ariel will apologize for everything, even if it’s not his fault, which often gets him into trouble. Although he usually adorns heavy, dark clothes, he has enough combat skills to defend himself if he takes off his cloak. Due to him having Hemeralopia (day blindness), he usually sleeps during the day and journeys at sundown. He loves anything sweet, favoring sweet fruits and foods over candy. He often buys them when he visits a new town. Whenever Ariel comes across something new, his first instinct is to touch it, unless told otherwise. He hates being called a girl, and even more if they don’t believe him when stated otherwise.

-His affinity is rock-type magic. ”The ability allows the user to manipulate the earth element and also makes them much more sensitive to vibrations that travel through the ground, which in turn helps with sensing threats nearby."
-He's able to hold his breath for 6-10 minutes (if needed)
-Has an extraordinary perception of direction, as he can since Orbis's magnetic fields
-He can cook, though he doesn’t eat much

-Cute things
-Sweet food
-Due to his heavy clothes, water has always been an obstacle for him. It would take a while to remove them, so avoiding water is preferred.
If he were to go into water while dressed, he would immediately sink.
-he has Hemeralopia, a disease that makes it hard to see in the daytime. His glasses help with it, but if taken off he’s left completely blind.
-Ariel is afraid of snakes. “Their tongues are so gross!!...”
-Although he can attack, after three or four attacks his stamina starts running out, making him a slow moving target.

Before Ariel was born, his parents lived in Heureuxville, Cassus. His father, Nile, had a decent job as a merchant’s assistant, while his mother, Isra, was a stay at home mom, having nine kids at the time. Even though they didn't have much money, they survived and were happy. When Ariel was born he was much smaller than his other siblings, and Nile always teased that he would be the scholar of the family. Most of his siblings went into blue collar work (mechanics, builders, delivery men), but with his fragile frame, his father worried how he'd make a living. After two years he became the best reader and writer among them, becoming more curious every day. Isra encouraged him to learn anything that he wants, stopping at nothing to get information. At four years old Ariel became a big brother to a new baby sister, but Isra became stricken with disease after her birth. The children that were old enough got as many jobs as they could to pay for medication, but in the end there was nothing that could be done. Her passing effected the whole family, leaving 11 children and a working husband shortly after the youngest’s first birthday. Nile knew they had to leave his job since he would sometimes leave for months at a time. Knowing that he couldn't leave his children alone, Nile quite his job and decided to leave Cassus. Using all the money they could get, he paid a small caravan to take them all to Sihir, where he had family. After several days and nights, they finally arrived at Nuwalipasir, Sihir.

Niles parents and sister all lived together in a large inn, near the center of town. His family lovingly welcomed all of them into their home, no questions asked. This is where Ariel lived most of his life. It was his grandfather who taught him an old family profession--mapping stars and celestial bodies. Ariel would spend hours in the cool nights with his grandfather drawing these maps, finally finding what he yearned to do. He and his family help out at the inn, and Ariel loved to hear the stories in the dining room and bar. It wasn’t long until he heard about the Grand Library in the capital. To make money, he started to sell his celestial maps to travelers, making more than he expected. Soon his thirst for knowledge outweighed what his grandfather could teach him, and his father could sense it. So, on his 13th birthday, Ariel was given two things: His mother’s bracelet and enough money to travel to Cereberos and back. When the time came, he traveled with a passing caravan, along with some maps he made and a hand drawn map of Cereberos. Ariel returned with a new perspective in life and a renewed sense of meaning, along with a telescope he bought with the money he made. It was then that he was determined to map all of the heavens, even if it takes the rest of his life. Now 19, he travels frequently, going not only to Cereberos but all over Orbis to sell and trade his maps. Of course he visits home twice a year, along with most of his siblings, bringing gifts and stories from afar.  

-Is always mistaken as a girl
-He doesn't need to eat a lot of food
-He has a fear of water
-He carries three different pairs of glasses
-His hair has a light glow to it
-Yes, his skin has a pink tint XD

Personal Quote:
"Watch out for flying rocks! ... oh, wait-"
"The stars are something that everyone owns, but no one can keep." 

Theme song:  Unidentified Flavourful Object [UFO] - Mili >…<

This is for 

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Me: Wow, the stars look beautiful tonight.
Ariel: Yeah, they are.
Me: You know what else is beautiful?
Ariel: *Blushes* what?
Me: Arby's NEW Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon Sandwiches.
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You Greedy Dirtbag!You Greedy Dirtbag emote  
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CDI Link Chuckle Ariel: OH Boi! I'm sO hUnGrY, I coULD eaT aN OCtoRok!!
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Sonic Is Disgusted (Reupload)Y U TAINT MEH BOI asdk f;jsdASDFKAS!!??? 
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It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) Annoying Headbanging Trash Dove Facebook Emoticon the REAL succ god Nino Wants To Die 
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hehehehehe its workinggggg
Thank you! And nnnnuuu don't dieeee sakdjkl;sajdl;f
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*Insta Revive*
Phew that was close.
And my pleassure
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