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Panorama Workspace Manager

I really like the panorama feature of Firefox 4 so i thought it would be also nice to use it as a workspace manager for Linux/Ubuntu.
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Yeah, the realization that browsers where reinventing window manager occurred around the advent of tabbed browsing as well, it's a rather sad development. If you have a competent window manager like this then you don't need tabs!
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this theme really attract me but my os is Xp sighT_T
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Have you considered installing windows and linux side by side? You could keep XP for whatever reason you already have it and get the benefits of linux on the side.
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Really impressive idea and great mockups, loved em' :-)
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brilliant idea I love it
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Great combination of good ideas. I also like the ability to quickly and easily name/rename work spaces and than delete them when I'm finished to help keep me organized.
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Exactly also even if its not visible in the screenshot you have the option to save a space to work on it later. think like suspending but only a workspace with its apps:)
awesome idea, just what linux is missing.

is like a combination of expo and kde type "activities".

creating it is not that hard either.

we already have "user sessions", so each "workspace" is like a different user session, except in the mock-up you have a total/expo type view.

The best thing is what you mentioned: "option to save a space to work on it later."

i think you should suggest this to the kde people too. Am sure they would love having something like this for their activities, since the hard stuff is already done.
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I agree with you, it's amazing ;)
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Awesome! I love the idea. Is not the same idea behind workspaces, but implemented in a different way? I mean, every "Panorama" is holding a group of applications, but when those group are separate workspaces right? Anyway, I love how it look like...
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Yes - the difference is that there is an overview of all "workspaces" (on one screen), which gnome/metacity/compiz/... does not have at the moment.
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Awesome! I like it!
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