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Here is a quick mockup of the menu and window list in Dockbarx [link]
Its inspired by the Docky mockups by DanRabbit
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Hello, how can you make this mockup? I wanna create some mockup. Can you share the tutorial?
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I use gimp, a free and opensource photoshop alternative, to make mockups and such but i cant share a tutorial with you because mostly that i do is self-taught, sorry.
what kind of mockup do you want to make?
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Owkey, thank you. I wanna make LibreOffice mockup. Moreover, I wanna create my own imagination Nautilus.

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Awesome man!!
I request in :icononly-wallpapers: in the Customize Linux Folder .
Please accept and join in :squee:
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Thanks, glad you like it :D

I accepted all and applied a join request. I would be glad to join the group :)
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My pleasure :D
Thanks for accept:D
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Very nice man! Can I ask if the theme (the white icons and bar) is also mockup? If not can you give a link to download?
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thank you. The panel background was from elementary dark panel and the icons are from token :)
Right-upper mockup implemented. Comments?
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nice :D its now much easier to navigate on a touch pad and has a more consistent feeling AND it looks fantastic :) unfortunately i couldn't test it much further because i fucked up my ubuntu system :D but i noticed some freezes of the menu when i tried to change the identifier.
Also i noticed on my screenshot above that the pop ups have shadows does the dbx pop ups have it in real too?
I didn't even think about the easier touch pad navigation, but you are right. :)

The change identifier freeze is fixed.

No shadows. I'm not sure how to make shadows that look good. Cairo doesn't support blur AFAIK.
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Thats a pitty, shadows would have looked good :)

Another question, what do you think, is it possible to add the player controls with the same way as you did the close button. I mean adding three little buttons under the preview and assign simple dbus actions to control rhythmbox or other media players.

After you did the good job of adding ZG and the close button i think this would be a simple task for you but if you dont intend to add it i would only like to know your opinion as an advanced coder if it is even possible?

If it is possible i will try to hack it somehow because i really need it now XD
Player buttons should be possible, I think. And it's not that far down my list to start trying things out in that area. I don't want to add support for players individually though, I need something to build on. Mpris (is that the correct name?) or Pan-flute are two options I will look in to.
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Panflute is the best choice. It supports more players and has more features also i meant panflute dbus actions with simple dbus actions :)
I wish i could help you but i got lost on the changes between rev 308 and 318 so i give up and will wait for your implentation :)
I saw that you tried my bzr update. You didn't like the white borders? ;)

I'm thinking about making the pop-up window slightly more customizable. From theme config file in the theme you should be able to set
- the colors of different part including specifying which custom color from preference dialog to use. The customizable colors should be background colors, border colors (both of them), text colors
- the size of the arrow (0) means no arrow.
- The width of the border.
- The size of the gap between the groupbutton and the popup.
- The roundness of the corners.

Anything else that should/could be added? I'm not going to do this right now but it's good to brainstorm about it a bit already.

I'm now working on implementing the menu in the top right mock-up. It's going quite well and I should push my progress to bzr soon.
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Yeah the white border was too thick for my taste so i changed it to a sublime black border :)
Its hard to see which window is active unless you look at the window name so
I would add some more theming options to your list for the pop-up like active background color or attention color. I never looked at it but if you have many chat windows open and get a message only the group-button blinks i think but you don't know which window it is. If the background of the window which needs attention change it would be more useful i think.
If you dont understand I could make a mockup again :D
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Hm, ich mag die Form der ... wie auch immer diese Sprechblasen-spitzen heissen ... nicht. Dreiecke gefielen mir besser.
Aber ansonsten, wie immer: ziemlich gut :D
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Die Vorschau für die Fenster (Nautilus) gefällt mir besonders. :)
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