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There is nothing for me to really complain about the piece other than the ego ham is perfectly shown by the combination of these two ma...

I'd do more, but I am unsure what to criticize. Shoot, I'm a better critic of myself than I would say of others.


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MLP: Time of the Fusions page 26
This continues from the original ending of the Administrative Unity, which was page 18)

An old enemy is returning to power to threaten Equestria once again. Now the fate of these lands fall upon the new fusions/alicorns to lead the nation and vitually the world against this darkness. How will the new royalty tackle these impending problems and threats while maintaining peace over their dominions.
This comic commission is illustrated by the lovely Xjenn9 in collaboration between us, so give her lots of love!! 

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The comic takes place in a gymnasium/combat room located in the castle. King Speedy Hooves, King Calm Merriment, and Tommy (Tommy sitting on his Uncle's big flanks while turned around reading a book) stare at 4 stallions that had been selected by King Speedy's silent draft program. As King Calm Merriment reads a list of the names of the 4 ponies standing before them, Speedy clears his throat as he gains the attention of the 4 subjects.

"Gentlecolts, the reason you have been brought here is for reasons you understand well as of now. I thank you again for volunteering yourselves for this program, even when loved ones and others may vehemently oppose what you are about to do."

Speedy then lights his horn, teleporting a vial of the fusion potion and levitating it into the hands of his son while he continues his speech (which can show him saying blah, blah, blah). Holding it, Tommy resettles and shuffles himself on the large flanks of his Uncle, causing the jovial alicorn stallion to giggle, his face then flinching as a sharp pain stabs him at the base of his tail. Something had been lodged and had gotten stuck in his tail at the base and was now poking him with every movement he made. Turning around he gains the attention of his nephew with his face pleading for assistance as sweat begins to gather as the irritation grows.

"My boy, I think their is something lodged in my tail that seems to be irritating me. It may have been there whilst we were playing hide and seek within the gardens not so long ago. Would you be so kind as to get rid of it for me?" Calm Merriment says to Tommy.

"Oh um, ok Uncle. I'll see if I can find it" the boy responds before getting a nuzzle from his uncle.

"That's a good lad"

The boy then looks carefully and notices a twig with thorns caught in his Uncle's tail near the base by his rear. Hearing the grunts of annoyance from his suffering uncle, Tommy grabs the base of his Uncle's tail, pulling it up as he pulls out and throws away a thorn rich twig (small stick with two leaves and a few stickers) in his Uncle's tail. The reaction from Calm Merriment however is priceless. The stallion's eyes shrink to pinpricks as he yelps out a loud neigh in relief causing him to instinctively buck his hind legs, sending Tommy into the air above him, still holding onto the fusion potion. Calm's flanks jiggle then resettle now that the twig had been removed. Just in time for Calm to look up and catch his nephew in his magic right before Tommy hit the ground. His component stallions in a thought bubble (Fancy Pants, Pony Joe, Soarin, Cheese Sandwich) can only stare with relief and embarrassment at their faces ruby red and flushed. After regaining his composure, he turns to the other stallions and a rather angry looking Speedy Hooves. All the while Calm's face blushes heavily as he smiles in embarrassment, resettling Tommy down onto his back.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry Speedy my friend. Do please continue with your speech"

Calm says. He is then hugged by his nephew, causing the alicorn king to bring up a fore hoof to pat them  humans hand wrapped around his neck. He then turns around to his nephew and kisses his forehead.

"Thank you again my boy. I'm so sorry for my behavior, for I almost hurt you"

Calm says. Tommy can only smile and giggle, giving his uncle's muzzle a boop with a finger causing the stallion to snort.

"It's ok Uncle Calm, you're all better now and that's what matters. I-I love you!"

Tommy says, his happiness cancerous as it quickly alleviates any fear the king may have had as to what his nephew may think of him as he'd almost severely hurt him. Calm then nuzzles his nephew once again.

"I love you too my little nephew" Calm says

Speedy then sighs and regains a small smile as he turns back to the group of 4 stallions before him.

"As I was saying, I thank you all once again for doing this. By volunteering for this, you'll not just become a part of this family, but you will also be a role model, leader, and guardian of these lands for generations to come, protecting those like my own colt for instance."

Using his magic , he levitates the potion out of his sons hands and then chucks the vial in between the group of 4 which explodes into a familiar purple smoke on impact causing all 4 stallions to cough and gag.

As the potion activates,  the four stallions are immediately pulled into two pairs, with Caboose colliding with Silver Zoom and Sunburst into Full Steam. As the fusions begins, the flanks of the stallions endure triple swelling before fusing the flanks of the stallions, all the while dialogue breaks out between them.

"Remind me why you signed up for this thing here again wizard?" Full Steam asks curious not of his random pairing with Sunburst.

"Yeah, kinda did it to get away from my mom, lest I be her little colt for the rest of my days, guuhh--!" Sunburst says as the fusion begins to inflate their flanks to triple size as the and their hind legs merge into the rear end for the fusion yet to come. Turning from them we see as Caboose and Silver Zoom also converse as their flanks and legs swell and melt into each other to form the strong rear of their own fusion yet to come. Their cutie marks fusing to create a brand new mark as well.

"Sweet Speedy, what kind of food do you pack into your rear Caboose?"  Silver Zoom states as the two struggle to stabilise their new rear. With his one wing attempting to even out their stance.

"Let me see....grain, grain, and more grain. Why did you need to know? It's not like you could eat that much, right?" Caboose responds confused.

"Sure if I was literally built like a caboose, Caboose!" Silver Zoom responds with a slight tinge of anger in his voice. They then flinch as their combined flanks finalize their fusion and jiggle before resettling. A slight blush tints the cheeks of all the stallions as a mix of numbness and ecstasy taints their bodies as the fusions progress.

With their flanks now fused, their bodies begin to merge and grow, melting into each other slowly as their front hooves began to melt together, with each pair of hooves from the two ponies in the pairs reforming into a new single hoof, thus forming a new pair of hooves for the fusion. Their chests combining and also reforming into a bigger chest with new fused clothing and attire of the original ponies for the new fusion. At the same time, the fusion with a pegasus included in the pair results in the new fused body sprouting and forming a wing on the other side of the body, where the pony isn't a pegasus and where no wing was before. This completes the fusion of the body and leaves only the necks and heads of the fusions remaining independent of each other.

Before the first stage fusions finalize, the stallions are able to get a few final words in before their heads merge.

*panting* "Sweet Speedy, I have wings, we have wings!" Caboose yelps as he flexes his one wing on his side of the body.

*panting and annoyed* "R-really! That's what your excited about? How in Equestria do you think I'm gonna be able to fly with a combined rear of our size huh?" Silver Zoom shouts in frustration as the two struggle to maintain balance with their new body. He looks behind at their jiggling mammoth rear both flustered and embarrassed. "Sweet Speedy it's so big"

"Ok...but still, why a lame cape. It looks more like a foals blanket than a costume to be honest" Full Steam asks

"As I already said its not a costume, rather an elegant symbol of my status as a wizard" Sunburst responds, sticking his muzzle into the air in a look of pride.

"Or a very lonely bookworm who likes cosplay" Full steam says as he snorts in amusement.

Finally the fusion finishes as the stallions faces begin to melt and merge into each other. All the while saying things like "oh god", "oh no", "why this?" or "what the?!".
Their muzzles, ears, and eyes merge into each other over a step by step basis as they fuse fully. With a new face nearly fully formed, all that remains are two irises located in each eye, before merging into a new iris for each eye.

With the fusions complete the two new stallions reaction is of energy and confusion. The Sunburst/Full Steam fusion is a big mac/troubleshoes sized fusion with mammoth flanks, bare hooves (meaning the hooves aren't covered in their fur coat but bare like Big Mac) and a unicorn horn. His attire consists of a the two's clothing reformed into a short sleeve white collared shirt with the buttons undone. He also sports a pair of welders goggles and little hairs protruding from his chin (like a cactus), as oppose to a goatee. His larger muzzle maintains the trademark white line down the middle such as Troubleshoes or Speedy sport.

The unicorn quickly turns around inspecting himself before sticking his right forehoof into the air announcing

"Hah, said it was lame. My clothes aren't lame!" he says before stopping mid celebration to then question himself. Falling back on his hooves he readjusted himself to prevent himself from falling.

"Wait, who was I even arguing with? Why am I even here?" he asks

A text box below can then identify the Earthpony/Unicorn fusions name as "Nova Reactor"

The Silver Zoom/Caboose fusion was just as confused. He was also arguing to himself, specifically arguing with his large rear end with his wings spread out. His cheeks tinge red. His large flanks stretched the redesigned clothing that was a mix of the former train pony's clothes and the Wonderbolt's jumpsuit. He also sports a pair of goggles onto his forehead over the skintight flight suit reminiscent of the former Wonderbolt.

"Well don't give me that look, if it wasn't for you then we wouldn't be in this calamity now would we" the pony states to his butt.

His flanks jiggle slightly as if it were a response. His reaction is one of loose tension, now he is sighing in response, staring at his larger wings.

"Sigh, well I suppose they're big enough to carry our fat ass. Nothing fast but still manageable, like a bumblebee" he says as his face lightens up slightly. Another text box bellow the pony reveals the pony's name to be Air Brakes.

As the two new fusions just begin to grip their reality, their bodies begin to shake and vibrate once again. The two fusions immediately begin to panic as they are shoved into each other. "Seriously, now what?" Air Brakes exclaims.

"Don't look at me for answers, I'm just as confused as you are" Nova Reactor responds.

"Wait, who are you again?" Air Brakes asks

"Does it really matter at this point?" Nova responds rolling his eyes

All the while their flanks swell thrice again and merge into each other.

(Basically over the course of the next couple of pages, the fusion process is the same thing as before)

With the fusion finalized, the new alicorn stallion fumbles on his hooves in an attempt to stabilize himself, his wings spread wide in attempt to assist himself. Finally gaining his balance, the Troubleshoes sized alicorn looks at the two Kings before him somewhat confused and embarrassed by his or their recent dilemma. Folding his wings and pawing a hoof at the ground, he clears his throat before speaking. "Um I guess this is it then. Here I am, I mean who am I?" he says, unsure of his answers.

Speedy and Calm look at each other before smiling and quickly coming up with a name for the stallion. Looking at his cutie mark also helped in deciding. On his fat flank was a picture of a titanium colored shield with a large metallic hammer behind it. On the shield is a steel coated glowing heart appearing on fire, surrounded by flames in an incandescent glow. On the side of the engine are folded metallic wings.

"Your name can be-" Speedy starts

"Heartstrong Flare!!" Calm shouts interrupting, hopping into the air with Tommy hanging on for dear life.  Calm then folds his wings and gently falls to the ground, allowing his nephew to slip off his back and onto the ground, landing on his feet. Walking over to his father, the little prince raises his hands to his father in an attempt to get picked up. Speedy notices this and smiles, lowering his head down and wrapping a hoof around his son, picking him up. Lifting his son to his chest as he kisses him on the top of his head. All before lighting his horn to settle his son onto his back, only for Tommy to wrap his hands around his fathers neck and hug him. Speedy turns around and smiles, lifting his right hoof to place on his sons arm.

All the while the new stallion finishes his pondering and announces his answer. "After some consideration, I think I'll take that name. After all, I doubt you see a pony as powerful as me appear now and then. I mean look at this mark" he then turns and shales his ass.

"Ain't nopony got a more downright awesome cutie mark than this." He then faces the two kings once again blushing somewhat.

"So now that that's out of the way, what do you want me to do now?" Flare asks.

Speedy looks to his son before turning back to Flare.

"Well we will get you focused on your part of being the cities defence. However your first task is this." Levitating his son who appears nervous at first, Speedy then nuzzles Tommy with his muzzle forward before Flare.

"Heartstrong Flare, I would like you to meet my son Tommy. Say hello to him son"

Tommy stares up into the face of Flare and does a quick bow before uttering a polite "Hello good sir, my name is Tommy and it's a pleasure to meet you". The human then outstretches his little hand towards Flare. Flare immediately dawwing at the prince lifts a big hoof and gently levels it with the childs hand, allowing Tommy to grip it and shake it. "It's really nice to meet you too Tommy. I I AM Heartstrong Flare" says Flare. They then release their hooves or hands and resettle themselves. Only for Speedy and Calm to notice the clock and see that its lunchtime.

"Sweet flanks of mine, it lunchtime. We better get to the dining hall everypony" Speedy says as he turns around and heads for the door

"Agreed Speedy my friend, for I am famished too and require some nourishment myself." he says with a smile.

"Flare's stomach then gurggles loud for everypony to hear, causing Tommy to laugh at Flare causing Flare to blush.

"I guess my stomach agrees with you all, so count me in" Flare says

"Yay, lunchtime!" Tommy says as he runs along side the group right next to his father as Speedy rests a wing over him. The group then heads off to the dining hall hungry.

The End


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Wow these drawings are amazing
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Sorry for asking the same question again (I don't want to come off annoying I just want to know), but do you have future plans with Rarity's Parents.
bigonionbean Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not sure,

From what the show has to display and me personally, I don't if not ever see there parents. To my knowledge they are rarely mentioned or are only pointed put by merchandise and wiki pages, where as Fluttershy's and RD's parents are given whole episodes, unless Rare's parents also have a episode.

If there is more involvement of them in the show, then I probably will make a fusion of them. Only with whom shall I fuse them with?
Penglasman Featured By Owner Edited Mar 29, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
They played a role in Sisterhooves Social and had a line here and there.
bigonionbean Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
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Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just realized, isn't Princess Galaxia maried on Motherly Morning's brother?
And... her own brother too?
bigonionbean Featured By Owner Edited Mar 15, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, however this is a cultural thing that many Royal families have had done historically, ensuring that their family maintains a hold onto the throne/thrones.

At this point I'm tired of trying to explain some unique reasoning as to this isn't incest. However since that this has probably been assumed time and again, I'm just like f*ck it. YES, its incest dammit, deal with it!!
Awkward or pure Taboo in the minds of society today, that was how royalty was shaped back then. You could say that's still how it is now.
Keytee-chan Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...I don't consider it a taboo, though.

I'm fine with Incest ^_^
I just see nothing wrong in incest.
I mean, if Homosexuality is allowed, then why not Incest?
bigonionbean Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2019  Hobbyist Writer really does make me feel better about this whole concept. Especially when I'm this invested into it.
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