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Warning from :iconArtLunaLover2002: about a sickening video roiling about across ALL social media of a man being skinned and disemboweled alive while spectators cheer. 

From the OP: 

Basically its being reposted some places disguised as something else,
and around on Deviantart users are sending links to 
people and these users are seemingly wanting commissions 
But the link is actually a video titled Narcos Wife Video

This isn't only on Deviantart it is spreading EVERYWHERE
so please make sure you do not click on the video and watch it.

Here's the deal. The problem is once you click on the link, the
video starts RIGHT away and RIGHT away you see
the man being mutilated and nothing is blurred
and this video is real and not ok.

You will have no time to check what the video title is because 
there is no intro to the video or anything it just starts and
even watching it for a second you see way to fucking much."

Video contains:

organs being cut/yanked/pulled out
organs fucking popping out of his body
something ..underneath the man that might
be another dismembered figure??? it looks like flesh i don't know
it might actually be the mans lower half
the man is OBVIOUSLY in distress and shaking his head
i believe and people are obviously happy and celebrating
what they are doing to him and it is fucking SICKENING.
there is also hints of tryphophobia bc of the way this poor
man is being cut up.
you hear the man in distress you not only see
but you fucking hear this shit you do not want
to watch this fucking video i'm fucking serious

OK so the thing under the man is actually his father
and they made the son watch his own father be beheaded

So should you see this post: Report it ASAP.


Artist | Other
United States
My name is Tony! Welcome to my page.

I am an eclectic pagan with a love for Humankind, Earth, and the creatures living upon this big blue ball.

I believe people should have the choice to govern themselves, create their own opinions, act upon their own decisions. I strongly support people's freedoms.

I am a person whom loves to talk and debate, I love to hear other people's opinions and when people are civil about it.

I support civility amongst people, and strongly go against shouting matches between people(s).

Often times I will share my opinions in the form of journals, which you may or may not see above. These are all strictly my opinion, I think long and hard on the subjects before submitting them to public view. If you agree or disagree, be sure to let me know and tell me as to why you agree or disagree.

I support hunting (as long as the body of the creature killed was used in its entirety) and other forms of survival.

I strongly support self-reliance and DIY, I am not against community help nor assistance from others, mind you. Simply think that people should know how to support themselves whenever possible.

I have a strong love/obsession with Dieselpunk, yiss.

You may not use my characters or pictures without permission or for use such as money. At all. If my pictures inspire you, I'm all the happier for it, but do NOT repost them. They stay here.



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