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This is an idea to make customizing and tweaking on Linux easier (i hope).

Its a marketplace where you can download themes, icons, tweaks and Options. Yes options too :)

Because I think Ubuntu should concentrate on a perfect default Desktop that brings the best possible experience to the basic user without much tinkering.

Of course there are people who like to change there desktop completely to their liking and change it every month or less.

But is it necessary that the developers have to concentrate to please everyone?
Shouldn't the energy, to put every possible option in one little app, used to make it more stable and usable instead?

Lets look on Ios.
most of its users are pleased by the default ui. They don't even think of changing it somehow, except the wallpaper perhaps.

But with installing cydia and winterboard you can change the interface to look like android or something completely else.

This has nothing to do with Apple or ios developers but the awesome community.
Apple concentrates to make something that appeals to many and the community makes it so even more can like it and it works.

So this mockup shows a marketplace where the community gathers all the options, tweaks, icons and themes that are scattered all around the web and let the devs concentrate to make the default better.

If you want to change the Unity launcher position. Search for the "change Unity Launcher position" Tweak, install it, use it.

If there is no such a tweak but you know how its done make a package and upload it to the marketplace. If its a life saver you could even get some donations.

You made an awesome desktop. You think many would like it but it would be hard for a newbie to understand everything in a howto. Make a package and upload it so it can be applied with one click.

There is a common problem with a certain Pc modell? There is a fix by installing/removing packages, changing config files or making scripts? Make it a one click downlaod and install,
instead of a long how to that many wouldn't understand.

Everything that would help some people but not all can be included here.
Of course it doesn't need to be the software-center to offer such a marketplace.
I just used it for a better integration in ubuntu but it could also be Ubuntu-Tweak or any other third party project.

This is an speed mockup made in an hour so errors are to be expected :)
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This has to be done , Making themepacks and helping the User apply them Is a really useful thing
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Now I
m A Major Theme Lover so THIS would be the best yet,
Wish it would be on the new Ubuntu 11
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Only the other day I was talking about such a concept with a friend online. There are some tools to do such a job, but they are pretty ancient and aren’t Ubuntu friendly.

I do look forward to using such a tool, or extension to Ubuntu-Tweak, a good companion module!
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Nice idea, its something like GHNS(Get Hot New Stuff) in KDE but a lot more unified.. But it needs an interface of its own, to be distro-agnostic. Perhaps it could connect to some API on gnome-look, like in case of KDE GHNS, then it would be great.
Very good idea !!!
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If ever this idea comes to fruition one day, please don't forget the item "Set window control buttons to the right side of the titlebar"
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Very cool idea, hopefully this becomes a reality soon :)
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Thank you and hope so too :)
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very interesting idea mate, brilliantly done. I have featured your work here :-)
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Hey thanks for the feature. and nice blog btw rss added :)
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Very interesting idea, but I think that reusing the Software Center interface would probably be extremely confusing. A unified marketplace for everything related to appearance, however, is long overdue.
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Thank you.
I used USC because of its fresh interface and i wanted a unified marketplace where you can download apps and tweaks in one app like Cydia (iphone/ipod) But of course a separate app is more likely :)
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