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MLP: Administrative Unity Page 18

While exploring the basement of Mayor Mare's office, our ponies come across a vial of the ancient and mysterious "Fusion" potion. What will happen to them?

This comic commission is illustrated by the lovely Xjenn9 in collaboration between us, so give her lots of love!! 

      MLP: Time of the Fusions>>
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I only recently discovered this comic and am kind of confused, I got the first part with Derpy and everything, but where did Twilight's husband come from, and a human alicorn child?

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Galaxia's husband was the first to fuse and ended up creating Galaxia by accident. It was his component stallions (Troubleshoes, Shining Armor, Big Mac, Flash Sentry) that came upon the mysterious fusion potion and through clumsiness ended up being permanently fused into Speedy Hooves. Speedy Hooves in turn accidently caused Twilight, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence to accidentally perma fuse into Galaxia. The two through their Shining/Cadence marriage, Twilight/Flash romance and comfortable relationship between the other two components of each fusion figured that they may as well be a couple.

As for Tommy, he came to be through the trope of "muh magic mirror portal" which existed in his reality and allowed him to accidentally end up in Equestria.

Who is ms. Dalorance and is she a fusion because she is alicorn but if she is why dosen't she appear to be apart of the royal family

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Naw was a self insert character that she had included into the comic. It doesn't really matter since I no longer work with her so there is no point really in trying to elaborate on her behalf.
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Oh. Those are not pony fusions. They are random ponies that are with the fusion pony in between them.
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how about a fusion between non-pony charterers 
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Maybe, i might consider it.
Perhaps Spike, Discord,and Thorax as three thirds. (blink,blink)
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I keep discord out of it and have the brother of thorax instead.
That makes sense. 
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Perhaps. I'd maybe have to find another dragon character. One that's good like spike.
Maybe a kirin? 
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