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CJ and Go7 The Begins Pt 1
At the night of New York . The city  begins to blaze wildly and people are  already evacuated . Anything is nothing lift of this city all because of this civil war between two overlords villains who trying to take over the planet. Standing here is the young Jamiko Miyamoto, a boy with the black shirt with the skull, red scarf and leather pants was standing as he watch two of his greatest foes dukin out for themselves .  Standing behind him are 7 mysterious figures as his new teammates.
-3 weeks ago-
Jamiko in his hero form, Captain Japan is riding his cycle while chasing down some  warthog kaijins at Neo Tokyo street while stealing bars of gold from the bank. One of the hogs try to blast the foe with it’s rocket launcher, but CJ  slice the rocket in half, then he jump on the front of the car and stab the engine with his sword, made the car crash. The hogs survived the crash, but not long as they try to take their foe down, but failed as the Japan use the
:iconbigtimbears:bigtimbears 3 1
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PRA Psycho Rangers ? Add comment 

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Man I'm lost for words right now. Thank you so much for core! :) Merry Christmas!
Sun Dec 24, 2017, 7:26 PM
Thank you for the core membership!
Fri Dec 1, 2017, 5:26 PM
Hi! My 22nd birthday's on this week's Thursday! I'd like a Digimon version of Springtrap from FNAF 3
Mon Feb 1, 2016, 1:45 AM
hapy halloween
Mon Oct 26, 2015, 12:10 AM
Thanks for points :D
Fri May 15, 2015, 6:39 PM
Happy Easter!!
Sun Apr 20, 2014, 8:58 PM
Happy birthday!
Fri Apr 18, 2014, 3:28 AM
Watch Rio 2 w/ the mute on, and skip Will I Am's character!
Sun Apr 13, 2014, 7:03 PM



At the night of New York . The city  begins to blaze wildly and people are  already evacuated . Anything is nothing lift of this city all because of this civil war between two overlords villains who trying to take over the planet. Standing here is the young Jamiko Miyamoto, a boy with the black shirt with the skull, red scarf and leather pants was standing as he watch two of his greatest foes dukin out for themselves .  Standing behind him are 7 mysterious figures as his new teammates.

-3 weeks ago-

Jamiko in his hero form, Captain Japan is riding his cycle while chasing down some  warthog kaijins at Neo Tokyo street while stealing bars of gold from the bank. One of the hogs try to blast the foe with it’s rocket launcher, but CJ  slice the rocket in half, then he jump on the front of the car and stab the engine with his sword, made the car crash. The hogs survived the crash, but not long as they try to take their foe down, but failed as the Japan use the samurai technique to slice them in seconds .  A small bird like kaijin spying on turns out that Lord Destruction, the arch enemy of Captain Japan, curse himself that his foe slain  his hogs just like all the kaijins he killed.

Later, at the SPD base, Jamiko have return from his patrol the city, Drill Sergeant Drag tell him that he need to report to the headmaster’s office as soon as possible. On his way there, he receives a call from his  friend and pen pal , Gumball.

Jamiko:” Hey Gum!”

Gumball:” What up, Jamiko! So I saw you bust some bad guys from the news today ! You did awesome!”

Jamiko:” Thanks.”

Gumball:” Man ,I wish I could be a hero just like you one day!”

Jamiko:” Yeah.Listen I’ll have to call you later.I’m at the office now.”

Gumball:” Ok then, later.”

As Jamiko enter the office and sees Boltron, a bowl heade android headmaster and chief of the S.P.D in Neo Japan looking at the window outside . He turn his head as Jamiko came.

Boltron:” Ah, Mr. Miyamoto. Come in.”

Jamiko: “ Did you want to see me ,sir?”

Boltron:” First, good work to defeat of Destruction’s goons.”

Jamiko:” Thank you, sir.”

Boltron:” And second, in three weeks,I’ll be no longer in here anymore.”

Jamiko:” “ Why that, sir?”

Boltron: “ Because I’ll be transferring to Texas, before that, one of the directors is coming and he coming with his old team to take care of the base for now and the third this is......”

Before he finish his sentence, a red alert went off.

SPD Computer:” Red Alert! Red Alert! 5 unidentified warships appear out of no where few minutes ago . Current location: Elmore, California.”

Both of the men were shock that they knew that the place where Gumball lives and he and his friends are in danger. Jamiko quickly transform as then headed to a launching bay to drive the sky cycle and on his way to Elmore while Boltron try to contact the reinforcements to backup.

On his way there, Jamiko saw the destruction of Elmore  has already started. Everyone running in panic like some frightening animal as they’re fleeting from some four arm , monkey like creatures, buildings are already engulfed in flames and automobiles flying out from nowhere and crash landed on everywhere. CJ fires rocket missiles from his cycles at those monsters shot attack the civilians, all of them are down except for the big  one. So he activate the cycle self destruct before escape as his ride blown up along with the creature.

After  seeing the people get to safety until help arrives,Captain Japan saw the flying ships come closer . At the  lead warship, came out from the  is a large arms and legs fish with an high advance armor with along him is a large grey skin hulk liked brute with spikes all over his body and  a hat in his head.
The  brute  had held  a microphone so  his boss.

Wasabi:” Guten Tug, Elmore! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Wasabi and this rough and tough log is my assistant, Doomsday. I was  here to let you guys know that it is  my first day of my world domination and this is just only ze beginning of my conquest!”
Captain Japan:” Headmaster, can you get this ?”

Boltron:” Yes i have and what I’m thinking is just a phony wannabe bad guy is about to kick out throne. Try to flush this fish out as soon we arrive !”

Captain Japan: “ Roger that !” He pull his cyber katana  and activate his booster jet to fly up there and taking down Wasabi full speed.

Dr. Wasabi as he hold Doomsday’s hands to not attack.” Nein Doomsday. Let our new members take care of our “hero problem “.”

As Japan begin to strike Wasabi, someone came out from nowhere and spear the hero down to the ground hard. Japan has got up and see who pounced him and see that he can’t believe what he sees. Makino,  an ultralink  tyrant who try to destroy this planet and the enemy of Max Steel has back bigger, badder and also dangerous then ever with a top hat on his because inside his ultralink orb is  a plastic  fish as smirking at the hero. Cap is trying to defend from Makino, but he didn’t aware he was blasted in the back  by Ultron and Braniac, then again got blasted by Protoboy and the robotboy clones  and again by Vilgax, Kilobot, Palus Abel, Evil Jimmy Neutron and the Elementors. As he barley trying to get up, Jamiko saw The Greeds, Mal, Palparepa, Vilgax, Bling Bling Boy with his Catasaurus, Shocker, Vilgax and The Tolietnator , surrounding him like a wall that he cannot escaped and no way to fight them all. As Wasabi snap his fingers, Toiletnator hold Jamiko while every villains pound him down hard until he’s down. Jamiko is badly hurt that he couldn’t get up. The armor was beaten, blasted and chewed up.  Wasabi order Mal to finish the hero up. Before Mal to finish Japan off, Gumball appear with broken blade to defend his friend.

Gumball:” Leave my friend alone you creep!!!”

Mal:” Awww, cute. A kitty cat trying to defend his friend. When I done with you, I’m gonna make an underwear out of you !”

Jamiko:”” As he begins to close his eye. He saw a large object toward Mal. Then he saw 4 squads fighters firing at the warships making the the villains to fall back and he felt someone has picked him up and then  everything gone black as his eyes are close.

Jamiko had awoken up as he open his eyes, surrounded by tube filled with green liquid . He feeling better, is like that the wounds and pain he had are go away. While the healing tube drain the liquid and open up the pod. As Jamiko exit out from machine, Akira and Aki had came rushing toward Jamiko and give him a hug. Boltron  was also arrive to check with the captain.

Boltron:  “ Are you alright, Captain? My apologies for could not get there in time to help you at Elmore.

Jamiko: “I’m okay.”

Akira:” Don’t worry, Headmaster. He is the tough one to beat just like his dad! “

Jamiko:” Ummmm, yes. How long I been out “

Boltron: “ 2 days. While you down, Our new foe, Wasabi is a real threat unlike the others organizations we fought in the past. He maybe rival with Lord Destruction. The first day after his arrival we thought we never seen of him again. But today, he conquered some small countries . We already fight them to buy the civilians’s time to evacuate  and then later, he sent a broadcast all over the world.”

Boltron turn on the tv and  everyone sees Wasabi on screen.

Wasabi on Tv: “ Attention citizens of the World! If letting you knew I took over some of the small countries .In less then 3 weeks , I will be in world tour starting with New York !I will be your master of this planet! You’re villiain, Lord Destruction stinks! You’re Leaders stinks ! And even you’re heroes, Stinks! “ then Boltron turns off the tv.

Akira:” Darn fish ! He always sure runs his mouth !”

Boltron:” And we only got three weeks  to stop the invasion. Jamiko , I want you to introduce to you the director of SPD and my replacement.”

Come out from the shadow is a penguin with a cybernetic eyepatch, and black trench coat . He activate a translator so he can speak to Japan in person.

Gunther: “ Hello Miyamoto, I am Director Gunther. Is the honor the meet the New Captain Japan. I heard about you for a long time. You look like your father.”

Jamiko as Gunther shake his hand:” Thank you.”

Gunther: Now, the reason I came here not only about our fish problems. I also here because it’s time to make yourself a team. In the past, your father can’t face most of the thugs alone like you did 2 days ago, so  he had a team of his own. A team of seven  including your mom called the “ Gang of Seven”. They fought every villains they face, every dangers they challenged and every invasion they swatted. Your father have the greatest team until they retired. Don’t worry , you will build you team for training and teamwork and soon you will kick out Wasabi right out of the map . I’ll  help you with my team. You already Nicole Watterson, did you ?”

Nicole Watterson as she enter the room: and salutes to Gunther” Director Gunther, sir.” Wave at Jamiko.” Hello Jamiko! I see that you are okay?”

Jamiko:” Mrs. Watterson ? You work the SPD?”

Nicole:” Will yes. Back in the collage days, I join the force and also part of the Director’s team called.....”

Benson: “Gunther’s Fury ! “ appears to the room is Benson from the Park, saying hello to his old team.

Nicole:” Benson ! You Son of the gun!” They arm wrestle in mid-air during a handshake, Benson is apparently losing the contest. “ What’s a matter Benson, did the Park push to many pencils ?” They let go their arms and hugging each other. “ I glad to see you again.”

Ash: “ Well, well, well. Look like the gang are back together!” Appears are Ash Williams, a demon slayer from Michigan with chainsaw as a right hand. Next with him are General Monger,Col. Rawls and Major Emoji, a silent man with an Emoji for a head.

Gunther:” Miyamoto, I want you to meet my rest of the Fury. Ash  Williams, Col. Rawls , General Monger and Major Emoji. I call them all here to be the counsels of this academy while they whip you into shape.

All suddenly, they heard the footsteps coming this way, It was kid of Nicole, Gumball sees Jamiko standing then he run toward him and give him a hug.

Gumball:”Aw, man I glad to see you alive ! “

Jamiko:” Yeah, thanks for standing up for me.

Gumball:” No Problem.”

Jamiko:” Did everyone in Elmore are ok ?”

Gumball:” All of them are ok. Well, Darwin. He was badly hurt while defending Carrie from the monster. After he he’s down, Carrie took over the monster’s body and take down  any monsters while escaping. Darwin is alright, he’s resting. I heard you making a team of your own and that’s why I am here! Come on , My mom joins the team and so do I. You can’t beat all the bad guys all by yourself.”

Jamiko:” Well, Ok. I guess I need team after all. Welcome aboard!”

Gumball:” YESSSSSS! Oh, do you mind makes Carrie our team too ? We need her because she use her ghost powers  to beat all the monsters.”

Jamiko:” Ok, her too.”

Gunther:” Alright. 2 out of 7 have joined your team. Benson, Nicole and Rawls, go to the auditorium to fine some new recruits. Ash, Monger and Emoji. Check the reports of any damage cause by Wasabi. And Miyamoto with me at the lab for equipments.”

At the Lab, many scientists have been busy working, some are working on vehicles, some are working on the portal while the rest are working on weapons and gadgets. Gunther and the Gang are checking in the gadgets department as Numbuh 74.239 and the others  working on.

Gunther: “ Numbuh 74.239.”

Numbuh 74.239:” Director Gunther. Nice of you to come by. We already finish Captain’s new morpher  and armor. Let me demo....”

P.A:” Numbuh 74.239, please report to the portal section immediately.”

Numbuh 74.239:” I’ll let Mr. Wheezer and Mr. Estevez will give you the demonstration while I go to the portal section.”

As 74.239 left. 2 recruits, Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estévez arrives. Jamiko know these two and they’re “friends” with Jimmy Neutron .

Jamiko:” Carl ? Sheen ? What are you guys doing here ?”

Carl:” We’re scientists and we inventing cool stuffs.”

Sheen:” Yeah, but to bad Jimmy around to see it anymore.”

Jamiko:” What happened to him ?”

Sheen:” Well, Betty Quinlan’s cousin has com in to town and she been eyeing on Jimmy and He actually had a crush on her. 3 weeks came by and Cindy was mega jealous for the last time, so she broke in his and use his neutronic Monster machine to  turn herself into a human kaiju. Rampage through Retroville until she got Jimmy and headed to a stranded island . So we salvage Jimmy’s cool inventions including his brain gain that made us smarter then Jimmy.”

Carl:” Yeah, I also a medicine to cure me from anything.” Carl crack  is scapula. “ Except my scapula.”

Sheen:” Alright, let’s tell you about your new suit ! You see your armor you wore pretty mess up. So we repair and made it with some ultra tech upgrade. Now with Ice proof, Flame proof, with stand pressure at the bottom of the sea and also you can change modes.”

Jamiko: “Change mode ?”

Carl: Held out cards to Jamiko ” Yeah, with these cards. Each of them will transform you sweet mode. There’s Techno Mode. Neckomata mode, Ninja mode, Oni-Mode , Anime Mode, Knight Mode, Manga Mode.....”

Sheen:” If any else failed, try Ultra Lord Mode just in case.”

Jamiko:” Wow guys ! Thanks for head......”

Rigby:” GANG AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Everyone had  turned their heads and see Muscle Man, Mordecai and Rigby driving an hover golf kart . Hot per suiting a pink horse with a balloon marks bouncing around the lab.

Gumball:” What’s going on here ?”

Numbuh 74.239:” A pink horse  had escape from the portal  they testing on. She have  gone out of control here. We must contain it before chaos spreads!”

As the three Park members pursuing the horse, Rigby trying us the net gun while Mordecai hold him as he fire ,but miss. The horse jump top of the kart and made escape. Nobody catch that creature until, out from the shadows, come a small rectangle robot with a cowboy hat has throw a lasso on the horse’s legs and bring it down and the he rub the pony’s belly and scratch her head to made it comfortable as he  activate the laser cage.

Gumball:” That was an amazing!”

74.239:” Well it’s a good thing BMO around to take care of it. We found him and some other characters in the world before it’s extinction week ago. We give him a job as a secretary. He also found a boy outside  yesterday.”

Gunther: “Did you say a boy ?”

74.239:” Yes, a large storm come out of nowhere and spit a boy while the clouds  are gone. He in the med bay resting.”

Gunther: “ We have to cheek on him as soon we have the third member of Japan’s team.”

Numbuh 74.239:” Third member ?”

Gunther point the scientist as Jamiko and Gumball begin talking to BMO as he still petting the pony.

Jamiko:” Hey, nice work for round up the pony.”

BMO:” Thank you, Captain. It’s ain’t my first rodeo.”

Gumball:” What my friend  what to say is we will like to join our team ? You can make it on the big league. What so do you say ?”

BMO:” Hmmmmmm, I will join your little club, if my new companion here to join you , What’s you name ?”

Pinkie Pie: “ Pinkamena Diane Pie. But you may call me Pinkie !”

Gumball: with a nervous smile “ A talking horse.”

BMO:” Till us how you got here ?”

Pinkie Pie:” Well I was in Ponyville as usual like I always so until all a sudden,a big huge green tornado out of nowhere ! I was holding to the Tree of Harmony until it suck me and my pet alligator, Gummy in to the vortex and that’s how I came here and meet you guys!”

Gumball:” Ok, you two will have to come to our club.” Whisper to Jamiko “Until We sent Pinkie home.”

Gunther and the heroes went to the Medical bay to see the outsider, a 11 year old boy with white hair, and a large tuft of his hair sticks up. He has an overbite , with a prominent chipped front tooth was a sleep. Gumball was walk over where his ghost friend, Carrie still sitting with an unconscious Darwin to have a chat with her. The white haired kid a finally awaken.

White haired kid:” Wha.....Where am I ? Mom ?........Dad ?...... Any sisters are there ?  “ As  he open his eyes and sees Gunther, Jamiko and his crew. He was little panic as he covered his whole body except for have of his face.

Gunther:” Calm down, son. We are not going to hurt .You’re safe. We found found you not far from our base and took you in for you recovery. My name is Gunther, Director of the Space Patrol Delta aka S.P.D. This is Jamiko Miyamoto and his team, BMO and Pinkie Pie. What’s you name, boy ?”

Lincoln:” Lincoln. Lincoln Loud.”

Gunther:” Lincoln Loud. Tell me Mr. Loud that how did you get here in our world ?”

Lincoln:” scratching his head trying to remember “ My sister, Lisa held a national science expo at the Royal Wood Convention Center, so me , my parents and my 9 sisters to go there to cheer her on. While in the expo, one of the scientist’s machine have been haywire that it become a  death ray as disintegrating anything . Everyone evacuated, but Lisa had tripped and the machine is aiming at her , so I had push her to safety until it blasted me. I thought I was dead... and next thing I knew , I was landed on a grass or something ... and here I am.” A tear  comes from his eye. “ All I can think of is my family crying because I am dead.” Pinkie pull an handkerchief and  wipes  the tears from Lincoln’s eye.

Gunther:” Sorry to hear it.” Looking at Jamiko and both nodded.” I till you what . I’ll till the science team to  find the way to get back home , It will take months.At the mean time, you going with Jamiko’s team for a while until  then.”

Jamiko:” We could use another player over here.”

Lincoln:” Well, ok. As soon I get back home.”

Gumball :  Just came in along with Carrie to see everyone. “Hey guys , Carrie is going join us it’s that cool for you guys,right ?”

Jamiko: Show Gumball as he pointed out at Lincoln as he wave his hand nervously at Carrie because she’s a ghost.” Yeah, this is Lincoln Loud. He will be joining our little team for a while.”

Gumball:” Cool ! Now you have 5 in the team now. Only 2 more to......”

Rawls:” You guys are already filled.”

Everyone  look and saw Benson, Nicole and Rawls  walks  in to the the guys some news. The salutes to their old boss.

Gunther:” Anything To report ?”

Nicole:” Yes , we have sir. But, I let Benson do the report.”

Benson:” Thanks ,Nicole . As you know, we  open an audition for join Jamiko’s team. Well, most of them are not interested. We try to call few teams we knew to spare us a member, but no one answered. We even try from the outside from the base , most of them are handful too. We called our former student , Kitty Ko from Splitboro to help us out to find anyone that are suitable, but  non of them are available.” He and Nicole are angry looking each other as the both agree.

During in Splitboro, Benson and Nicole have stumbled Kitty Ko’s friend, Vana Glama who want to join their “special little club” to become the best hero of the world. But when they read her profile and video about her , they refuse it cause her to lose her temper and  staring attack them. Both Benson’s and Nicole’s angers so high that they form together and become  gigantic being called Mr. Angry as it pick up Vana and flick her away. The later before leaving town, Nicole saw a large figure with a trench coat, so  she chase it down until she nab it as she pull the hat. It’s was Maxum Man,. Benson tie Maxum Man and leave a note, “ Here’s your stankin hero !!!!” On his chest.
-Flashback ended-

Benson:” Stupid Splitboro, this town has fill with stupid heroes anyway.”

Nicole:” Well, at least Captain Atomic beats Maxum Loser in the Best Hero award.”

Benson:” Anyway, we search any towns but at the end .........( sigh) We found two. And here they are.”

Next to them, comes of 2 boys, one is a 11 years old with a flaming hair, a radioactive symbol black shirt, with a federal blue shot-sleeved dress shirt, green pants and black shoes. The other one is age between 18 or 20 wide  pear shape chubby person with a yellow helmet crest atop and a two side-winged headpiece, but he has purple head-cape with suspenders holding upon the cape and the chestplate with the “S” logo on it that has yellow shoulder caps with a star, yellow arm braces, a grey utility belt with a pale blue tracings along with purple scaled undergarment and black and white sneakers.

Rawls:”  We like introduces you to Johnny Test From Pork Belly city and Mookie from Mega City.”

Mookie:” Don’t Call me that! I am Sergeant Subatomic, The nuclear boy.”

Johnny:” Yes that my name, but in hero, I go by the name of Johnny X!

Gunther:” Yeah .......” To Jamiko “ Well Miyamoto, you got yourself The Gang of 7.The first thing tomorrow is training and learning to teamwork from my Furies. We got 3 weeks before Wasabi’s invasions and failure is not an option.”

Jamiko : As he and his new team salutes Gunther. “ Yes Sir! We won’t let you down!”

Later Gunther visit the command center to sees his team any news.

Gunther:” Anything to report ?”

Ash:”Well sir, it is.” Look at the computer screen that shown the map of the world. The red marks are blinking. “See those red lights those are islands Wasabi conquered, some he took belong to the other evil organization . Monger’s Monsters and Alien team got the people out from the some of the island  and there something else you want to see.” See one of red mark island beeping and then change it to green.” Who ever someone or something is kicking Wasabi forces off the land one by one.”

Gunther:” I hope it is one our side.”

At Doom Island, home of D. The nefarious Lord Destruction is furious as he watch Wasabi’s message .

Wasabi on Tv:” You’re villiain, Lord Destruction stinks! You’re Leaders stinks ! And even you’re heroes, Stinks! “

Lord Destruction:” So, that fishface is mocking me and try to get the glory out of me ?! No one is mocks Lord Destruction and get a away with it !!!!!! Tairochi!!!!!  Probe!!!!!!!”

Dr. Tairochi appears at the video screen:” Yes, my lord.”

Dr. Probe on video screen: “ Yes sire.”

Lord Destruction:” I want you to made new monsters and  bring what ever ones are left. Repair the Mutant Predazord  and the others! Nega-Zero! Voidus! Despair!

Voidus, Nega-Zero and Despair:” Yes, my lord!”

Lord Destruction:” Summons the army! In 3 weeks, we are going to war against Dr. Wasabi and his minions!” I want that fish’s hide !”

Dr. Tairochi, Dr.Probe, Nega-Zero, Voidus and Despair: “At Once, Lord Destruction !”

At the small island , people is already evacuated because their country and land now run by Wasabi ‘s  Whale-croc-snake ape creatures. One of the creatures  held an unconscious blue skin girl with a lapis gem on her back, it try to devour her until one of the pack is gone missing . As the creatures go investigate what’s going on, a black mysterious shadow come out from nowhere and takes down a creature with a fist. One by one by one until one kaiju was standing. It didn’t figure it out so sooner until it turn around and see full clocked figure . The monster try to attack with it’s blade claws but the  clocked figure block it with his hand fast and made the blades breaks. Then the creature trying using it’s sharp tail, but  figure blocked it again with a mammoth like shield and finish it of with one punch right at the creature’s face that made fall to ground to it’s death. Before the creature’s fall , the figure grab the girl from its hand. Still unconscious, he use his power to teleport her inside the cockpit as the Clocked figure heading out to another island infested with Wasabi’s kaijins. Who was the mysterious figure?

To Be continues................

CJ and Go7 The Begins Pt 1
Part 1 of the series that started all with :iconkainsword-kaijin: 
Zorlus the Creator
As the 25 years of morphinomical and the series keep on going. I proudly  present you the Power Rangers version of Primus. The creator of the Grid and “Mother of the megazords and the Power Rangers. Meet Zorlus.

When the Big Bang have bloom, so this  celestial  being  known as Zorlus is born. With pure entity of pure goodness ,harmony , and with infinite powers that far beyond , she discovers life’s of in beyond of the omniverse. Millions years later, she sence the pure entity of darkness has spreading around like a virus  turning into evil and  devouring the galaxies. So Zorlus created the six celestial sentinel being with ability to change forms known as the megazords . Over the years her ,six warriors fought off the forces of evil, they do selected 5 mighty warriors  by channel thier energon into the warriors becoming the first power rangers. But atlas, after one of the Rangers killed the rest of the members. They become the grid of their own and the new generation steps in. The rangers don’t know the secret what build the zords. So they build thier own (except wild zord and galactic beasts)

During the years things have changes, one of  megazord went M.I.A while the rest and the rangers battle The entity of darkness known as Metellatron. The Megazords have sacrificed thier bodies to defeat to not destroy her, but  shutting her down her body. Zorlus know that nothing in the universe can’t not stop this monster, so she created an artifact that destroys the great evil and connect with the Grid called the Gridnatrix, with that she creates a megazord, unlike the six  she made this one special with her blood ,one who cares and feelings, the one who will become the future and destiny forever. Both of them were disappeared in the separate ways .

Zorlus  always knows that the rangers will have faith to find away to defeat evil and never lost hope.

 Zorlus is a god level zord with beyond power of goodness, so Drakkon, you will get screwed.

She was form of T-rex, Dolphin, Deer god, Styracosaurus and Liger
 Happy Power Rangers Day!

May the Power protect us all !

Art Trade is still open. 4 months Art TradeI open up Art Trade until October. If you guys want a trade and to want me to draw. Add comment or sent a note . Get it while it still hot.

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