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Unite for DockbarX

This is a Unity Dock like theme for DockbarX.
Until now its only for the left side but bottom and right side will be added later.

Icon backgrounds are generated by dockbarx so it should work with every colorful icon theme.
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I'm trying to use this theme in AWN with the dockbarx applet, and I'd like to know how I would go about turning the background images (the colorful ones) into SVGs so they can be enlarged without all the blur?
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Hmm... I don't even know if dockbarx can use svg.
What size do you want to use it ? Perhaps i can make it bigger for you :)
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how do i customize this theme to make the inner icon smaller?
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open the unite.tar.gz archive with file-roller and double click on config.
now it should be opened by gedit, change <get_icon size="-3" /> to a smaller number and save.
accept when File-roller asks you to update the archive.
refresh dockbarx

hope this helps :)
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thanks, man :D
wow your desktop is so nice, wich music player are you using
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thank you. im using rhythmbox wit covergloobus as cover display
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Wow, your Desktop, especially nautilus, looks crazy nice. Which theme are you using or is it set up manually?
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thanks and im using an modified elementary theme [link]
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Found everything, I'm impressed. Black element absolutely rocks, thanks!
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Great work, thank you!
But just wanted to ask, where can I find so beatiful vertical panel background like at screen?
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Thank you!!
you can download my BGs here [link]
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Nice, looking forward to a horizontal theme.

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thanks, you can download it from here [link] :D
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How come every time you make a new theme I must seriously consider whether I should add it to the small number of themes that ships with DockbarX? :) Great job once again!

On the subject adding themes... I think it's time I get that extra themes package for DockbarX fixed and published. Would you mind adding those of your themes (if any) you would like to see in that package to the themes branch ([link])? I can do of course it for you if you like, but I thought you would like to do it yourself since you update your themes quite often.
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thank you very much Matias I would really appreciate it if I could add my themes to the extra themes package but i don't really know how to do it, sorry :) but you can always add any theme you like :D
Ok, I added the packages. Here are instructions if you would like to add or update something:

First, join the dockbar main group if you aren't already in it (I never remember who's on that team and who's not) and log in with bazaar with your userid:
bzr launchpad-login [userid]

Then branch the theme branch:
bzr branch lp:~dockbar-main/dockbar/themes

After that you can simply edit or add the files you want in the folder themes. If you added a new file you need to register it with:
(cd to the directory themes)
bzr add FILENAME

You can see what's changed since last commit with:
bzr diff

When you are happy with your changes, commit them:
bzr commit -m "Info about what you changed here"

and push them to the branch at launchpad

(First time)
bzr push lp:~dockbar-main/dockbar/themes

(After that just use)
bzr push
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Ah thanks its easier than i thought
I will start to update and add some themes soon :D
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That alarm clock in your panel -- is that the alarm-clock-applet or something else? what about the icon -- is it part of the icon set?
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Yep its the alarm-clock-applet with a custom-made icon from me
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