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Cowon Conky

Saw It here [link]
ported somewhat to conky :)
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no sure if anyone will reply but does anyone know how to fix the am pm thing? mine is stuck with am no matter what time of the day it is. everything else works fine
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Very nice , I searched a lot for conky themes but I just found three of them Great , on of them is this one , Really Thanks !
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Great... just what i need, thank you!
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Look beatifull at my desktio thanks for sharing ([link])
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the head of the conky is being cut... [link]
made a quick edit of it: [link]

conkyrc here: [link]
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Thank you to share!! Always copyleft :)
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THANKS I love this colour & Your Clock design is Great.
I like it! Congratulations! I only have one problem to get it working right. The top is somehow cut off. I guess it is a problem with my screen resolution or something like that, because then I change the values of voffset those numbers become visible, but then I can't make then fit the way you originally did. Could you help me with that? Thanks.

[link] (1024*600px)
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I just found a minor bug on the script. ;)

When the time hits 12, the AM/PM disappears. Well, I suppose we can call that a feature.
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Thank you for porting Cowon. It's terrific!

My modification of your script: [link]
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Very inspiring

***** (5 star)
How to make the background transparent? I got it on my KDE4 desktop but the background is totally black.
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Yeah there seems to be some problems with kde. try searching for transparent background for conky in kde4
Got featured on an OMGubuntu! article about conky [link]
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It looks really good! I've managed to change the color and the alignment to fit my wallpaper, but how can I make it smaller (about 50%?
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Just change the font size ;)
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Ok, after a while playing around with the fonts sizes and offsets I got it, Thanks! :)
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Feautured Apple-Art
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Thanks for the features :D
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Featured in Conky-Artists-Group...
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