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conky tiles

my tiles conky !!!! backup your .conkyrc !!!! and unzip the container in your home folder and start conky (the files are hidden).

included in zip:
© 2010 - 2021 BigRZA
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Fantastic, thanks
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This theme looks great!
Fits well to my dark themed MATE desktop :thumbsup:
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Thanks, I used this for the default conky on Unity dark 64 . Top stuff Cheers, Jesse
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zip file seems a little broken
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press ctrl+h the files are hidden :)
I guess the files are hidden.
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?uestion... where do i extract and place the png file? jAll files have been extracted to my home folder however when i run the script I see all but the png background image.

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hmm thats strange. what is the terminal output when you start conky?
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well, all that i do is alt+f12 conky and it appears in the top right corner. Do i have to put the png file in my home folder??
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Great config, thanks :)
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Thank you. nice shot btw
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thanks for the conky. but I have some problems with it: if I start it manualy it shows ok, but if I add it to the startup programs then it has a border and it is on top of all windows. what do I need to change? here's the screenshot: [link]
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No problem :D
here is a howto autostart conky [link]

perhaps this will help you :)
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thanks it worked. just needed to add some "sleep" :D
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