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Brit for Dockbarx

This is my Elegant Brit inspired theme for Dockbarx >=0.47

It includes:
1. Dockbarx theme
2. popup theme
3. two dock themes

to Install it just extract the zip in your homefolder

Dockbarx: [link]

Elegant Brit: [link]
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awesome. I love dockbarx and this is just great :)
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Thnaks, glad you like it :)
I realize I forgot to add any information on how themes chooses it's default popup style. :/
Just add
<popup_style file_name="Brit.tar.gz" />
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doesn't work or i cant get it to work.

i use it like this:
<theme name = "dbx-theme">
<popup_style file_name="popup-theme.tar.gz" />
Right, it's a bug. All text is in the theme config file is changed to lower case, which is not very useful if the file_name contains upper case...
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thats nice, i will update it with future releases
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Very nice! I actually just came across the Elegant Brit theme for Fluxbox last week -- I think it's a very nice style.

I'm not too familiar with Dockbarx though. Do you know if it supports multiple monitors (with Xinerama enabled) well? Or does it need a compositing manager? (The two questions are roughly the same.) I've had a number of problems with other docks such as Cairo and AWN, and I've been looking for a nice dock. A dock with your theme would be quite nice.
As the DockbarX developer I can tell you that DockbarX doesn't need a compositing manager and it's supposed to work with multiple monitors. But since I don't use multiple monitors myself I appreciate any multimonitor user who are willing to report bugs when they turn up.

Love the theme.
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Thanks for helping out and glad you like my theme :)
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excellent! many thanks!
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Glad you like it :D
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